Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shell-Shocked Democrats Cry "Enough!"

As you've noticed, I'm printing one letter after another from people (mostly women, but some men) who have left the Democratic Party. I just received the following from (former) Democrat "Mary": "It is Hillary or McCain for me, and I will switch to Independent when this is all over." Mary

People like Mary are doing what they're doing because they're disgusted by the fraud and deceit in the primaries, particularly in the caucus states, where Obama used "Chicago Politics" to seize victories. They're also leaving because they're finally getting an understanding that the Party of FDR and JFK is as dead as a skunk run over by an 18-wheeler. Some of them people are becoming Indepedents, Republicans, or even Libertarians. Others are so by their Party's lack of patriotism, concern for America's future, or even regard for human life that they're shell-shocked. Previously, I've posted pieces by Lyn from Texas and Pam from New Jersey, and I urge you to read them. The following is from a brilliant young woman named Michelle, who posts on a Yahoo Group called "Eighteen Million Hillary Supporters." Now, she's committed to the one man of courage and integrity left in the race: John McCain. If you're a candidate yourself, these are voters you want. They see that the Democrat Party has no real connection with American values.

On the Yahoo Group, I told Michelle to stop responding to one dim-witted Democrat who responded to her thoughtful posts with soporific replies. She said:

"I'm beginning to see that. I have a feeling my post [one on stem-cell research] will be ignored, but that's typical. He is what people are seeing when they think "Democrat." I think a lot of the average folks are more FDR-type Democrats, but the extremists are really taking over and the lack of honesty and intellegence is truly frustrating. They are certainly louder, but that's a shame because most of what they screech is just plain stupid. It's like they have cue cards and just hit repeat ad nauseum."

The following is what Michelle wrote when she found out Obama favors something called "live-birth abortion." This happens in botched abortions when the child is born alive. Obama's position is that the infant should be allowed to die without receiving medical care. Michelle said:

"This is the most horrific thing I have ever heard. It's one thing for abortion to be legal, but this is pure and simple birthing- to-murder. This is something I would expect out of Germany circa 1940. And I HATE that all encompassing 'Hitler' comparison, so I am not comparing Barack to Hitler. I am comparing this act of Infanticide to Nazi Germany."

Note, the following link is to the piece Michelle read: http://www.audacityofhypocrisy.com/2008/08/17/obamessiah-has-nowhere-to-hide-on-this-one-the-walls-are-closing-in/

As Michelle suggests, this is today's Democrat Party, one dominated by ignorance and a disregard for human life. It's not a Party Pennsylvanians can identity with; it's not a Party Americans will vote into the White House.

The following is from Rebekah, who's also waved bye-bye to today's fanaticized Democratic Party:

"I will be water boarded before I vote for Obama. After what the DNC disenfranchised their own party members. I will be an independent after the convention. I will no longer be a Democrat. I am tired of the McGovern, Dukakis, Mondale and Kerry selections. Also, that human piece of garbage Jimmy Carter, who did a lousy job. We are not a Parliamentary system. Has anyone thought of why Obama wrote an autobiography at 29 years old. I thought only people who were terminally ill wrote an autobiography before 30. Barry is going down this November."

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