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Gilhooley, Kats, Hart for Congress

In Pennsylvania's history, only two women have been elected to the U.S. Congress: Melissa Hart, who is running (see below) to regain her seat in PA's 4th District and Allyson Schwartz, who is running against Marina Kats in PA's 13th District (see below). Three Republican women (including Hart) are running this year. Gilhooley and Kats are underdogs, but it's not inconceivable that all three of these women could win -- especially at a time when the national Democratic Party is engaged in a demolition derby. (If you scroll down, you'll see another column about PA congressional races; it's called "America's Future.")

Antoinette ("Toni") Gilhooley, a 25-year veteran of the Pennsylvania State Police, is running for Congress against incumbent Tim Holden in Pennsylvania's 17th district. The keys to victory for Toni are to: (1) Point out that Holden's supposed "conservatism" is a facade; (2) Link Holden to left-wing Nancy Pelosi, whom Holden voted for as Speaker of the House; (3) Emphasize that she support John McCain (who will carry the 17th by a large margin) while emphasizing that her opponent does not; (4) Spend the money she raises (which will be much less than her opponent generates) on building a strong group of volunteers; (5) Solidify her support among police officers, fire personnel and EMTs.
Marina Kats is an attorney who is running against extreme liberal Allyson Schwartz in Pennsylvania's 13th congressional district. Marina's key to victory are to: (1) Raise enough money to introduce herself to the voters of Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia; (2)Seek political and fundraising advice from the two talented individuals who preceded her in running against Schwartz, Raj Bhakta and, especially, Melissa Brown (who raised nearly $2 million); (3) Be willing to spend enough time and money to create a corps of volunteers who will go door-to-door to help "wean" voters from Schwartz; (4) Use her lawyerly skills to make the case that Allyson Schwartz is part of the Pelosi-Reid agenda that is hampering the country's ability to protect itself from terrorists; (5) Experiment in finding issues that resonate with district voters.

Melissa Hart, an attorney, standing with Republican Minority Leader John Boehner, served three terms in Congress before she was defeated in 2006 by Jason Altmire in Pennsylvania's 4th Congressional District. Keys to victory are to: (1) Continue tying Altmire to Obama's remarks about Pennsylvanians "clinging" to religion, guns, racism, and xenophobia; (2) Recognize that Altmire, who's sold out to every interest group imaginable, will outspend her, but that she can outsmart him -- particularly by relying on grassroots support; (3) Point out that it makes no sense for people to vote for John McCain (who will win the district decisively) and then to vote for Altmire; (4) Rely heavily on drive-time radio rather than (extremely expensive) TV ads; (5) Tie Altmire to Pelosi (whom he voted for as House Speaker) and the "San Francisco Democrats," people who have only contempt for those of us in Beaver and Lawrence counties; (6) Anticipate Altmire's chronic mudslinging and be ready to respond quickly and decisively. ("How come everytime Jason Altmire launches a new ad his nose grows?" -- in short, be imaginative, funny, and tough)

The big question in politics is: How do you get people to vote for -- and donate funds -- to you? The very simple answer is: You ask them.
All the candidates discussed above have to outwork their opponents. The more "face-time" with voters/contributors the better. Politics is in fact "the art of the possible," but very few things in life are impossible. The United States Congress would be a better place with Gilhooley, Kats, and Hart in it. Please support them.

America's Future: Pennsylvania Congressional Races

My hope on this site is eventually to get 500-1000 visitors per day. I hope many of the visitors will get involved in the congressional campaigns I'm covering -- and perhaps even consider running for Congress themselves. There are some remarkable Republicans running for Congress in 2008, and they need -- and deserve -- your support. I'll try to provide some good free advice -- and hope you do the same in comments -- that will help the candidates raise money and generate grassroots activity. You can leave your comments on this site or e-mail me at: Please visit the candidates' web sites! Thanks for honoring me with your visits.

