Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama's Effect on GOP Candidates

The following paragraphs discuss races involving John McCain, Melissa Hart, Tom Manion, Toni Gilhooley . . . and Marina Kats.

I'll have a new column up on Tuesday evening (and it will function as the Wed. a.m. column). In the meantime, I have two column on other blogs that may be of interest). The first one is at: http://camp2008victorya.blogspot.com. It deals with "Seven Reasons Obama Will Lose "(nationally). Of course, it's critical for Pennsylvania congressional candidates that John McCain win this state -- and hopefully, win it big. To a large extent, "as McCain goes, so go the congressional challengers."

Another column discusses my political relationships -- over the past three months -- with Hillary Clinton Supporters who will -- or, in some cases -- may support John McCain. In several congressional races -- including Hart-Altmire, Manion-Murphy, and Gilhooley-Holden -- the Democrat basically stabbed Mrs. Clinton in the back. The Republican candidates need to exploit that face -- and even make it part of their advertising campaign. No Democrat in Pennsylvania or elsewhere can support Barack H. Obama without carrying some of the baggage he brings.

Also, I hope Marina Kats keeping asking her opponent, Schwartz, if she supports Obama, including his contempt for Pennsylvanians outside urban areas.

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