Sunday, August 17, 2008

Patriotic, Disgusted Dems Leave Party

This first e-mail below is from Pam, who lives in New Jersey. What she says holds for many "Democrats," who increasingly will become "former Democrats." Another of my correspondents has that as a screen name: "fomerdemocrat." It's more of an intellectual and spiritual transformation than a case of marching to the courthouse to change registration. Thanks, Pam (The second e-mail is from Lyn, another disgusted Democrat.)

Note: I also urge people to click on the Clintons4McCain Blog Talk Radio widget on the sidebar to your right. You'll hear from two courageous women, Bev Perlson and Debra Bartoshevich, who urge "Americans," men and women, not to vote for the pompous windbag Obama. They both illustrate the transformation going on in Pennsylvania and nationally.

Pam Says: You have done your job well. I don't know what to think of some of these people. Things change and I think the Democratic party has changed and is GONE. Get on with life and see where the Republican party will take you. I need structure, I need someone who knows what he is doing and not fidgeting in the dark. You are right.

his election is going to separate the boys from the men the girls from the women. What do you really want for you and your families' lives? I want what our forefathers wrote down in the constitution and BO has done everything but re-write the constitution and that is NOT GOING TO BE DONE ON MY WATCH.

I do understand your fatigue and you have been a good warrior. I will go into the hospital Tuesday for knee replacement and then be home until labor day. I will be going back to work then.

Things have to change on these boards after the convention. People have to get up and do and stay behind to suffer what BO can do.

I think of your often and praise all you have done in the name of your country. Stay calm, cool and collected. You have done a lot for McCain and he rewarded you well last night. He made a wonderful showing. I think the Republican party will be changing also for the good of the people with McCain...You have done a proud job for the party and your country. My hat is off to you sir. You take care and stay well. -- Pam

The following letter is from disgusted former Democrat Lyn in Texas:

I actually agree with everything you have said [about the Democratic Party becoming a menance to decent Americans]. I think my signature at the bottom of the email says all when it comes to the party. There is not one and sadyly I am realizing there are many views of the Democrats that I do not agree with anymore.

Many of us, including myself, are signed up as volunteers for Senator McCain off his official website. It was done befor all the side sites started up for Clintons for McCain. Once the [Denver] convention is over, I will have more time to focus on those sites. Senator McCain is someone I can respect and I will never have that for Obama, regardless of the other issues.

And, I am working night and day on all. I still believe that Hillary should be on the ballot, and yes she will probably lose, but it is her right and we will fight for that, and there are many that will hope for the win. I, too, do not see it happening but I will go down fighting for her to have her name recorded in nomination, instead of a present vote, which is what it would be if the nomination process is not carried through.

I personally think there was a fix after Obama's [2004] convention speech that made him known to the world. The next day there was an article written by Donna Brazille talking about the Obama factor in the next race. Hillary sure was not mentioned and others as well were ignored.

I am working with someone on something that I cannot go into details about. We hope to start it up in a couple of weeks and it will be focused on getting Democrats in battleground states to vote McCain. I really wish McCain would open a Ft. Worth office so I could go to work there; otherwise, my time is going to be limited as I have to get back to work when school starts and get some cash flow going. I have been off work all year so I have been able to do this but cash hurting.

Also working against John Kerry. So I would love to see your friend's Kerry info. If you are for him, I am sorry but the one hearing I have of him showed me he is not in touch with the people any more. I actually am trying to find someone to do a Youtube of a presentation i have put together but everyone is busy. [Note from Steve: I support Jeff Beaty, the Republican, against John Kerry.]

We also do have a list of traitors. I had already compiled a list of the states she won and the ones that endorsed Obama from those states. They will not be forgotten.

But you are right, people deserve what they get. Too many are falling in line because it is their party. I think that we can get some of them over to McCain. Not that it matters, but I already planned to write Barr when it gets closer and we know more what he is of those for the good of the country, endorse McCain.

Do not let Obama win. I mean really these guys know they don't have a chance but I know Barr is going to take away from John.

There are a 1000 emails going out tonight to editors all over the country re: nomination process and that if Obama does win it, then people need to be voting for the McCain. Otherwise, Obama is going to ruin the country. Actually trying to put some letters together now.

Guess I better get back to work. I cannot remember the last time I have gotten to sleep before 6 am but I need to try tonight. -- Lyn

Steve adds: Thanks Pam and Lyn. You are two of many fine Americans who are "just saying no" to a Democratic Party that is a caricature of its past. Pam, who has a physical ailment and Lyn are working their hearts out -- Lyn staying up till 6 a.m. -- to ensure the defeat of Barack H. Obama. I salute them both.

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