Today, I'm posting about several Republican congressional candidates in the critical state of Pennsylvania. My emphasis will be on Melissa Hart in the 4th district (western PA), who's running to regain her congressional seat, and on "new" candidates. They will include Marina Kats (see column and photo below) in the 13th district (northeast Philly and Montgomery County), Mike Livingston in the 2d district (Philadelphia), Tom Manion in the 8th district (Bucks County) and Toni Gilhooley in the 17th district (Harrisburg area). The focus will be on how these candidates "link up" with John McCain's efforts in the Keystone State. What happens in Pennsylvania in the 2008 election (and, frankly, in the 2010 mid-term election) will help determine the success of the McCain presidency. Yes, it's important that John McCain prevails in November, but it's vital that Republicans regain some of the House (and Senate) seats lost in 2006. No Republican or conservative wants to send John McCain to the White House and have him face a Congress opposed to all his key initiatives. The point is this: If you want to support McCain, please take the additional step of voting to send Republicans to Congress. There are 21 congressional seats in Pennsylvania, and it should be possible for Republicans -- over time -- to win at least 15 of them. When that occurs, Republicans nationally should be able to regain control of the House of Representatives.

Note: This column will differ somewhat from the one on my national blogs: & As we get into May, this column will deal with subjects related to -- but different from -- the ones on my national sites.

Mike Livingston: Republican in PA's 2d District

Pennsylvania 2d (from The Almanac of American Politics): "[It] takes in much of the city of Philadelphia west of Broad Street, plus Cheltenham Township in suburban Montgomery County. It . . . includes most of the skyscrapers of Center City and well-heeled Rittenhouse Square, the Philadelphia Zoo . . . , the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and lush Fairmount Park . . . [and] climaxes at the grand Philadelphia Museum of Art [where Rocky ran up the steps]."

In Pennsylvania's 2d district, law professor Mike Livingston is running against seven-term congressman Chaka Fattah, ranked by National Journal as one of the most liberal members of the House. Currently (and it kills me to admit this), Fattah is probably unbeatable. However, there are ways Mike can make some serious inroads into Fattah's vote totals.

How? One way is to ask "What has Chaka Fattah done for you lately?" In fact, according to government statistics, one-in-four-reisidents of the 2d is living in poverty. The median income in the district is an anemic $30,600 -- more than $10,000 below the national average.

Of course, it's right of the people in the 2nd to keep sending Chakah Fattah to Congress (and by huge margins). But do they gain any benefit from doing so? It's a political version of the definitin of insanity: "doing the same thing over and over again -- while hoping for different results."

In Fattah's past elections, the vote totals have been well below the Pennsylvania average. That means many people in the 2d have given up on the political process.

Obviously, there are opportunities for Mike Livingston to leverage in his district. If he run a strong, low-cost campaign, he has the opportunity to add tens of thousands of votes to past Republican totals.

One key for Mike is to ask every individual and group he meets to donate to his campaign. That's not something any candidate enjoys doing, but it's essential that he raise enough money to lead Fattah know he's in a fight. At a pizza party like the Manion gathering (below), the candidate should have a "bucket" for donations and give every attendee an envelope to use for contributions. Please go to Mike's site now ( and give him a small donation.

Tom Manion: Republican in the 8th District -- Pizza Party
Hello All,

Thank you all for signing up on the website’s mailing list. We would like to extend an invitation to a pizza party and a meet and greet with Tom. It will be held at the Bucks County GOP Headquarters 115 N Broad Street Doylestown PA, 18901 on Thursday May 1st from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. This is a chance to bring everyone together to discuss the state of our campaign, our future, and where everyone fits into our plan. Please RSVP to We look forward to working with you as we make Tom Manion our next Congressman in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District. Thank you and we appreciate your support.
Steve Adds: This kind of get-together is one every Republican congressional candidate should use. In drawing crowds, a Mike Livingston is never going to match a Barack Obama, but small gatherings can be extremely helpful in building electoral coalitions. Good luck, Mike.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Winners: Melissa Hart, Marina Kats

Marina Kats, an attorney, is the Republican candidate for Congress in the 13th District. You can support her by going to her preliminary web site at: When you get there, put in your e-mail address and click on "Submit."

