Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Michael Livingston & John McCain

Michael who?

Michael Livingston is a professor tax law who's running as a Republic for congress in Pennsylvania's 2d district (Philadelphia west of Broad St.) The district is majority Black, and candidates like Michael are often characterized as "sacrificial lambs." However, Michael is campaigning like a lion, and he will do well in the race.

I have asked nearly all Republican congressional candidates in Pennsylvania to do the smart thing -- and the right thing -- which is to endorse completely the campaign of John McCain for President. That's not the conventional wisdom, but it's the intelligent thing to do in a state that McCain can carry. Yes, he will lose some urban areas, but Sen. McCain will carry nearly every non-urban county in the state, including my own Beaver County.

Michael's press release is below. I hope it serves as a model for every Republican congressional candidate in the country. He goes after McCain voters -- and after Hillary Supporters, who are legion in PA. Michael's web site is at: Please go there and help in any way you can -- and send a copy of his release to your own congressional candidate.


Congressional candidate Michael Livingston today congratulated Barack Obama on his securing of the Democratic presidential nomination, but suggested the nomination created a clear choice between the parties in November.

"As their speeches last night indicated, Barack Obama is a fine orator and an inspiration to millions of Americans, especially in the younger generation,"Livingston explained. "By contrast, John McCain is a doer, who has devoted his life to real, effective reform at times when it was not popular. The choice, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, could not be clearer.

"In congratulating Obama, Livingston suggested that his campaign, like McCain's,would target Clinton Democrats who may feel disenfranchised as a result of the party's rejection of their candidate. He noted that the district contained a substantial number of such voters, particularly in Cheltenham Township,Roxborough, and the Southwest Philadelphia area.

"Like Obama, Chaka Fattah [current 2d district Congressman] has been an eloquent advocate of social change, but has not always delivered the goods to his constituents. I intent to discuss practical issues like tax and education reform, crime, and improved veterans benefits, and leave the rhetoric to the other side. As any Eagles fan can tell you, people in Philadelphia are less interested in promises than results," he added.

Livingston opposes Fattah in the November election.

Note: This piece was originally posted on McCainNow, the main site on the Web for John McCain comments. I urge you to take a few seconds to join McCainNow. Also, please visit Michael Livingston's web site.

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