Thursday, August 14, 2008

Defeating Democrats Example: Allyson Schwartz

Note: On my Hillary Supporters site, I just wrote a "memo" to Hillary Democrats (all 18 million) pointing out that the wisest thing they could do is to switch Parties. I hope you'll visit.

Pennsylvania candidates and their supporters: A critical point is that Keystone State Democrats and Independents can't vote in good conscience for congressional representatives who stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back. Such backstabbers essentially include the entire Pennsylvania congressional delegation, especially people like Jason Altmire and Patrick Murphy, who received money from Obama, Joe Sestak, Allyson Schwartz, and Tim Holden, a dithering Democrat who now claims to be supporting someone at the Convention named "moot."

Democratic voters with a conscience must either vote against such people -- the firmest step possible -- or not vote FOR them. Like courageous Wisconsin Democrat Debra Bartoshevich, PA Democrats must put conscience and country ahead of Party. There's no other position compatible with American values.

I wrote the following to supporters of Marina Kats, the Republican candidate for Congress in PA's 13th District (Montgomery County and Northeast Phiadelphia):

The Kats campaign is on the right track. It is essential to BRAND "good old Allyson Schwartz" as a menace to voters in the 13th.

In 1990, Christine Whitman waged a great Senate campaign against Bill Bradley. Basically she was saying (on radio) -- forecefully and often -- that "I'm a good, thoughtful person, and he's not. He is a terrible Senator." Bradley spent $11 million, and Whitman spent less than a million, and he won by only 51-48%.

The point to get across is that "Good ole Allyson and Good ole Nancy [Pelosi]" are wrecking the country. I know many voters in the 13th would like to vote for the "nice" liberal lady, but she and congressional Democrats are leaving an ash pit for the people in the nice communities of Montgomery County.

Who's going to buy those homes? Who can afford to both play golf and commute into Center City? Who's responsible for high gas prices? Allyson Schwartz is, because did nothing to prevent them. Blaming the failings of Congress on George Bush is absurd.

I really believe Marina should go after those Hillary votes. Tell them if you want someone who's not just a Pelosi-clone sneering at America and its values, vote for me. If you want the country to continue in decline, then by all means vote for Allyson.

Attorney Marina Kats needs to "pretend" she's in court and almost literally in a fight for her life. I'll help in any way I can, but my means are modest (to say the least).

The last thing politicians are supposed to do is to tell the truth. In this case, Marina has to do so. Schwartz and friends are wrecking the way of life people in Montco and NE Philly have spent all their lives building. Voters know that, but they're still in deial about fully admitting it.

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