Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pennsylvania's Democratic Congressmen: Bloody Hands

Rep. Patrick Murphy (Bucks County, PA) getting the evil eye from his political mentor Nancy Pelosi. Murphy, a former Army lawyer, basically sold out his fellow soldiers for "considerations" by Speaker Pelosi. Patrick Murphy believes he has settled down in DC for a cushy political career of handing out favors and taking a "what, me worry?" attitude to national security. Don't get too settled, Patrick, because Tom Manion is gaining on you. Manion, an American hero whose son, Travis, died in Iraq deserves your support. If you've just received your stimulus check, please consider donating either one-third or one-half it to Manion at: http://votemanion.com. Please send it in memory of Travis Manion.

Of course, if you're the rare breed that prefers political sleaze-bags, youl'll probably feel comfortable with Murphy. "Just say . . . enough is enough." National Hillary Supporters groups are targeting Obama-philes like Murphy, who supported the Illinois Senator, even though his district went overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.

On My Hillary Supporters for McCain site I have a column quoting women who are Hillary Supporters engaged in a massive, national effort to make sure Barack Obama is defeated. Their motto, aimed at national Democrats, is: "Just Say No Deal! . . . Nobama!" It's a development every GOP congressional candidate should understand and respond to by appealing to the disaffected Hillary Clinton voters: http://hillarysupportersformccain.blogspot.com. If you're interested in helping candidate Tom Manion please scroll down one column. Thanks for visiting.

The woman below, Beverly Person, can't vote in Pennsylvania because she doesn't live in the state. However, Bev, is going to play a significant role in many races in the Keystone State. She's the founder of a powerful group, The Band of Mothers, that has a strong presence in America. Another individual who doesn't live in this state but can provide major help to our Republican challengers is Col. O. P. Ditch, founder of http://vets4mccain.com. He is signing up tens of thousands of military veterans who will support John McCain and -- I hope -- will also support people like Tom Manion, Melissa Hart, Toni Gilhooley, Marina Kats, Lou Barletta, Craig Williams, and Bill Russell. If these individuals can get support from all across the nation, they have a fighting chance to win. Maybe we should make people like Bev Perlson "honorary Pennsylvanians."

Beverly Perlson, proud mother of the 82d Airborne soldier in the picture and founder of http://thebandofmothers.com/, an organization you'll want to know about and support. Bev told me yesterday that Congressman Patrick Murphy lied in her face when he said he'd support and protect our soldiers. Bev is a staunch supporter of Tom Manion, Murphy's opponent. (See message from Manion Campaign in the column below).

As I noted above, I believe Bev Perlson and her group will support all our Pennsylvania challengers, veterans like Tom Manion, Craig Williams, and Bill Russell, as well as others like Lou Barletta, Melissa Hart, Marina Kats, and Toni Gilhooley who truly support our troops and demand that Congress take actions that will lead to victories in Iraq and Afghanistan. The American troops have earned those victories.

Let me be perfectly clear: people like Democrats John Murtha, Patrick Murphy, Jason Altmire, Allyson Schwartz, Joe Sestak, and Paul Kanjorski have blood on their hands. Their actions have served to encourage al Qaeda's mass murderers and have severaly endangered our fighting men and fighting women. In pandering to the Democrats far-left wing -- people like the America-haters of Moveon.Org, Pennsylvania's Democratic congressional representatives have valued their own re-elections over the lives of our our soldiers.

The Pennsylvania challengers are all candidates who don't hesitate to speak truth to the powers-that-be in Congress, such as Murtha and Pelosi. The ultimate goal is not to make a point to the Murtha/Pelosis of the world, but to defeat them -- and send them home in the ignominy they richly deserve.

Yes, I support underdogs, but one reason I do so is that it's so much fun when they surprise the "experts" and win. The best way to win is to shake a lot of hands -- and also shake up districts that have been in a political coma. The candidates have made a total commitment, and we need to do the same.

My favorite line from the campaigns so far occurred when intensely patriotic Marina Kats (Republican running in the 13th district -- Montgomery County) was asked in an accusatory fashion when the U.S. should leave Iraq. Marina replied, "Why, when it's safe to do so."

Maybe we should elect her President (oops, she was born in Russia, well . . . )The Republican challengers in PA's congressional races are -- on the whole -- perhaps the nation's best group of candidates. The Democrat incumbents are exquisitely awful, many of them corrupt and totally in the tank with Jack Murtha types.

As I suggested, Patrick Murphy (D) may be the worst.Tom Manion, a Marine Corps veteran whose son (Travis) was killed in Iraq is running a close race with Obama-philiac Rep. Patrick Murphy. (See column below)


Seventh Watch said...

You said:
Let me be perfectly clear: people like Democrats John Murtha, Patrick Murphy, Jason Altmire, Allyson Schwartz, Joe Sestak, and Paul Kanjorski have blood on their hands. Their actions have served to encourage al Qaeda's mass murderers and have severaly endangered our fighting men and fighting women.

In reality, it is people like the warmongering author of this blog, and McCain, Bush, Cheney, and all the other supporters of this awful war that have blood on their hands. You are backing this and you are responsible too.

bevperl said...

We are also responsible for your little self being safe since 9/11!

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

Anonymous said...

Too bad you all got such bad information. You're blaming the wrong people. It's the Bush/Cheney/McSame crowd that have fed (some of us) a line of BS.

They have the blood on their hands; they are the culprits.

They have not kept us safe, they've made the world worse for their actions. I'm not blaming the soldiers, I'm blaming the leaders. But if you all want to elect such foul leaders, you have to take responsibility for their actions too.