Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain-Palin Winners, Craig Williams

My friend Rebekah, an expert in "YouTube" politics wrote about why McCain-Palin will win. Beneath the following paragraph is Craig William's fine piece on McCain's excellent choice.

[Note: Thanks to Eric Dondero for posting a piece of mine at his site:

"Everyone I have blogged with on Youtube is over the moon about the ticket. McCain reached out to PUMA's, Just Say No Deal and other HRC dissenters and did what Obama did not do himself. He promised he would have female members in his cabinet and he demonstrated his word by his choise of Sarah Palin. I know he picked up conservatives with his selection. I am a PETA member and so are others on the Youtube forum. I tell them that is something we can work on and negotiate with her. She is more American than "apple pie". A wife, mother, public servant and a nice lady embodying all the principles and attributes of hard working Americans.She is blue collar background too. No, elitist element here. It shows that McCain was a Maverick again. Some conservatives I associate with on Youtube were not going to vote and now they are voting the McCain/Palin ticket."

Craig Williams Praises McCain Choice of Sarah Palin
as Vice Presidential Running Mate
Williams says Palin has been his top pick for Vice President since meeting with her
twice over the summer to discuss energy crisis, other policy issues

DREXEL HILL – Craig Williams, the Republican Congressional candidate in Pennsylvania’s 7th District, today praised Senator John McCain’s selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. Williams has been a strong proponent of Palin for Vice President and met with her privately one-on-one at the National Governor’s Association conference in Philadelphia this summer and again during his trip to Alaska to promote energy independence.

“A maverick for reform has picked a maverick for reform as his running mate,” said Williams. “She is committed to good government and ran as a reform candidate for Governor of Alaska in 2006, defeating an incumbent of her own party in the primary. Her willingness to stand up to the political establishment – even the leadership of her own party – is very much in the mold of John McCain.”

“I think she will appeal to voters as a fresh face and Washington outsider who brings a lot of energy to the campaign,” said Williams. “While a lot of the initial media attention will likely focus on the fact that she is a woman, people are going to like her record as a reformer, fiscal conservative, and environmentally conscious executive. She is an excellent choice with experience as a government administrator – something no one else on the Presidential ballot possesses.”

Williams’ enthusiasm for Palin was shared by two prominent supporters of his campaign – Delaware County Chair Linda Cartisano and Delaware County Councilwoman Christine Fizzano Cannon.

“This is a historic moment for the Republican Party, the first time we have had a woman on the Presidential ticket,” said Cartisano. “I am so proud that it is going to be the Republican Party that breaks the glass ceiling and puts a woman in the vice presidency. What I like most about Sarah is her toughness – she says what’s on her mind and is not afraid to stand up to the powers that be for what is right. She has a real independent streak that I think is going to resonate with suburban voters.”

“Sarah Palin has an impressive record in Alaska of being pro-environment, cutting waste in government, and addressing the energy crisis,” said Fizzano Cannon, who led the Republican ticket in votes in her run for Delaware County Council in 2007. “It’s not going to be ‘Washington-style politics as usual’ with her straight talk and reform agenda.”

Craig Williams is running for Congress the 7th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, comprising most of Delaware County and parts of Montgomery and Chester Counties. Williams is a former federal prosecutor, Marine combat veteran, and former active duty Deputy Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He lives in Concord Township, Delaware County, with his wife Jennifer, daughter and two step-children.

The 7th District is his home – where he lives, where his kids go to school, where he pays taxes, where he attends church, and where he intends to spend the rest of his life.

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