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Dana Walsh: Rebuilding the GOP

San Francisco enterpreneur and Republican congressional candidate Dana Walsh taking on Cindy Sheehan and Nancy Pelosi. If you'd like to send a check by mail to Dana:
Dana Walsh for Congress
1592 Union St.
Suite 52
San Francisco, CA 94123-4531

By 6:30 p.m. today ET I'd had 397visitors (wow) and nearly 550 hits. The old record was 257. You may just have set the new one. Thanks. I do believe you can find information here that isn't available elsewhere. If you want the "real skinny" on American politics, material you won't read elsewhere, please visit my national blog at: Thanks. You're always welcome here.

The goal of this site is to re-energize the Republican Party, both in PA and nationally. With your help that will happen. Please let your friends and family know this blog exists to build support for candidates who respect and encourage your way of life. Candidates need to put a link to this site up on their campaign web sites. The same for local GOP organizations.

Candidates, supporters, and vistors: Let's make a major effort to support Republican congressional candidate Dana Walsh. I am going to put up on every blog (and I have a bunch) an appeal to send a contribution to Ms. Walsh. She's pro-military and running against Cindy Sheehan and Nancy Pelosi, "the witches of the West." I hope a whole lot of people online will feature Dana Walsh at: Her web site is terrific. It has pics of Sheehan and Pelosi playing huggy-bear with dictators (Chavez and Assad) Please contribute whatever you can to help this courageous woman.

Later today, I'll be writing more about online resources (and individuals) who are available to help Republican candidates for federal offices. These resources are NOT coming from national Republican organizations, which are mainly exercises in narcissism. They are from people (including yours truly) who are spending their own time and money to support Republican causes.

One site candidates and their online supporters need to visit is Kathy Morrison's The resources she mentions also apply to so-called "down-ballot" candidates, that is, everyone not running for President or Vice-President. Kathy also has sites related to local races and to battleground states. (Links will be up shortly.)

Also, most candidates don't use their campaign web sites nearly as effectively as they could. Those web sites should features lots of videos (giving a bow to the "YouTube" generation) and pictures. They also should (MUST) feature a video appeal from the candidate for donations. Campaigns cost money, and it's up to every Republican -- conservative, moderate, or otherwise -- to help candidates get their messages across. If you can contribute only $10 or $20, that's fine.

For GOP candidates who need help with fundraising, they should e-mail me at: I can't help you raise hundreds of thousands, but I can help you raise in the thousands (if we're both lucky). Also, every Republican candidate should have a tie-in with the independent fundraising operation at Contact a representative of that organization through

If you're a candidate or supporter who's asked by a representative of McCain Campaign for support, remind them of the first rule of "Italian politics": "you scratcha my back, and I scratcha yours." If someone asks you to contribute to national Republican organizations (the Republican National Committee or the National Republican Congressional Committee), ask them how that is going to help congressional and Senatorial candidates in your area. If they don't have an answer, tell them (as we say in Beaver County) to "hit the bricks."

It is profoundly important we all work to elect John McCain as President. It's even more important that we re-build the Republican Party, especially in states (like New York) where it's wasting away.

This can be a decent year for the GOP -- and it might even be a good one. However, that will require us all working together. We have some great "new" candidates, and they deserve my support and yours.


June 5, 2008 CONTACT: Alicia Collins
724-779-4750 office
724-612-9490 cell


Cranberry Township, PA – Former Congresswoman Melissa Hart sharply criticized Congressman Altmire’s vote today in support of the Democrat Budget resolution.

Congresswoman Hart stated, “The budget resolution passed today is appalling. The spending is continuing to increase at a dangerous level with the Democrat led Congress. I hope to have the opportunity to return to Washington and trim the fat out of this overstuffed budget.”

Hart added, “I think Altmire will have a hard time explaining his vote for tax increases to the people of the 4th Congressional District. Hard working families and small businesses owners here are tightening their family and business budgets to cover increasing gas costs, now they have to worry about their tax bill increasing as well.”

Economic publications have recognized the budget for what it is – the largest tax increase in history.

“The Senate's new $3 trillion budget for 2009 is big, but it fails to do something vital to the U.S. economy: extend President Bush's tax cuts. If this isn't fixed, we'll soon face the largest tax hike in our history … The House is also expected to pass the measure this week.” (Investor’s Business Daily, 6/5/08)

“Republicans in both the House and Senate have been strongly opposed to the budget as outlined by the Democrats, calling it the largest tax increase in history. That's because Democrats don't renew many of Mr. Bush's tax cuts, which are due to expire in the next few years.” (The Wall Street Journal, 6/4/08)

However, Democratic leaders continue to deny the facts.

Rep. John Spratt (D-SC), Chairman of the Budget Committee: “Let me say emphatically, this budget does not raise taxes.” (House Floor Remarks, 6/5/08)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): “This year’s budget plan does not include a tax increase.” (House Floor Remarks, 6/5/08)

“Pelosi and other Washington Democrats, including my opponent continue to claim they are ‘fiscally responsible’ but there are no facts to back it up. You can’t just say there are no tax increases in a bill over and over and make it reality – you have to vote that way too. This level of insincerity is troubling,” remarked Hart.

The final version of the 2009 Budget resolution was passed by a vote of 214-210. The Democrat Budget resolution will hit 116 million American taxpayers with an average tax hike of $1,833. Working families will be hit especially hard under this new plan. A family of four with two children that currently earns $50,000 annually would have to pay roughly an additional $2,155 in taxes – this is almost a 191% increase.

NOTE: If you'd like to get e-mailed releases from the Hart campaign, please e-mail campaign manager Alicia Collins at:

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