Tuesday, June 3, 2008

YOU: McCain's Key to Victory

The most important thing you can do right now is click to join McCainNow, a key web site advocating the election of John McCain.

I am promoting the idea of a unified, national campaign, one supporting not only John McCain and his running mate, but also other Republican candidates for federal office. That would mean congressional candidates and their supporters would:

(1) strongly endorse John McCain for President;
(2) have links on their own web sites to http://johnmccain.com and also to http://mccainnow.com;

Taking steps -- and others -- might strike some candidates as almost revolutionary. However, it's really just common sense. In Pennsylvania (and other states), how well John McCain performs will determine largely how successful congressional candidates are. Only a tiny number of Obama supporters will back GOP candidates, so it's critical in a state like mine that McCain wins by large margins.

In my own district, the 4th CD, John McCain could win by as many as 50,000 votes. If he does so, he'd almost ensure the victory of former congresswoman Melissa Hart. (In 2006, she lost by 9,800 votes out of 254,000 cast. In this presdiential year, as many as 340,000 votes might be cast in the district. Melissa is a slight favorite.)

Melissa is working hard -- going door-to-door -- to bring out new voters. It's probable that 95%-plus of the Hart voters will also cast ballots for John McCain.) So, it's also true that "as goes Melissa Hart, so goes John McCain -- and vice versa.

The most important thing you can do to help John McCain is to join mccainnow.

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