Monday, June 9, 2008

Bulletin From Tom Manion Campaign

Today's (Monday's) initial PA column is available if you scroll down a way, but I've recently received an urgent message from Tom Manion's campaign asking for our help. Here it is:

Hello Everyone,

We would like all of you to help us out with a poll that is online. If you go to and click on where it says “Murphy Manion Race seen as competitive” you then look to the left and you will see an opportunity to participate in the poll “Will Republicans be able to unseat Democratic U.S. Rep Pat Murphy in PA-8?” Click “yes”. Thank you all for your help.

Krista Foy

Manion for Congress
215-348-9080 Phone

Get on Krista's Manion mailing list by e-mailing her at:

I sent the following message to Krista and Tom about Gov. Sarah Palin:

Krista, will vote today. Keep up the great work. I hope Tom will endorse Sarah Palin for Republican V-P -- he may know little about her, but she's a human engine of victory in states like PA. I know the conventional wisdom is that candidates are supposed to cower in terror rather than make such endorsements. (Sarah got a great endorsement yesterday from Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- see my blog below). Boldness and imagination are going to be necessary to win this year. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Tom MUST attract "unconventional groups" -- like women professionals, young people, and working-class families -- to win, and those are the very groups to whom Sarah has a special appeal.

I'm going to be on Sirius radio from New York tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5:30 p.m., and I'll try to mention Tom's campaign. (Gov. Palin's son is in U.S. Army infantry, something Tom may not know.)

Note: As far as competitive races, Melissa Hart versus Jason Altmire is a hot one, and Melissa may have a slight edge.

On Toni Gilhooley versus Tim Holden, that race could very well become intensely competitive about mid-October. People in Toni's district generally vote for Holden much the same way as Pavlov's dog salivated when the bell rang, but ex-cop Toni is changing that. She's my "upset special" for 2008.

On Marina Kats against Allyson Schwartz, the next three months (up to Labor Day) are crucial. Conceivably, Marina can move up to 45% by mid-October if she campaigns with tremendous intensity. When a race goes to 45-55%, it has reached the tipping point and becomes in essence too close to call.

The Lou Barletta-Paul Kanjorski race in the Scranton-Wilkes Barre area is uncertain. Kanjorski is involved is so many scandals right now that they could undermine his candidacy. He's probably the worst congressman in America.

An out-of-state candidate who has a slim (but intriguing) chance to win is Dana Walsh of California. Her opponents (I'm not making this up) are Nancy Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan (running as an Independent).

If Dana can get 40%-plus of the vote in her three-way race, she will be congresswoman-elect from San Francisco. Pelosi could then comfort herself with her husband's mega-millions. You'll hear a lot about this contest. The Democrats are pouring in gazillions of dollars.

All the challengers listed need your support, including financial donations. Please be generous.

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