Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cynical Superdelegates & Hillary's Loss

Note to all visitors (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents): Please go now to the above web site -- -- and join as a member. The group's goal? "We will vote for Sen. John McCain not out of anger, not out of spite, but because he is an honorable American who may not speak the most eloquent words, or give the greatest speeches, but when he does speak we can believe him. "

To All Candidates and Their Supporters: On my Hillary Supporters for McCain site (, I repost Jean Avery's ( interview with Randa from Florida, a lifelong Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton and now strongly backs John McCain. Please read Randa's comments, because they illustrate thoughts and feelings that are widespread among Democrats, especially women. You may be surprised to find out that you have a lot more in common with Democrat Randa, a mother of five, than you do many people on the Republican side. It's a must-read interview.

Oops, as one of the administrators at Clintons for McCain pointed out in a "comment," they don't accept contributions (which I discovered personally). I wish they eventually will accept contributions and play a major role -- perhaps as an independent 527 group -- in the coming election. I strongly recommend that everyone who feel sympathetic to the group (Hillary Supporters now backing McCain) would join and support the members.

[Note: I'll add later today to this column, reposted from, my national blog. On my I have a separate column.]

I'm hoping many members of Clintons for McCain will support Pennsylvania candidates that include: Melissa Hart (4th district), Toni Gilhooley (17th district), Marina Kats (13th district), and Tom Manion (8th district). These individual's opponents all played significant roles in the shafting of Hillary Clinton, who won the Pennsylvania Primary by a huge majority.

Take as an example Manion's opponent Patrick Murphy, a first-term Democrat and a Superdelegate. Last August (!), Murply became one of the first Superdelegages to endorse Barack Obama. He has remained a staunch Obama backer and did everything in his power to ensure that the Illinois Senator won the nomination.

How effectively did Murphy reflect "the will of the voters?" He certainly didn't mirror the popular sentiment in PA, which Hillary won by 9.2%. But what about his own district, the 8th, centered in Southeastern PA" Bucks County? In the Primary, Mrs. Clinton won the vote by 70,253 to 41,791.

That decisive victory apparently impressed Murphy not-at-all. In essence, his motto was "The public be damned."

What about Melissa Hart's opponent, Democratic Superdelegate Jason Altmire? Again, Hillary carried his 4th district by historic majorities. She won my own county (Beaver) by 28,205 to 12,184. She won neighboring Lawrence by 12,581 to 3,349.

Gee, Altmire must have come out enthusiastically for Hillary, right? Surely you jest. On June 5, with Hillarey ready to concede, he told the that he remained "undeclared" but that he "supported Obama." Say what???

Rep. Tim Holden in Toni Gilhooley's district has earned a place in weasel-doom. Hillary carried his district (Harrisburg and surrounding counties) by a significant margin, but Holden never endorsed her. He also never endorsed Obama.

He now insists that the question of his vote is "moot." He may be the first elected official in history to vote "moot."Supporters of Hillary Clinton (or of anyone) can interpret for themselves what's going on here.

I'm supporting Melissa Hart, Toni Gilhooley, Marina Kats, and Tom Manion because they're superior candidates and superior -- as human beings -- to their Democrat opponents. I hope the people at Clintons for McCain will do the same.

There's a great deal more going wrong in the Democratic Party than merely the cynicism of people like Barack Obama, Howard Dean, Bob Casey, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi. The shafting of Sen. Clinton is reflective of a political party that's rotten to the core.

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