Friday, August 8, 2008

Sestak and Democratic Party Destruction

The boldfaced material about political slimeballs like PA 7th district congressman Joe Sestak (and add the "haircut man," John Edwards), is new today (Saturday). Some Democrats tell me people like Joe Sestak are leaders. There's no evidence that Sestak, along with most Democrats in Congress, are anything but followers.

Sestak, at the direction of people like Pelosi and Murtha, has taken positions that have endangered the lives of American servicemen and servicewomen. If there's a Hell -- and, in this case, I sure hope there is -- Sestak should burn in it. He's a thoroughly contemptible man. Like John Edwards, he's nothing more than an egomaniac and narcissist.

I've enjoyed writing about Joe Sestak's malicious efforts at misgovernment, and I'll do more over the next 90 days. Sestak's little more than a stooge for Nancy Pelosi. He's spent a lifetime as an order-follower, and now he follows the directions of Speaker Pelosi. Craig Williams is a far superior candidate, which doesn't mean he will win. It does mean he should win.

Some Pennsylvanians -- too many of them, unfortunately, vote "Dimmicrat" the way a flea-ridden dog scratches. In America now, there's a salutary discussion going on about whether people should vote for the Party -- or vote for the candidate and the country. In fact, the Democratic Party of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy no longer exists.

There is no longer a patriotic, responsible Party for yesterday's Democrats to support. Instead, there's a Party for left-wing ideologues and America-haters, who are surely a small minority in this country.

One reason this blog exists to confront people with social and political realities that some people would like to ignore. People like Joe Sestak, Jason Altmire, Patrick Murphy, Tim Holden, and Allyson Schwartz are about as patriotic as Barack Obama's doorknob. That's why I support so strongly decent Americans like Craig Williams,
Melissa Hart, Tom Manion, Toni Gilhooley, and Marina Kats. I hope you'll do the same.

[Note: On my blog, I write on Saturday and Sunday about John and Elizabeth Edwards, "a thoroughly dishonest couple."]

Should Joe Sestak from Pennsylvania's 7th district (Delaware County and other parts of suburban Philly) be re-elected to Congress? Of course not. Craig Williams is a much better candidate for his district, for Pennsylvania, and for the U.S. In a previous column, I explained how Sestak plays footsie with terrorist-supporting groups. In this column, I show how he plays fast-and-loose with America's energy security.

Democrats who believe Sestak has any measure of integrity and thoughtfulness have no evidence to back up that belief. What's most disturbing about the following material is that it could be applied to any of the Democrats in PA seeking re-election -- Jason Altmire, Patrick Murphy, Tim Holden, Allyson Schwartz, and others.

Consider the following:

Sestak voted against adjournment in the Wednesday vote and then flip-flopped and voted for it on the Friday vote that officially ended the session. In short, Joe was "against adjournment before he was for it." That's a pitiful stance, but it's one that allows him to play both sides of the street with voters.

Sestak has voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time (on all issues, not just energy). That means the voters of suburban Philadelphia are essentially represented by Mrs. Pelosi. Why even send a political tool like Sestak to DC?

Sestak also received more campaign contributions from left-wing special interest groups than any House member. The irony is that he tries to portray himself to voters back home as a moderate/conservative – which if you look at his record and who is contributing to him is not the case. In other words, feed the voters hogwash -- and save the steak and lobster for Queen Nancy.

Source on funding:

Below is a recap of his votes to block consideration of legislation to address the energy crisis.

Sestak voted to block consideration of legislation to establish new refineries, allow energy exploration in ANWR and the Outer Continental Shelf, and provide incentives for alternative energies (Vote 391, 06/10/2008)

Sestak voted to block consideration of a bill that would extend many alternative energy and energy efficiency tax credits, and also to block consideration of amendments that would permit oil exploration in the Outer Continental Shelf (Vote 340, 05/21/2008)

Sestak Voted to block consideration of amendments that would allow oil drilling in ANWR (Vote 341, 05/21/2008). Of course, America should have started drilling in ANWR at least a decade ago. If we had, oil from ANWR would now be flowly freely -- and helping drive down the price of oil. Voting against such drilling now is nothing more than a sell-out to people like Obama who feel that Americans should be "punished" for driving SUVs.

Sestak voted to block consideration of a bill that would extend many alternative energy and energy efficiency tax credits, and also block consideration of amendments that would allow oil drilling in ANWR (Vote 310, 5/14/2008)

Sestak voted to block an amendment that would allow consideration of proposals to lower the price of gas, and would also require Speaker Pelosi to introduce legislation to lower gas prices (Vote 211, 4/23/2008) Right now, market forces alone are not enough to drive the develop of alternative sources of energy, something Sestak should know -- but apparently doesn't.

Sestak voted to block consideration of a bill that would repeal the ban on the federal government acquiring certain alternative fuels, including oil shale and liquefied coal (Vote 451, 6/25/2008)

Sestak voted against requiring research projects that could lower gasoline prices to be given special consideration for federal funding (Vote 216, 4/23/2008)

Sestak voted to block consideration of a bill to encourage coal-to-liquid fuel projects
(Vote 480, 07/10/2008). Two generations ago, the Germans ran their war machine on liquefied coal, but for some unknown reason, Democrats fear using our country's massive coal reserves.

Sestak voted to block consideration of a bill that would open new oil refineries on closed military bases (Vote 435, 6/20/2008). Of course, such refineries would provide exactly the kind of "good paying jobs" that Democrats supposedly favor. It would save us from a potentially dangerous dependence on foreign refineries for gasoline and heating oil.

Sestak voted to block consideration of amendments that could lower the price of gas (Vote 405, 06/12/2008)

If the people of the 7th District return Joe Sestak to office, they've lost their collective minds.


Anonymous said...

Like everything else they do, Republicans are overplaying their "drill here, drill now" bit. It won't carry the day and they'll still go down in flames this Novemeber.
Perhaps Republicans should stick to what they know - fearmongering.

Anonymous said...

Acoording to a recent poll Hart is trailing by double digits. Hart was too radical for this district in 2006 and nothing has changed. Altmire is widely viewed as a moderate spelling doom for Hart once again.

Seventh Watch said...

Sestak is a fine leader and doing a great job in PA-7. We will return him to Congress to finish the work we sent him there to do 2 years ago - get us out of this abysmal war.

If you want to worry about blocking legislation, call the members of the GOP Senate minority and tell them to stop filibustering everything so that they can vote. This GOP has blocked more legislation by procedure than any previous term.

Keep Sestak, and vote the GOP Senators out!

We are watching the PA-7 race at

Mike said...

Do you remember how a few years ago, the Senate Republicans whined like babies about wanting an up or down vote?

Now that the tables are turned, they don't seem to have a problem bringing things to a halt for their own political reasons.

Now the Republicans will complain about how the Democrats haven't done anything even though the Republicans are the cause.