Friday, August 22, 2008

National Support for PA Candidates

Many Republican candidates for the Senate and House deserve national support, and I'm doing what I can to make sure they get it. The following message to national leaders focuses on two Senate candidates (Dr. Steve Sauerberg against Obama sycophant Dick Durbin in Illinois and Jeff Beatty against Obama Supporter John Kerry in Massachusetts) and two House candidates (Melissa Hart in western PA and Toni Gilhooley in central PA).

Katie and others, as you know I have to "pick my spots" somewhat carefully. I will be sending out a mass mailing (and telling people to please alert their friends, family, and acquaintances to support certain candidates who are running against people who shafted Hillary Clinton). I need to keep the candidate numbers low enough not to turn people off with sheer volume. The candidates I'm zeroing in on are Steve Sauerberg (Illinois Senate), Jeff Beatty (Senate Mass.), Melissa Hart (Congress 4th District, my district, western PA), and Toni Gilhooley (PA 17th district, Harrisburg and surrounding area). I will ask people to highlight these candidates on their blogs and to send money ("at least a modest contribution"), and urge everyone to support them in any ways possible. The "Hillary-crats" I'm dealing with are mainly "Reagan Democrats.

Sauerberg and Beatty you know about. Details about Hart and Gilhooley are on their sites. These people are friends and very dear to me. Alicia Collins is Melissa's campaign manager. Jake Burns is Toni's campaign manager. Melissa's opponent, Jason Altmire, is anti-military and one of Pelosi's political "boy toys." Toni's opponent (Tim Holden) is a poor excuse for a human being who says he supports "moot" at the Democratic Convention. Is that Mr. Moot or Mrs. Moot?

Are there other terrific candidates for Congress in PA? In fact, there are many, and I'll be citing them this weekend. As far as their efforts to win, I'm going to do what I can -- when I can.

I firmly believe that for any of these candidates to win they MUST go after the Hillary Supporters. They can't win with Republicans alone. In most cases, their opponents have helped them by stabbing Sen. Clinton in the back.

My goal is to make 15,000 to 25,000 people nationally aware of the four candidates. They need financial supporters, and they need individuals across the country to advocate their candidacies.

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