In its long history, Pennsylvania has elected only two women to Congress. One of them is Melissa Hart, whom I strongly urge Pennsylvanians -- and others -- to support. She is seeking to regain her congressional seat (in the 4th CD), and you can find out more about her at:

Marina Kats is running against Rep. Allyson Schwartz, the second Pennsylvania woman elected to Congress. Schwartz is a left-wing Democrat who reflects everything that's bad about the House of Represenatives.

Thus, the third woman elected to Congress from Pennsylvania just might be . . . Marina Kats. She has a long road ahead of her, but don't be surprised if she's smiling broadly on Election Eve.

There are some very exciting races going on this year in the Keystone State.

Obama: Pennsylvania's Biggest Loser?

Hillary Clinton giving advice to her door-to-door campaign workers in Philadelphia, April 19: "Well, I think, just knock on the door and say 'She's really nice,' or you could say it another way, 'She's not as bad as you think.'"

"Seventeen percent of Pennsylvania voters said they will either not vote if Mrs. Clinton gets the nomination or will vote for Mr. McCain; 25% said they will do likewise if Mr. Obama wins the nomination." (The Economist, April 26 - May 2, 2008)

If Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, he absolutely must prevail in Pennsylvania -- the nation's sixth largest state -- if he hopes to win the election.

But the exit polls in the recent primary show that the Illinois Senator is unlikely to win the Keystone State.Consider the views of Catholic voters -- about one-third of registered Democrats -- in Pennsylvania. Of the ones who voted in the primary, six-out-of-10 say they'd vote for Obama in the general election. However, more than two-out-of-10 (21%) say they'll vote for John McCain.

Among white voters, almost one-in-six (16%) said that race had an influence on their vote. And of those, nearly one-in-twelve (8%-plus) said they would not vote for Obama in November.

When Gov. Ed Rendell make a similar observation months ago, he was condemned as uttering racially insensitive comments. Insensitive? Perhaps. Correct? Absolutely.

In the Pennsylvania exit polls, many Democrats made sarcastic references to Obama's "bitter" comments (about people clinging to religion, guns, racism, and xenophobia). Some of those voters joked that they were much too "bitter" ever to vote for Obama. Others, according to The Economist, accused Obama of "clinging" to a religious figure (Rev. Jeremiah Wright) notable for hating America and white people.

Especially in Rust Belt States (including Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, and Michigan), Obama has a real problem attracting white voters. According to the Senator's campaign managers, that's because the the voters don't "know" him. But whose fault is that? Many Caucasians are evaluating Obama on the principle that you know a man by the company he keeps. As long as that company includes Rev. Wright, terrorist William Ayers, and influence-buyer Tony Rezko, the electorate doesn't like what it sees.

Obama's problems run deep. For example, four weeks ago -- as the Wright controversy -- approached white heat, Obama delivered what his minders called "a major speech on race." I saw the entire speech and paid careful attention, but now -- less than a month later -- I can't recall a single phrase. Can you?

Important Message from Pennsylvania Republican Leader Rob Gleason: (Note: You can get on Rob Gleason's mailing list for information about PA politics by e-mailing him at:

Chairman's Blog: Putting Together Winning Tickets

Primary Day was a great day for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. While much of the media’s attention was focused on the contested Democrat Presidential race, our Party was busy watching the final pieces of our roster come together. The Republican Party of Pennsylvania had a great night, and is heading into the November election with a strong slate of candidates for every office from the White House to the State House.

