Wednesday, August 27, 2008


"If JFK gave his Inaugural Address now, with its emphasis on country and liberty, he'd be booed off the stage in Denver."

Hillary Clinton is a closet McCain Supporter. Whom do you really believe she will vote for on November 4? Senator Clinton, a long-time admirer of John McCain, has repeatedly said she believes Senator Obama is not ready to for the presidency because he lacks the experience necessary to lead. She said,"In this election we need a nominee who can pass the Commander in Chief test. ... Senator McCain will bring a time of experience to the campaign. I will bring a lifetime of experience and Senator Obama will bring a speech he gave in 2002. I think that is a significant difference."

Dear Friends: I wrote the following to "Athena," a Hillary Supporter (and apparently, a FORMER Democrat) who is now backing John McCain. She does not believe the Democratic Party is going to be reformed in her lifetime. She is dead right.

I hope Republican candidates in all states will say something similar to what I did to Athena. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEM AS INDIVIDUALS. THEY WANT THEIR VOTE BUT NOT THEIR INPUT.

Candidates like Steve Sauerberg (Illinois, against Dick Durbin) and Jeff Beatty (Massachusetts, against John Kerry) must provide some hard truths to Democrats in their state. If the truth hurts, so be it. Truth is always superior to fantasies and illusions.

I'm going around telling people to LEAVE the Democrat Party, to become independents or Republicans. To my amazement, a good many of them are, including Athena. If Steve and Jeff can convince many Democrats to do the same, they will win. If they don't, they will lose. Letter to Athena follows:

Athena, I'll work with you anyway you want. Heck, you can have a kidney if you need one! is the key. My own congressman, Jason Altmire, represents a district where Hillary won two-to-one (plus). She won my county (Beaver, home of Joe Namath and Mike Ditka) by 28,000 to 12,000. All my relatives voted for her. Jason Altmire got $10,000 from Barack Obama (see dncreform). Guess who Jason Altmire is backing?

Patrick Murphy, congressman and beloved of Moveon, which HATES HRC has a district that also went for Hillary by two-to-one. He got $18,000 from BHO. He was one of the first in the country to back Obama.

They believe Democrats in PA are stupid. They believe they will get away with it, and they probably will. PA Dems (some) believe JFK is still running things. But the issues confronting this country are life-and-death, and it's no longer okay for people to vote like robots.

The Democratic Party has become a refuge for people who are cynical, unpatriotic, and committed to a form of socialism that's little more than vote-buying. The America the Democrats see has more in common with Hugo Chavez than with George Washington or John F. Kennedy.

If JFK gave his inaugural address, with its emphasis on country and liberty, he'd be booed off the stage in Denver. Good people know that, and that's why they want nothing to do with modern Democratic Party.

It ticks me off. It almost breaks my heart.

Hillary's colleagues in the Senate deserted her in droves. WV went for Hillary by a huge margin, but good ole Jay Rockefeller backed Obama. Bob Casey did the same thing in Pennsylvania.

As I said, who exactly is going to reform the Democratic Party? It's much, much worse than people think. There's contempt for the voters.

How could HRC ever have gotten the nomination when states voted massively for her and all the SDs (Massachusetts, esp.) went for Obama. Those facts make Hillary's speech in Denver all the more disgraceful. Thankfully, her manic, self-aborbed campaign is finally over. Hopefully, she'll spend her free time working on character issues, the ones that led her to choose Party over Country.

There, Athena, you got me wound up. Congrats for you on McCain. He's an American hero and an honorable man -- and Obama isn't.

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