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Murphy, Altmire: Pelosi's Political Lapdogs

Very well said by Jean Avery at Moms4McCain. "Last week, Howard Dean and friends gave delegates to someone who wasn't even on the ballot and took half the delegates from a candidate who was. And, by the way, she was also the first woman with a serious shot at the Presidency. Suddenly millions of American women who hung their hopes on Hillary are the Desirable Voting Bloc. (Sure, Hillary had male supporters, but because many women's motives differed, their response to her rejection may differ too.)"

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Nancy Pelosi looking adoringly at her favorite political lapdog, Rep. Patrick Murphy of PA's 8th congressional district.

"I would rather lose an election than lose a war." (John McCain, uttering words you'll never hear from the John Murthas or Patrick Murphys of the world)

Why is PA Republican congressional candidate Tom Manion (8th district) smiling these days?

(Note: The following column, down to the italicized section is reposting from today's post on my national blog; the section about the Melissa Hart-Jason Altmire race in PA's 4th congressional district is new.)

Today (Wednesday), I'll be writing more about a fascinating phenomenon I revealed yesterday on my Hillary Supporters for McCain site: the presence of a very large number (it may be in the millions) of Democrats (Hillary Supporters) who will NOT vote for Barack Obama.

Of great interest to GOP congressional and senatorial candidates, those Hillary Supporters are beginning to target "SuperDelegates" who went against the voters of their districts or states to support Obama. Such people include SuperDelegates (a profoundly anti-democratic concept in itself) like John Kerry, Bob Casey, Jr., Ted Kennedy, and Jay Rockefeller. Those individuals now look a lot more beatable in their next elections than they did a few weeks ago.

I've been discussing one particularly odious individual, Rep. Patrick Murphy of PA's 8th congressional district, centered in Bucks County in Southeastern PA. Murphy, one of Nancy Pelosi's particular favorites, came out for Obama last summer.

But how did Obama do in Bucks County? He got skunked by Hillary Clinton -- 70,253 votes to 41,791.

So, how exactly does Murphy's endorsement of Obama square with the wishes of his constituents? Of course, it doesn't. It shows that his constituents' views play little part in his actions.Can Tom Manion get a large chunk of those primary votes that went to Mrs. Clinton?
Exit polls and political developments on the Internet (see
another of my columns) suggest he might be able to get at least one-third of them -- and perhaps more.

A lot of those Hillary voters are going to look at people like Murphy as Public Enemy Number 1. Murphy's opponent is 30-year Marine Corp veteran Tom Manion. Mr. and Mrs. Manion lost their son, Travis, a Naval Academy graduate, in Iraq.

Frankly, a totally politicized and cynical creep like Murphy has no business being in Congress. Manion is a better candidate and a better man. Hillary Supporters value toughness and authenticity in a candidate. They certainly won't support a Hillary hater like Murphy.

It's clear how Manion should proceed with the Hillary voters. First, he can ask for them. Second, he can point out how Murphy shafted Mrs. Clinton in the race for the nomination. Third, he can use the primary results to show how Murphy's views are totally at variance with those of Bucks County Democrats -- let alone with the views of Republicans and Independents.

Overall, the best thing Tom Manion has going for him will be the fact that he's not Patrick Murphy.

Tom Manion: go out and win this election. To do so, he needs your help -- including your donations.

Murphy has money pouring into his campaign from special interests, including far-left extremist groups like and the Daily Kos. In fact, the Daily Kos, which loves the Murphys of the world, expelled Hillary supporters from its web site. Its constant message could be summed up in two words: "Hate Hillary."

If people like you support Tom Manion, he can win this race.

I've suggested that people who are really serious about getting rid of Murphy give a part of their economic stimulus check to Manion. But even donations of as little as $10 to $20 will be very helpful.

What do Rep. Jason Altmire and Rep. Patrick Murphy have in common? They're both great favorites of Nancy Pelosi, and they both relied on deceiving their constituents in the 2006 election. They both "run right" -- and then "govern Left."

When Obama called their constituents a bunch of Bible-thumping, gun-toting bigots, how did Altmire and Murphy respond? They did by observing the rule that "silence is golden." They said nothing, hoping the controversy would blow over. It hasn't.

As a campaigner, Altmire said he opposed a "timetable" for Iraq and that he would rely on "commanders on the ground." Later, he described Iraq War opponent John Murtha, a major source of funds for Altmire, as his "campaign manager."

In fact, Altmire's commanders-on-the-ground as soon as he got to Congress were Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha. Altmire quickly voted for the timetable he'd early opposed. He assumes his constituents have short memories.

What about Obama and Altmire? When the Illinois Senator was campaigning in Altmire's western PA district (the 4th, where I live), he followed Obama around like a pet puppy. An inveterate poll-reader, Altmire didn't formally endorse Obama, although he did everything but kiss the Senator's ring.

Hillary Supporters might ask: why didn't Altmire endorse Hillary Clinton? She won the 4th district by a huge margin. She won my own heavily Democratic County (Beaver) by 28,000 to 12,000. She won neighboring Butler County by 6,000 votes. She won nearby Lawrence County by by 12,600 to 4,400.

Aware of the district's overwhelming preference for Hillary, Did Jason Altmire then rush to drape Hillary with his SuperDelegate mantle? Not exactly. You see, Altmire had to wait until he found out who won . . . before he could give his endorsement.

The only (after-the-fact) endorsement Jason Altmire has made is of Barack Obama. Hillary Supporters nationwide might enjoy targeting Altmire for defeat. They couldn't make a better choice. I hope every Hillary Supporter reading this will express their outrage at Altmire by building support for the congressman's GOP competitor.

Altmire's opponent is my friend Melissa Hart, a truly remarkable woman. Like Tom Manion, however, she needs your support to win in November. Please go to her web site.

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