Before Tuesday, we already had a strong statewide ticket in place led by our Party’s Presidential candidate Senator John McCain. John McCain has laid out realistic plans that address many of the problems our nation is currently facing, and is by far the best choice for Americans on November 4th. In addition, we have Attorney General Tom Corbett, State Treasurer candidate Tom Ellis, and State Auditor General candidate Chet Beiler rounding out our strong statewide Republican ticket. Our Party has endorsed these candidates and remains confident that they each have the experience and qualifications to best serve the people of Pennsylvania.

On Primary Day, we found out who will be running for some key Congressional seats here in the Commonwealth. First of all, G.T. Thompson, our former Centre County Republican Committee Chairm
an, won a highly contested Republican primary in the 5th Congressional District. G.T. is a incredible candidate and will provide the 5th Congressional District a strong voice in Washington, D.C. We also learned that Chris Hackett will be the candidate who will take on Congressman Chris Carney in the 10th Congressional District this November. Chris is a successful businessman and will hold Congressman Carney responsible for his rubberstamping of Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda. In the 12th Congressional District, it appears that Bill Russell was successful in garnering enough write-in votes to appear on the ballot against Congressman John Murtha. Russell is a veteran and is committed to running a hard campaign against Murtha.

The rest of our Congressional line-up consists of a strong slate of Republicans all across the Commonwealth.

Our candidates for Congress include: Mike Muhammad (1st CD), Mike Livingston (2nd CD), Congressman Phil English (3rd CD), Former Congresswoman Melissa Hart (4th CD), Congressman Jim Gerlach (6th CD), Craig Williams (7th CD), Tom Manion (8th CD), Congressman Bill Shuster (9th CD), Hazelton Mayor Lou Barletta (11th CD), Marina Kats (13th CD), Congressman Charlie Dent (15th CD), Congressman Joe Pitts (16th CD), Toni Gilhooley (17th CD), Congressman Tim Murphy (18th CD), and Congressman Todd Platts (19th CD). Our candidates for the State Senate and the State House are in place and we are confident that we can expand our majority in the State Senate and win back the State House.

In many ways, this election will be like a chess match between us and the Democrats. There is 189 days till Election Day, and our Party has its roster of experienced, qualified and principled candidates on the board and we are already hard at work developing the best strategies to ensure our candidates are successful this November. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party and their candidates can’t even begin putting together a strategy until they know who exactly will be leading their ticket. While the Democrats are stuck in a never-ending Primary election and squabbling over which candidate is more liberal than the other, our Party is focused on November.


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Pennsylvanians Will Love Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin, who's near the top of the list of my most admired human beings.

Patrick Hynes ( sends daily updates on the McCain Campaign. In recent columns, I've been critical of Patrick's naive views about the American media and Senator Obama. I sent him the following this morning: "I heard Senator McCain say today that he 'doesn't believe' Sen. Obama shares Rev. Wright's views. Could you inform your list why McCain believes that? Does he have some evidence not available to the rest of us? Rev. Wright doesn't agree with John McCain, and he knows Obama better than anyone else. Would Obama have stayed in Wright's church for 20 years if he had significant disagreements with the preacher?"

TOMORROW (TUESDAY), I'LL HAVE A COLUMN ON QUESTIONS I WISH SOMEONE WOULD ASK OBAMA -- BUT THAT NO ONE IN THE FAWNING MEDIA WILL. For example, "Senator Obama, your wife Michelle says that American in 2008 is a 'mean place.' Do you agree?"

On the blogs, I almost never take a day off. On Monday, I'll take a part of a day off. I believe the major factor in John McCain's will be the effectiveness of the efforts made by those who support John McCain. He doesn't need yes-men or yes-women. Rather, he needs people who will tell him the truth. One thing I'd very much like to tell him is that Gov. Sarah Heath Palin of Alaska is the very best person he could choose for the vice-presidential nomination.

McCain: Ill-Served by Advisers?

“We’ve discovered that Barack Obama was not born in a manger.” (Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader)

"This week in the New Republic we have an article comparing him [Obama) to George McGovern.” (Mike Allen,

John McCain speaking about the anti-Obama ad he asked the NC GOP to withdraw: McCain said the ad was described to him: "I didn't see it, and I hope that I don't see it."

