Friday, June 20, 2008

Democrats' Gas Prices Destroying America

If you like $7 a gallon gasoline, you're going to love Obama and the congressional Democrats . . . also, will the GOP candidate pictured below be both the first Black President and the first female President?

Dr. Deborah Travis Honeycutt, head of a free medical clinic in Georgia and an evangelical Christian, is running as a Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia's 13th District. And is she ever. Dr. Honeycutt has raised approximately $2 million (probably more), none of it from PACs -- that is, all of it from individuals. This weekend (Saturday evening) I'll feature her and two more African-American Republicans, Antoine Members and Anthony Williams, both from Chicago, IL. THEY ALL NEED YOUR SUPPORT! (Deborah, please run on the gas issue -- see below.)

When Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the Democrats took over both Houses of Congress in 2006, the average price of unleaded gas was $2.45 a gallon. Ms. Pelosi said the Democratic were "going to do something about it." Yeah, they sure did. Nancy, payback is . . . well, you know the word.

[On my Hillary Supporters for McCain blog, I have new information about the "Larry Sinclair scandal" now swirling around Barack Obama. Sinclair has made explosive charges regarding drugs and other matters concerning the Illinois Senator. ]

Basically, the main issue in this campaign is whether the Democrats will continue to advocate $6-$7 a gallon gasoline by blocking exploration and production of oil off-shore and in Alaska. For 20 years they have been blocking production in a tiny area of ANWR and in most of the OCS, which means we don't have the gasoline supply now that we should.

Are the Democrats who oppose such drilling -- Altmire, Murphy, Holden, Sestak, Schwartz, Doyle, and others -- going to own up to their direct responsibility for the gasoline crisis? Hey, they're just doing what Nancy Pelosi told them to.

Barack Obama believes the high gasoline prices, which are driving families and communities to the economic wall, are good for the country. He wants them to go higher, and he's leading his PA cronies along as if they had rings in their noses.

Keep these people in office, and fairly soon four-buck-a-gallon gasoline will seem like the good old days. I hope Republican challengers attach this issue to the incumbents the same way they'd pin a tail to a donkey. Hugo Chavez ought to send all of the Democrats listed a campaign contribution.

It is disgusting, and it is damaging the American Way of Life. It must stop.

In PA, WV, and OH, the ecomomies of untold communities depend to a significant degree on the development of clean coal technology and production. The Democrats didn't even include it in their poor excuse for an "energy bill." Two generations ago, Germany was running its economy on liquefied coal.

Why aren't we doing the same? Oh, right, the Democrats and Obama don't like coal. They also don't much like nuclear power, which is free of carbon emissions. I give up.

What exactly is it that they like? Oh right, corn-based ethanol, which is driving up your food prices and aggravating world hunger. Shameful.

Jason Altmire's opponent is Melissa Hart (
Patrick Murphy's opponent is Tom Manion (
Tim Holden's opponent is Toni Gilhooley (
Joe Sestak's opponenet is Craig Williams (
Allyson Schwartz's opponenet is Marina Kats (
John Murtha's opponent is Bill Russell (
Paul Kanjorski's opponent is Lou Barletta (
Mike Doyle has no opponent -- that's his definition of democracy.
Nancy Pelosi's opponent is Dana Walsh (
Sen. Dick Durbin, who has been voting against exploration for 25 years has an opponent, Dr. Steve Sauerberg, who's at:

Why should you vote against the boldfaced (and bald-faced) Democrats. Because as they go on their merry way, they're wrecking your way of life and the lives of your neighbors.

Why not send each of the challengers above a $25 donation -- more if you wish. Twenty-five bucks is a lot less than you'll paying for a half a tank of gas if the docile Dems keep blocking America from producing its own oil.

If you haven't seen the Jack Kelly column (below), please scroll down. Anyone who wants to reprint this column is free to do so. If you'd like to send a copy to voters in your districts, be my guest. On Sunday, I'll be writing about three dynamic African-American candidates, Antoine Members, Anthony Williams, and Dr. Deborah Travis Honeycutt.
On my national blog(s), I've written more about gasoline prices and their implications for the presidential race.


Michael Pasternak said...

Gas prices were increasing long before the Democrats took over congress. Why didn't the Republicans remove these restrictions when they had plenty of chances? John McCain was against it then and for it now (Talk about flip flopping!).

The oil companies have plenty of areas that they are currently allowed to drill in, but they are not. They also have no interest in expanding refining capacity. That is why gas prices keep rising. It is simple Economics 101 supply and demand which is something John McCain has admitted is beyond his understanding and evidently yours too.

Instead of blaming Democrats for the gas prices, why not do something constructive like the oil companies why they are not increasing capacity when they have the oil.

Michael Pasternak said...

The oil companies are negotiating with the Iraqis on no-bid contracts for their oil. This is beginning to look like a misdirection to me: Get people like you to jump up and down and make a big stink about offshore drilling, so no one notices that the real issue is getting control of Iraq's oil wells with our troops putting their lives on the line to provide the protection.

Do you feel like you are being duped? I sure would.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Michael, glad you enjoy my columns enough to keep returning faithfully. Also glad you enjoy the 75% increase in gas prices since the Democrats took over. You are indeed a rare breed. When your life and the lives of your family are thoroughly destroyed, you can wear your donkey tattoo more proudly than ever. Write a thank-you note to your boy Jason Altmire.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa