Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sarah Palin Critical in PA Races

Important Note: This afternoon (Monday) I'll have up on my national blog(s) another column going into some detail about the Kelly endorsement of Sarah Palin (see below) and the criticality of the vice-presidential choices this year. If you want to see the column a little early, e-mail me at:, and I'll send it immediately. Thanks so much for visiting. (I love the pic below of Sarah.) On my Hillary Supporters for McCain site I have a guest column by a Black woman strongly endorsing John McCain. Why is all this so important to what's happening in Pennsylvania? McCain's naming Sarah Palin to the ticket would great enhance the Senator's chances of carrying the Keystone State. The better McCain-Palin ticket does in generating votes, the more likely it will be that challengers (Melissa Hart, Toni Gilhooley, Marina Kats, Tom Manion, Lou Barletta, and Craig Williams, as well as Dana Walsh) can win their races. As McCain goes, so goes the GOP in PA. It's that simple. For reasons discussed below, Gov. Palin has tremendous appeal to working-class families (Hillary Supporters), military families, working mothers, gun owners, fiscal conservatives, and social conservatives, groups that make up a majority in PA (and most other states). I'm urging all candidates and their supporters to join noted columnist Jack Kelly and the editor of RealClearPolitics in strongly endorsing Sarah for V-P. Her presence in PA (and Ohio) campaigning for Republican candidates would be a tremendous boost to GOP chances in November.

Sarah Palin gets MAJOR endorsement and is now front-runner for the V-P slot on McCain's ticket. On my national blog, I speculate today that the two major party presidential candidates in the not-too-distant future might be Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

Bulletin: One of the nation's most important conservative columnists, national security writer Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade, has just endorsed Sarah Louise Heath Palin of Alaska for the vice-president slot on John McCain's ticket. Please tell everyone in the blogo-verse! Good for Jack!
He calls her McCain's "secret weapon" and a major key to victory. He says she's "a running mate who's got it all."

Sarah's candidacy is critical to the victories of Republican congressional candidates like Melissa Hart (PA, 4th CD), Toni Gilhooley (PA, 17th CD), Dana Walsh (CA, running against Nancy Pelosi & Cindy Sheehan), Marina Kats (PA, 13th CD), and many others. Jack's column is at:
To all bloggers and other onliners: please pass along this important information.
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