Monday, August 18, 2008

Democrats Say: "The Party's Over"

I urge everyone to read the previous day's piece by disaffected Democrats Pam from New Jersey and Lyn from Texas. Both of them are working hard to defeat Barack Obama, as well as other Democrats. Neither Pam nor Lyn regards herself anymore as a Democrat, a Party that has been their political "home" for their entire adult lives. Below are two other pieces I received today from Pam, a woman of courage, integrity, and vision. How many Pams are out there? I'd estimate in the hundreds of thousands. In fact, the number could be in the millions. Quality congressional candidates need to reach out to the Pams of this world, who may be the keys to victory.

I couldn't have said the following better than my friend Pam in NJ, who was a Hillary Supporter and a lifelong Democrat. Pam says:

"Sure you may repeat anything you need. After the convention, people have to make a decision about their lives, which may be the biggest they have made in a long, long time. People have to cut their ties with the Democratic party, forget all the bad stuff they have known or felt [over the primaries], and get on with their lives. The torment has been atrocious over the last eight months.

"Democrats have been stripped clean of their identity in politics and now they have to put on a new suit and get their integrity back. The Democratic party has been scraping away at the fabric of their so-called politics, and now we have to shed the Party [Democratic] altogether.

This will be my job to help them understand that if the Party can change so fast, why can't the Republican party not change [for the better] also?

"People are going to have to shift parties after going through this AWFUL stuff of Obama. Our old party is dead and long live the survivors and the Republican party."

People like Pam regard Obama as inexperienced, unqualified, untrustworthy, and -- most of all -- dangerous. They believe that a party which can nominate such an individual no longer deserves their support. My friends, reach out to the "Pams" who have separated themselves from the Democrats.

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