The following is an excerpt from my Sunday column on my national blog (

I’m looking forward to writing this week about “The Battle for McCain’s Soul.” I’ve become increasingly convinced that John McCain is not being well-served by some of his advisers. Frankly, they are covered by a veil of illusion about the character of their main opponent, Barack Obama, and the nature of the campaign that will be waged against them.

(I believe Hillary Clinton's Pennsylvania campaign against the much better-financed Obama effort is a model for how to compete with the Illinois Senator.)

Friday, April 25, 2008


As you may already know, I've written a column critical of John McCain for insisting the NC GOP pull an ad critical of Obama. The NC Republicans were right, and McCain was wrong. Please visit the NC GOP web site, write them an e-mail of support and, if you can, kick a few bucks their way. (The Party chair's e-mail box was full -- imagine that -- but the others were open.) Here's the link:

This weekend's column will be up Friday night, and its title will be: "Obama: A Disaster for Democrats." In many states (PA, NM, NC) Republicans are running ads to support state ("down-ticket") Republican candidates that feature criticisms of Barack Obama. In perhaps 30 states, he is becoming radioactive. My friend, Melissa Hart, who's running for Congress in the 4th congressional district is launching almost daily attacks on her opponent, Jason Altmire, for his "fawning," uncritical behavior toward Obama.

Consider the following information disseminated by my friend Sharon Caliendo, a political superstar and consultant in Oklahoma and Texas:

Sooner Survey: Barack Obama Would Be A Disaster For State Democrats,
Drag Entire Ticket Down

Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee for president would be a disaster for Oklahoma Democrats and possibly drag down other Democrat candidates, the new edition of the Sooner Survey reports.

Survey Director Pat McFerron reports that with either Obama or Hillary Clinton as the party nominee, Republican John McCain should win the state easily. But while McCain now leads Clinton 2-to-1, he leads Obama 3-to-1 and Obama displays startling weakness in Democrat areas of the state.

While Oklahoma Republicans once salivated at the opportunity to again run against a Clinton, McFerron writes, "Barack Obama’s numbers in the state make him an even more appealing Democrat nominee to run against."

For Oklahoma Democrats on the fall ballot, McFerron sounds an ominous warning: "When looking at their individual favorability numbers, there is not much difference between Obama (32% favorable vs. 54% unfavorable) and Clinton (34% favorable vs. 57% unfavorable). However, when looking at ballot match-ups against McCain, there is a sizeable difference that could have dire consequences for down-ballot Democrats. Against Hillary Clinton, John McCain has a two-to-one advantage (60% McCain vs. 30% Clinton). Against Barack Obama, however, it approaches three-to-one (62% McCain vs. 21% Obama)."

Obama drew a favorable rating from 32 percent of those in the survey, with 54 percent expressing an unfavorable opinion. And 40 percent have a "strongly unfavorable" impression of him.

McFerron writes that in the Ada/Ardmore area, an area of significant Democrat strength, 81 percent of those surveyed picked McCain and only 5 percent picked Obama in a head-to-head matchup.

In Little Dixie, McCain has an astounding 5-to-1 lead over Obama.

Sharon Caliendo added the following:

"I think this is pretty much what you are going to see across the South including Texas and Florida. I work with a good friend out of Florida that said he believes the OK numbers will be similar for Florida which is outstanding news. I expect Sen McCain to have coattails in a lot of our states that were all or predominately red the last time. OK and UT had every county go for Pres Bush and as it stands now I expect those numbers to rise for Sen McCain as we draw in the American Indian vote for the Senator. He has spent years working for the Indians on the Senate Committee and all the ones I have talked with in OK support McCain."

"Getting a good feeling about this election in our part of the Country. Now to reach out to those states that were blue in the last election to bring some of them red so on election night we can celebrate instead of waiting until the next day and longer."

