Saturday, August 30, 2008

PALIN: NICKNAME WAS "Sarah Barracuda"

"Sarah Palin will be a critical factor in all the close races in Pennsylvania this year." (Go to bottom for great Sarah Palin story)

If you want to read an absolute knock-out piece about the woman they called "Sarah Barracuda" in her days as a state championship basketball player, check the following on Gov. Palin: Tomorrow: a picture of Sarah in her basketball uniform.

I sent the following urgent message to campaign managers of five PA candidates for congressional offices.

Alicia, sorry I didn't make it to the football game. In fact, I didn't even make it to the McCain Rally. I have been in the most unusual days of my life. Last night I even talked to the BBC in London re Palin and to many other news outlets and answered hundreds of e-mails, put up new posts re: Sarah. I love both you and Melissa, and I will continue to do what I can.

Get Sarah back here in western PA! Mac will camp her in PA, OH, VA, FL, and MN. It is the ball game.

The commercials and even the tee-shirts (more to come on that) will help.

Alicia and Melissa, Toni, Craig, Tom, and Marina, tie your wagon to McCain-Palin, especially the Palin half I know, it isn't done, but it must be done this time. Alicia, thanks for the salute on Sarah. I hope her oldest daughter (the one holding the baby at the Dayton speech) will come to PA to campaign for Melissa, Toni, Tom Manion, Craig Williams, and Marina Kats.

I hope Todd and the kids will do the same. Her son will be in Iraq on Sept. 11. Stay real close to Sarah Palin. Get in pictures with her. Point out how you (all of you) agree with Sarah on everything. Do Palin-Hart, Palin-Williams, Palin-Kats, and Palin-Gilhooley press releases.

Sarah is Obama's worst nightmare. He's a windbag, and she's a breath of fresh air.

Sarah Story: Her eldest daughter, Bristol, was going to an event in Alaska, and asked her mother for $35 dollars for gas.

Sarah: "Didn't your dad just give you $35 yesterday?"

Bristol: "Yeah, mom, he did, but I spent it on getting my legs waxed."

Sarah (shaking her head in maternal disbelief): "Legs waxed? Bristol, last time I looked we had lots of razors around here!"

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