Friday, June 13, 2008

"Three Stooges" of Pennsylvania Politics

"The best way for a Democrat to get elected in Pennsylvania is to pretend he's pro-life and pro-gun -- and never explain why he's in a Party that's neither."

Note: At the bottom of this column is what might (key word) be some important information about Barack Obama's place of birth. Obama has a problem with saying things (about uncles that don't exist, for example) that aren't true, and this site is one of many working to keep him . . . honest.

In my earlier columns (scroll down), I've written about the "three stooges" of Pennsylvania politics: Sen. Bob Casey, Jr., Congressman Tim Holden (17th district, Harrisburg and surrounding counties), and Congressman Jason Altmire (4th district, western PA). As an honorary member -- the fourth "Stooge" -- we have Congressman Patrick Murphy of the 8th district (mainly Bucks County).

All of these gentlemen are Roman Catholics (as am I). All of them claim to be "pro-life." Actually, that claim is no more than a political gesture. Strong words, I know. But I hope they're words that these incumbents' opponents (Casey not up until 2012; Toni Gihooley against Holden; Melissa Hart against Altmire; and Tom Manion against Murphy) will also feel comfortable using.

If these candidates truly do have pro-life views, they keep some very strange company. Murply endorsed Barack Obama -- the most pro-abortion candidate ever to run for president. Obama favors partial-birth abortion, a procedure seen as hideous even by many liberals, as well as so-called "live-birth abortion," which Obama as an Illinois State Senator voted to allow. (Live-birth abortion results from botched abortions, where an injured infant is allowed to die rather than receive medical care.)

This the Obama enthusiastically supported by Casey and Murphy -- and (unenthusiastically?) supported by Altmire and Holden.

Jason Altmire ran for office as a pro-life Roman Catholic. When he got to Congress, however, he wait to vote for federal funding of research that resulted in the destruction of viable embryos.

Don't get me wrong: I believe elected officials have a constitutional right to be pro-choice. couldn't There are some very honorable people who hold such a position.

Rep. Tim Holden, a complete political sad-sack, claims to be pro-life. But of course he didn't challenge either of the presidential candidates taking a pro-abortion position. As I pointed out, Holden is perhaps the only Democratic Superdelegate who is STILL undeclared. He's the only delegate in history to declare his position as "moot," whatever that means.

Jason Altmire? As my earlier column notes, he has pronounced that he is still "undeclared," but that he "supports Barack Obama. " Since Obama is poised to lose Altmire's district in a landslide, we might assume that the words "Barack Obama" will not pass the congressman's lips until after the election.

How Altmire can be undeclared and declared at the same time is something I'll leave up to him to explain. Perhaps Altmire and others will announce someday that they were "for the Senator before they were against him."

The three (or four?) stooges of Pennsylvania politics clearly assume their constituents are political nitwits. They believe the secret to success in Keystone State politics is to talk out of both sides of their mouths.

Frankly, when a supposedly pro-life politican (such as Casey) backs presidential candidates who are militantly pro-abortion -- as Obama is -- then there is something very wrong going on.

Senator Bob Casey, Jr. comes from a family synonymous with respect for the sanctity of life. However, apparently because of a family-grudge against the Clintons, Casey campaigned day-and-night for Barack Obama, a candidate who's anathema to most Pennsylvanians. Casey has never explained his strange action. Apparently, he believes voters have very short memories.

Someone recently wrote me asking how someone like Casey could bring himself to back Barack Obama. The answer ultimately lies in the totally cynicism of Pennsylvania politics. Casey is pro-life when he's campaigning for moderate Democrat votes -- and then ignores the subject when he's safely in office.

If you're pro-honesty in politics, you will never again cast a vote for or donate money to people like Casey, Holden, Altmire, or Murphy. I hope you'll vote for and contribute to the following candidates, all of whom need and deserve your financial support.

Melissa Hart (against Altmire)
Toni Gilhooley (against Holden)
Tom Manion (against Murphy)

Cindy Reidhead of has been searching Hawaii records to determine that Barack Obama was in fact born in the U.S. (Hawaii). Here's the bulletin Cindy sent out Friday afternoon. (She's located in Hobbs, NM and was a protege of Republican political genius Lee Atwater.)

"It is entirely possible I have found something rather interesting. I chucked out money to locate Barack Obama's birth certificate in Hawaii. From what I found, there is no such record. It is entirely possible that I am completely wrong, and probably am - but here is what I found. Knowing the secrecy of Hawaiian records, I probably am wrong,. But - it's a for what it is worth. it is possible . . . " Here is the URL"

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