NC GOP Right, McCain Wrong

I strongly support John McCain for the presidency of the U.S. I have done a great deal online – and off – to advance the cause of John McCain, and I will do a great deal more.

That said, I strongly disagree with McCain’s position that the North Carolina GOP should withdraw an Obama ad, one using Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American and anti-white comments to criticize two NC Democrats running for governor. Both candidates (Richard Moore and Bev Perdue) have endorsed Barack Obama.

John McCain has said “there’s no place for that kind of campaigning, and the American people don’t want it.” He also added that his knowledge of the ad was second-hand. In his words, “I didn’t see it, and I hope that I don’t see it.” Frankly, if he wants to condemn the ad, he should at least look at it.

John McCain is an honorable, decent man. In the case of the NC ad, he’s overstepping his authority. Yes, he will be the Republican standard bearer, but the North Carolina GOP is a separate entity, responsible for the performance of Republicans in their state.

Frankly, there’s nothing false or meretricious about the ad. Rev. Wright presented the sermon featured (the one where he says “God damn America”) as it appears in the ad. Obama has distanced himself in vague ways from what he calls Wright’s “controversial” remarks, but has not spoken in any detail about the issue.

In fact, Republican candidates around the country are holding Democrats to account on their support of Obama. In my own congressional district, GOP candidate Melissa Hart has repeatedly criticized her opponent, Jason Altmire, for not distancing himself from Obama’s so-called “bitter” comments. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is supporting such efforts.

As for McCain, he’s taking too much of a kid gloves approach to Obama, who misrepresents McCain’s position on a daily basis. Most disturbingly, McCain told MSNBC’s Chris Mathews that Obama’s “bitter” remarks were “elitist,” but that he wouldn’t characterize the Senator himself as an “elitist.”

I give up. Even Hillary Clinton, Obama’s fellow Democrat, has called him an “elitist.’ Frankly, an elitist is someone who makes elitist remarks and is guilty of elitist associations, and Obama regularly does both.

I sometimes fear that Senator McCain yearns for the good old days when the U.S. Senate was a “gentleman’s club.” In his chronic misrepresentations of McCain – for example, saying he’d like to fight the Iraq War for another 100 years – Obama is not exactly being a gentleman. In fact, he’s being a left-wing elitist, one detached from the realities of life in most of America.

In the campaign, Obama and his friends at are going to throw the kitchen sink at McCain. Heck, they’re going to throw the stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher at McCain – not to mention the local landfill.

Senator McCain can not be under the illusion that he’s a latter-day Dwight Eisenhower running a contemporary version of Adlai Stevenson. Like the North Carolina Republicans, McCain must not overestimate the character of his opponent(s).

In the Gulf War, General Schwarzkopf said his approach would be to “hit the enemy in the face with a baseball bat.” Frankly, that’s a good description of what American leftists -- including Barack Obama – will try to do with McCain.

When you see a baseball bat coming your way, the best approach is NOT to turn the other cheek. Trust me, Senator Obama and his supporters are not to miss any opportunity to defame John McCain, and he’s better be ready for that.

Note: The material below describes in detail the controversy over the NC political ad.

"We asked them not to run it," McCain told reporters traveling with him in Kentucky. "I'm sending them an e-mail as we speak asking them to take it down."

"I don't know why they do it. Obviously, I don't control them, but I'm making it very clear, as I have a couple of times in the past, that there's no place for that kind of campaigning, and the American people don't want it," McCain said.

McCain said the ad was described to him: "I didn't see it, and I hope that I don't see it."

"Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan, who accompanied McCain, said he had left a voice mail message for state party chairwoman Linda Daves asking her to pull the ad.
McCain, in an e-mail to Daves, said he will draw sharp contrasts with Democrats. "

"But we need not engage in political tactics that only seek to divide the American people."
Asked about the ad during an appearance in New Albany, Ind., Obama said: "My understanding is that the Republican National Committee and John McCain have both said that the ad's inappropriate. I take them at their word, and I assume that if John McCain thinks that it's an inappropriate ad, that he can get them to pull it down since he's their nominee and standard-bearer."

"Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean piled on, saying McCain should call the party chairwoman personally."

"If John McCain means what he says, he should call the North Carolina Republican Party chairwoman and tell her not to run this ad," Dean said. "Sending an e-mail and turning a blind eye as the state party ignores him is not leadership."

"North Carolina GOP spokesman Brent Woodcox said the ad will begin running statewide on Monday, a week before the state's crucial May 6 primary. The ad actually targets gubernatorial candidates Richard Moore and Bev Perdue, Democrats who have endorsed Obama."

Thursday, April 24, 2008


"Get me more white people!" Said by an Obama campaign coordinator looking for Caucasians to put behind Michelle Obama at a rally at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy (CMU) in Pittsburgh (as reported by CNN).

"America in 2008 is a mean country." (Michelle Obama, a Princeton and Harvard Law graduate who makes $300,000-plus annually working in "community outreach" at a Chicago hospital)

"A typical white person." (Obama in Dreams From My Father talking about his white grandmother)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Predicting Hillary's Big PA Win

Eric Dondero, who hosts a popular blog ( and Blog Talk Radio program, sent out the follow message today:

You all, please take a moment to visit the Blog this morning. I've got an article up praising our own Stephen Maloney of PA for getting the PA predication 100% correct.

Can you all believe this? Stephen bucked the conventional wisdom. Told us last week that Hillary would win by 55% to 45% contrary to all the Pro-Obama propoganda the MSM was pushing at the time, about a "late Obama Surge."

Stephen gave us the view from the ground.

Stephen: You are now officially nicknamed "Nostradamus." Good job my man! Good job!!
Libertarian Republicans

Fiscally Conservative, Socially Tolerant & Pro-Defense!

For the latest libertarian political news

Eric Dondero is a US Navy Veteran, former Libertarian Party National Committeeman, Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus and fmr. Senior Aide to US Congressman Ron Paul R-TX. He is now a national Republican Political Consultant based in Houston, Texas.

Why the Polls Were Wrong in Pennsylvania . . .

Why the Polls Were Wrong in PA . . .A week ago, I told Terry Madonna, who heads the Franklin & Marshall College poll (a good one) that I was right and his poll and (most) others were wrong. I said so because people (especially African-Americans) who are voting for Hillary sometimes say they're voting for Obama. It has happened before (Ohio) but the pollsters keep getting it wrong. Michael Barone on FOX said the same thing early last night, even before there were any real numbers out. The exit polls of voters said that Hillary would win by 52-48.

The point is that it's not fashionable in some areas for people to say they're support Hillary. However, when they go in the voting booth, they do just that. Thanks to everyone who honors me by visiting this site.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvanians: Reject Obama, The Elitist

Thanks to everyone who honors me by coming to this site.

Today in Pennsylvania, there's a lot of excitement about the primary. This afternoon, I'll be writing about a devastating article in The (London) Economist. It discusses Barack Obama and his now-famous comments about average Americans who "cling" to religion, guns, racism, and anti-immigrant feelings.Right now, on TV an Obama commercial is running that says, "Barack Obama doesn't take money from 'Big Oil' or lobbyists." That's of course not true, as a recent USA Today expose pointed out. Obama has many lobbyists raising funds for him, and he has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from oil industry executives. Go figure!

You’ve already heard a lot about Barack Obama’s so-called “bitter” comments. As columnist Jack Kelly said Sunday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the national media – strongly pro-Obama -- emphasizes the word “bitter” because it’s the least objectionable part of the candidate’s statement. The most objectionable part is where the candidate says that typical Americans cling to religion, guns, racism, and xenophobia (hatred of foreigners).

