Thursday, June 26, 2008

Democrats Against Second Amendment Rights

It's not even July yet, but this is an absolutely critical time for John McCain and other GOP candidates for federal office. I'm working harder than I ever have -- and it's all on the Internet. I am spending most of my time trying to get Hillary Supporters to back McCain and other GOP candidates (especially those facing incumbents who cynically backed Obama. I'll be writing today about those Hillaryites and my work to influence them on the following blogs:, and (re-post from camp2008 site listed previously)

For John McCain, if he can somehow get 5 million of the 18 million-plus Hillary Supporters, he will win.
For Congressional candidates, if you can get 25%-30% of those Hillary Supporters, mainly by showing them how they shafted Sen. Clinton, you will win on November 4. It's that simple -- and that challenging.

The columns below deal with areas on which the Democratic candidates for federal offices (the Presidency, the Senate, and the House) are extremely weak: guns and gas prices. On Friday afternoon, I'll put up Melissa Hart's devastating press release skewering her opponent (Jason Altmire) on gun rights.

I'll be writing about the issues above on all my sites all weekend. Please visit -- and comment if you wish.

BULLETIN ON SUPREME COURT UPHOLDING SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS: Sent following to Melissa Hart, Toni Gilhooley, Tom Manion, and Steve Sauerberg:

[Note: if you're looking for the piece on the Democrats almost unanimous opposition to producing domestic energy, please scroll down to the previous column.]

Steve Sauerberg, candidate against Dick Durbin for the U.S. Senate in Illinois, is one of my "adopted" candidates, and his statement on Second Amendment rights (which some Democrat House members supposedly support) is a good one. [Scroll down to see Steve's release.]

Frankly, anyone who votes for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker is not a supporter of Second Amendment rights. In the House, the Speaker has absolute power over what gets considered and what doesn't, and Pelosi's attitude against gun rights borders on the hydrophobic.

Supporters of Pelosi backers Altmire, Murphy, and Holden who are also for gun rights are kidding themselves. Their advocacy of the Second Amendment becomes nothing more than an empty campaign promise.

The first act for both men in 2007 was to vote Pelosi in (unanimously) and their first act in 2009 would be to do the same.

Also, their presidential candidate, Obama, has a terrible record on gun rights, and if Altmire, Murphy, and Holden support him for President, they are misleading their constituents. An Obama presidency would set gun right back 200 years.

John McCain supports Second Amendment rights -- while Obama and Pelosi do not.

It's that simple. No gun owner in his or her right mind can vote for Altmire, Murphy, or Holden, let alone an anti-gun extremist like Senator Durbin. (In Durbin's and Obama's cases, they bascially have said they would appoint or vote for leftist judges who would disregard the Second Amendment, just as Clinton appointees Breyer and Ginsberg did.)

June 26, 2008 Press Release: Sauerberg Applauds Supreme Court Decision on the Second Amendment

Steve Sauerberg, M.D. - "If Senator Dick Durbin had his way, the Second Amendment would no longer exist."

"As a proud gun owner, I believe in the individual Constitutional right to keep and bear arms," said Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate Steve Sauerberg, M.D. "Today, the Supreme Court affirmed that right."

"If Senator Dick Durbin had his way, the Second Amendment would no longer exist," Sauerberg said.

"Senator Durbin approved judges who used their own beliefs to argue that the Second Amendment means basically nothing, and Senator Durbin opposed the judges who affirmed that Constitutional right to bear arms.

"Sauerberg believes existing gun laws sufficiently balance the need to protect individual rights with the public's desire to reduce gun violence. Sauerberg argued that aggressive prosecution, rather than further legislation, is the key to combating gun violence.

Sauerberg also reiterated his support of strict constructionist judges. "The next U.S. Senator from Illinois needs to insist that any new Judges have a common-sense approach to jurisprudence."

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