Friday, August 15, 2008

GOP Candidates: Ferocity, Not Fecklessness

Republicans: get much tougher -- or stop kidding yourself about winning . . .

I'll be putting up a new column this weekend. I've been spending a great deal of time on matters pertaining to Barack H. Obama -- specifically, doing what I can to ensure his defeat. One point I've been emphasizing is the need -- nationally and in congressional races -- for Republican candidates to confront Democrats. I'm talking not only about butting heads HARD with their opponents, but also asking registered Democrats if they really want a Congress that's bent on doing great damage to the country. The failure of Congress over a period of many decades to permit exploring for and producing oil has led to a national crisis. If we re-elect incompetent Democrats, the crisis will get much worse.

It's long past the time when we needed dignified debates about the "issues." When your Democratic opponent is corrupt and irresponsible, it serves no good cause to treat him as if he were FDR or JFK. Also, when people like Jason Altmire, Tim Holden, Patrick Murphy, Allyson Schwartz, Joe Sestak, and Paul Kanjorski are taking positions on the War that endanger the lives of American soldiers, it's time to take off the gloves.

Running a "traditional Republican" campaign -- one with a great deal of timidity disgusied as "dignity" -- is a sure recipe for defeat. Frankly, with four more years -- or eight more years -- of Democratic rule in Washington, the U.S. will be lucky if it's still a country.

Republicans need to campaign not with fecklessness, but with ferocity. If you want the office, then do what it takes to get it! Voters -- even Democrats -- are not entirely robotic. Hit them in the mouth with the truth, and they will wake up and respond effectively.

Don't kid yourselves that your opponents are "good, but misguided individuals>' Misguided they are, but good they're not. They're on a path to wreck the economy and undermine the nation's ability to protect itself.

People who care deeply about this country should visit the following sites and offer your support. If they don't get your support, then get used to a government controlled by Nancy Pelosi and her minions.

Note: I wrote the following on the "Black Conservatives Group" in response to Howard Deans' comment that the GOP was too white:

I live in Pennsylvania near the Ohio border. In the 2006 election, the Republican candidate for Governor in PA was Lynn Swann who, the last time I looked, was Black. He got 40% of the vote -- and 90$ of those votes (36% of the total) came from white people.

Something very similar happened in Ohio, where African-American Ken Blackwell ran against a white guy (Strickland), who picked up more than four-of-five Black votes. Michael Steele, also a Black man, ran against a white guy for Senate in Maryland. Steele was far the superior candidate and he got a majority of the white votes, but he was buried under votes from the Black community that went to the white guy.

I supported Swann, Blackwell, and Steele because they were better candidates -- and much better men.

In PA, Ed Rendell funneled three-quarters of a million in street money, mainly into Black wards in Philly, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg -- basically a "dollars-for-votes" scheme. Rendell did very, very well in those communities.

As long as voters -- Black and white -- reject good candidates for bad ones, our politics will remain in a shambles. It's tragic, because it means that in many African-American areas things will NEVER get better -- until and unless people smarten up.

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