Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hillary Supporters Targeting Altmire's Defeat

. . . and not just targeting Jason Altmire . . . Note: On my national blog ( I take about a major effort under by the Obama Campaign to suppress free speech on the Internet, particularly by shutting down blogs critical of Sen. Obama. I hope you'll visit the site and take action against this threat to American's rights and values. The Obama Campaign apparently will stop at nothing to get their candidate elected. NOTE: THANKS TO SO MANY PEOPLE FOR VISITING FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ON MONDAY. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'LL DO FOR AN ENCORE TOMORROW BUT IT WILL BE SOMETHING (MARGINALLY) WONDERFUL. -- STEVE


The McCain Campaign, as I learned today on a conference call consisting of 80 groups backing Hillary Clinton (and a handful of GOP activists, including me), is making major efforts to reach out to Hillary Supporters. These Hillaryites and friends share a common goal: exposing and defeating Barack Obama. The effort is generating national -- and even international -- publicity. Some of the most significant activists in American politics participated in the Conference Call.

The McCain Camp has its most senior campaign people, including Carly Fiorina (a possible V-P choice) talking -- and mainly listening -- to Hillary Supporters. I've said on this blog that wthout significant support from them, there will be no victory, and I believe that's also John's view.

Today on the call, the head of Women for Fair Politics said that she feared "the train (the possible nomination of HRC) had left the station. She also said she hoped everyone would do what, in their own hearts and minds, is the right thing. She noted, in essence, that will be different strokes for different folks.

The moderator of the call was Cristi Adkins, an activist and media guru, who should be writing soon about today's activities on the following web site: I'll have up soon other web sites and e-mail addresses you can use in this "JustSayNoBama" effort.

The outreach going on has significant implications for Pennsylvania candidates, especially Melissa Hart (opposing Jason Altmire), Toni Gilhooley (opposing Tim Holden), and Tom Manion (opposing Patrick Murphy). In all cases, the Democratic incumbents helped pave the way for Sen. Clinton's eventual defeat in the battle for the Party's nomination. In districts that went two-to-one for Mrs. Clinton, "SuperDelegates" ended up -- or even started out -- supporting Barack Obama.

No self-respecting Hillary backer will vote for -- or otherwise support -- Altmire, Holden, or Murphy. Efforts are underway -- see, for example, -- to target and defeat people like these three Democrats, as well as selected others around the country. You'll hear more about that soon.

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Joe Talarico said...

You never cease to amaze me. As I'm sure you know, there is not a 5% difference between Clinton and Obama, but a 95% difference between Obama and McSame. I realize you are desperate, but there is a big difference between voting for Hillary over Obama and voting for McCain over Obama. The only Clinton backers you have a chance for are the small minority who will not vote for a black man. If that's all you get, you lose.

Your statement "No self-respecting Hillary backer will vote for Altmire, Holden, or Murphy" is a real laugher. You have to be kidding me! Virtually all Clinton backers oppose the Bush/McCain agenda of endless pointless war that enriches nobody but the Bush benefactors, tax cuts for multi-millionaires, and those who choose to move our jobs to the lowest bidding country that their opponents wholeheartedly support.

In the case of Hart, any chance she would have had was made far more remote by her politically tone-deaf choice to announce her candidacy with Boehner present. That solidified her position as a DeLay, Boehner, Abramoff Republican, the very kind of Republican that received a solid vote of no confidence in 2006.