Monday, June 23, 2008

Deborah Honeycutt: Defeating David Scott

I've been asking if this remarkable woman -- Dr. Deborah Honeycutt -- couldn't possibly be the first Black President -- and the first female President. Her record as an outstanding student, an excellent medical doctor, and a woman of great religious faith suggests she'd be a great one.

Dr. Deborah Travis ("DAnn") Honeycutt, running a tremendous campaign for Congress in Georgia's 13th District.

How does Deborah Honeycutt's campaign relate to the ones in PA and Illinois that I've been emphasizing? I believe all Republican congressional should run in essentially the same way. I sent the follow to the Steve Sauerberg campaign in Illinois -- he's running against the public menace named Dick Durbin.

I agree that candidates should "keep it simple" and focus on issues people really care about, including the Bill of Rights (2d Amendment) and gas prices. The Democrats are incredibly vulnerable on gas prices. The Second Amendment I would present as a matter of people protecting themselves and their families in every legal way. Some of the issues people (including me) thought would be important (Iraq, health care) are not as significant -- at least now -- as most of us thought they would be. In some areas, crime (Dems weak on that) is important. I'm sending a copy of this to a long-time Pennsylvania State Policewoman, Toni Gilhooley, who is running a great campaign for Congress in Harrisburg and surrounding counties. Toni spent 25 years in the PA State Police and her husband spent his adult life working in the same organization as a homicide investigator. They are great, great people. Her opponent is very vulnerable on gas prices/oil production and Toni is showing him no mercy, which I like a lot. I hope as time goes on people like Toni and Dr. Deb Honeycutt will work together, something that's usually unheard of but makes sense this year. Can Toni win? I believe she will win (and as you know, I rarely talk about winning and losing until Election Day). She needs and deserves national support.

I've been speculating that -- just maybe -- Dr. Deborah Honeycutt could end up someday as the first Black female President. You can find the previous column on super-candidate Deborah and her opponent David Scott by scrolling down. The issue this column deals with -- gas prices -- is one every GOP challenger can use to crush his or her opponent.

One of the campaign "strengths" of Deborah Honeycutt's opponent, David Scott, is that he owns an advertising company. He funnels campaign money into it in ways that are at least unethical and probably against House of Representatives' rules. In the 2006, election, Scott effectively used billboard ads on the endless series of highways around Atlanta.

Deborah Honeycutt should also make use of billboards, ones placed as close as possible to Scott's. The billboards should contain a picture of Dr. Honeycutt, and they should refer to Scott (usually a campaign no-no). They should go something like this:

Like $4 a gallon gas?

"Thank" David Scott

He Blocks Domestic Oil Production

Vote Deborah Honeycutt for Congress

Support Sane Gas Prices

Of course, David Scott, being a good (robotic) Pelosi-type Democrat, voted against exploration and drilling in ANWR. Figuring out why he voted that way, representing an area dependent on the auto, boggles the mind.

Which other congressional candidates should use similar billboards? I hope every candidate I'm supporting -- in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and elsewhere -- will put up such ads. Just substitute names like "Altmire," "Holden," and "Murphy" for Scott.

The people who see the ad will be the same ones who just forked out $80-plus to fill up their gas tanks.

Issue #1 everywhere in the U.S. this year is going to be gasoline prices. The Democrats vote against domestic energy production (see below) and so the sky-high gas prices fall directly on their shoulders.

Note, Pennsylvania candidates-on-the-move, with chances to defeat incumbents, include: Melissa Hart (against Altmire), Tom Manion (against Murphy), Toni Gilhooley (against Holden), and Lou Barletta (against Paul Kanjorski). If John McCain carries PA by a large margin, as he should, all four of these candidates could win. They all need your support.

(More on Tuesday)

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