Sunday, August 3, 2008

Patriots: Bev Person, Craig Williams

Sharon Caliendo, formerly from Ohio, now in Oklahoma and a Republican activist there, sent me the following link from YouTube -- it's an Ohio GOP ad, and Sharon says it makes her proud of her home state:
PA GOP, take note of this ad . . .

Bulletin: There's growing evidence that Bill Clinton is NOT going to back Barack Obama. See my Monday column on: I've titled the column, "Bill, Hillary MUST Denounce Obama." See also the following link: John McCain has said, "I'd rather lose the presidency than lose a war."

If you're happy about the direction of the country, vote for Joe Sestak. If you're not, vote him out by casting your ballot for Craig Williams . . .

Coming this week: On Monday, I'll feature Bev Perlson's scalding attack on Congress for taking a five-week vacation rather than dealing with the sky-high gas prices that are undermining the American way of life. Congress does nothing quite so well as take vacations. Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burned! Bev Perlson, mother of an Army Ranger who served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the founder of TheBandofMothers, an organization I urge you to support. When Bev shows up, legislators like Murtha and Pelosi act as if they're vampires and she's the lady with a sharp stake.

On Tuesday, I'll have an OP ED piece by congressional challenger Craig Williams (PA's 7th district) who has just returned from a trip to the oil-rich ANWR. On Wednesday, I'll take about William's heated race against Rep. Joe Sestak, a firm backer of Nancy Pelosi, the main opponent of energy policies that would hold the line on gas prices. Craig is a Marine who saw active duty in the Gulf War, and he and Bev would get along just fine. Find out more about Craig at:

If you're seeking a lighter moment, scroll down to the previous column to see the piece on "High School Howlers"

Bev Perlson of Illinois is one the growing number of Americans who is “mad as H--- and is not going to take it anymore." The following is his response to Nancy Pelosi’s turning out the lights and adjourning Congress – right in the midst of a national economic crisis. Bev Perlson doesn’t want American going into the polling places like a herd of sheep and sending back the same do-nothing Democrats to Congress.

Bravo to the Republican Congressmen who "took our country back" on the floor of the House!!!

God Bless Congressman Dan Manzullo of Illinois for his rousing speech during this "Boston Tea Party", and all the Congressman who took a gutsy stand in representing Americans. The Elitist Democrats have nerve beyond comprehension to leave for a 5 week vacation, one that we pay for, while most American families cannot afford to take their own families on a one week vacation! If Clinton hadn't vetoed this same issue ten years ago, we wouldn't be facing this problem right about now! The gall and lack of vision is appallingly endless with the majority of the Democratic politicians!

Please note: as the Republicans gallant stand was going on inside the House, my fellow Patriots and I were busy on the phone to Steny Hoyer's office, Rahm Emanuel's office and James Clyburn's office. We asked asked them to pass a message to Her Highness Nancy Pelosi (impossible to talk to someone in her office, you are immediately switched to a comment line!) that we are outraged at the behavior of this Elitist Democratic Congress. To leave for a 5 week vacation without allowing a floor vote to DRILL HERE DRILL NOW is arrogant and downright elitist.

As was pointed out to each office I spoke with, Madame Pelosi wants to save the planet so she doesn't want any drilling here, as she flies off on her 5 week vacation on the biggest jet ever allowed to a Speaker of the House! Imagine how much fuel that gas guzzler burns (reminds me of what my father use to say "The spanking doesn't hurt when it is on someone else's behind!)

I shared with staffers in these offices the many times we fed up Americans have stood on the corner of the Cannon Bldg (see,, and and observed Madame Speaker drive by us in her chauffeur driven, gas guzzling Suburban! Her chauffeur drives her from the back of the Cannon Bldg across the street to the Senate Bldg! AND WE PAY FOR THIS NONSENSE!!! She obviously is not concerned about the cost of all this gas she is burning up because she's not paying for this, we are!

Madame Speaker and the Democrats want us to go buy a new car (!) and look to windmills for our energy source!!! Remember though, we can't put those windmills in Teddy Kennedy's backyard as the Elitist Kennedys will not "allow" those windmills in the waters off Martha's Vineyard, it obstructs their beautiful view!!; Al Gore wants us to buy into his carbon offsets to line his own pockets yet he burns more electricity than 10 households put together!!! Living like Kings they are, as we pay for their silly whims and struggle to make ends meet!

It just goes on and on, but not anymore! As Congressman Dan Manzullo stated today "We are taking our country back!" I heard that very statement one year ago in a speech by Chris Hill, National Director of The Gathering of Eagles (see the video on the front page of The Band of Mothers website and you will hear Veteran Chris Hill's most moving passionate speech as he said those exact words last March 15th).

I heard that very same statement made by another great Patriot, Joe from Illinois, this past July on the Corner of the Cannon Bldg! Joe uses a bullhorn when we gather on the corner and I know he would have gladly handed his bullhorn over to the Republicans today when the Elitist Speaker of the House turned off the lights and the sound in our House of Representatives! Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, attempted to Silence Republican Legislators and threatened to throw them out of the People's House!!!

Madame Pelosi has forgotten that this "House" is not her house, it is ours!!! The nerve of her to attempt to deny American Legislators their basic first amendment right to freedom of speech, in the very "House" that MUST safeguard this precious right! I would expect this behavior out of Putin over in Russia, or from Iran, but never ever in our own House of Representatives!

If George Washington were here today, he would stand tall and proud of this Republican Congress for their guts and fortitude in standing up to these reckless and careless politicians.

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