Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democrat's Universal Health-Care Scam

Hilary's health care plan and Barack's plan are both scams. They'll drive up the cost of health care and drive down the quality of care. That's not the way they present their cockamamy schemes/scams.

I just told a PUMA ("Party Unity My A-s") from GA that's on board with McCain that it is always a bad idea to look at any politician as perfect or anything close to perfect. They all have strengths and weaknesses. Just saying that should not cause people (Hillaryites) to break into tears or a fit of anger (you don't do either).

I disagree with Hillary's approach to health care, and it's not because I don't believe everyone shouldn't have health care. I'll send you an article I read in The Economist, and it talks about how millions of Americans are going overseas (India, Southeast Asia, South America) to GOOD hospitals, better than most here, to get care that sometimes costs one-fifth as much. It is a form of early competition that is driving down prices a little in the U.S.

Health care in the U.S. COSTS TOO MUCH. My wife suffered a stroke in 1991, and it has been a challenge to say the least. (She's on Medicare as well as Medicare prescription drug.) She takes many medications. We save $800 a year by getting prescription drugs by mail order -- same drugs, no co-payment (except for one drug), delivered right to our door.

Almost everybody you see going to the pharmacy could save significant money. But they don't because "the insurance pays for it all." Well, the insurance fairy doesn't just dole out money. The costs come out of people's pockets -- yours and mine.

Sharon, you didn't hear Hillary (or Obama) tell you about anything I just mentioned. I'm talking about getting health costs down by tens of billions, but there is no real incentive for people to do what WE (wife and I) DO. Also, there is a lot of fraud in Medicare, but nobody really wants to stop it.

I believe John McCain will do these things. If they aren't done and we just declare "universal health care," there will be a financial and health care emergency soon after.

Why are big hospitals (Obama's wife worked at one) pouring money into Obama's campaign? Because they think they'll make less money under him? Why can't somebody like me appear at a Town Hall with Obama (or Hillary) and discuss the fact that I just showed how to save the people in the U.S., say, $50 billion a year? Let me send more people overseas to get GOOD care (until U.S. hospitals drop their prices), and I'll get those savings up to $150 billion. And I'm not even running for anything.

Oh, we couldn't do what I just suggested about a real debate. We need a bunch of adoring cheerleaders in the audience instead.

Who's going to pay for the new doctors, nurses, technicians, supplies, and facilities we need for universal health care? You are, not the insurance fairy -- or "the government," which will pay by using your money. And what will drive costs down? Nothing.

If you are sick and need good treatment under universal care, will you get it? Do they in Canada? No, they don't. They wait years for treatment you would get here in a week.

Does John McCain know these things? I believe he does. In fact, even a dimwit like Obama knows the score, but he pretends not to. It's much easier to blame everything on George Bush.

I do wish I were the nominee for President. Like Reagan, I would demand that I get to take a nap after lunch everyday. :-) Thanks for replying.

If I were HRC, I know damn well what I'd do tonight (in her speech at the convention). Sharon, what would you do?

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