The best analysis I’ve seen of Senator Obama’s statement is in The Economist (April 19-25 , 2008, p. 44 ). Here are some excerpts:

“Barack Obama has a magic way with word, but when the magic deserts him, it deserts him big time. April 6th saw Mr. Obama making the worst verbal gaffe of this seemingly endless campaign. He told a group of fat cats in San Francisco that the reason why he is finding it hard to appeal to blue collar voters in Pennsylvania is because they are ‘bitter.’ They have suffered from so many broken promises that they prefer to ‘cling’ to God, guns, and xenophobia rather than reaching out for a helping hand from the government.

“ . . . Conservative radio talk show hosts have been bellowing 24/7 that Mr. Snooty knows nothing about the real America.

“And no wonder! Mr. Obama has always been in danger of coming across as an elitist. He was educated at Columbia University and Harvard Law School. He not only reads books but writes them [Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope]. He once urged a group of Iowa farmers to check out the price of arugula in Whole Foods – an upmarket store that has no branch in the entire state. His Ivy League educated wife [Michelle] – who is paid nearly $300,000 a year for promoting ‘community outreach’ – is in the habit of telling audiences how difficult it is to afford ballet classes for their daughters.”

Those of us in America might ask: Why do we have to rely on a British journalist to provide such insights? Why is our own national media seemingly mesmerized by such a flawed candidate as Barack Obama? Perhaps because they’re easily mesmerized?

In Pittsburgh, about 15 miles from where I live, the Post-Gazette recently endorsed Obama on the grounds that he would take America “beyond partisanship.” Oh really? The (non-partisan) National Journal recently assessed Obama as the most liberal – and thus among the most partisan – member of the U.S. Senate. The Post-Gazette editorial board (alas, Jack Kelly is not a member) knows Obama’s record, but they chose to misrepresent him to their readers.

In Dreams From My Father, Obama describes his remarkable grandmother, whom he’s now using in ads, as “a typical white person.” What if John McCain, or any other Caucasian, had described ANYONE as a “typical Black person?” That white American would no longer be seen as a serious candidate for the presidency.

Media outlets like the Post-Gazette are engaging in a journalistic form of Affirmative Action. They’re holding Obama to much lower standards than they are Hillary Clinton or John McCain.

In fact, the media’s failure to live up to its obligations is a major reason people are turning to the new media for information. In fact, it’s one reason you’re here rather than relying on a manipulative news organ like the Post-Gazette.

Note: I have an innovative new site designed to generate a dialogue with Hillary Clinton supporters who will consider voting for John McCain in the General Election. You can find it at: I hope you'll visit!

I received the following important message today from Craig Bardo, a Black conservative, radio talk show host, and pro-life activist. I hope you'll read Craig's message and support his efforts.

So often, we who oppose the practice of contraceptive abortion are accused of not caring for those that survive the abortion decision. For many black folk, the right to life movement is seen as a largely white effort and one that we may intellectually support but haven't found a way to contribute our time or limited financial resources.

I've had occasion to visit Grace Pregnancy Resource Center here in Nashville, which supports 200 young women who have made the decision to bring their children to term rather than abort them. This center is 3 buildings down from the second largest abortion clinic in the city. 47 of the women in the program were deterred from having an abortion by the staff at the Center. One young woman visited this morning, thinking that she was entering the abortion clinic, the counselor had an opportunity to visit with her,but she went up the street anyway, I don't know what she decided to do. 39% of these young women are black 22% are Hispanic.

I host a radio program here in the city and tomorrow, I'm kicking off a fund raiser for the Center that will go through next Wednesday. We're on the air from 6-8 am CST, M-F, Brian Harris the president of Tennessee Right to Life along with their spokeswoman Carolyn Smith, who happens to be Emmett Till's cousin. They'll be in the studio at 7:00 am to talk about the good work they're doing.

These girls need your help.You can listen in on the program via live streaming audio @ or You can call in with your pledge of support to (615) 737-9865 or (615)227-1470.

Make your checks payable to Tennessee Right to Life (Grace Pregnancy Resource Center). If you want to donate on line, go to their website, and make sure to put The Craig Bardo Show in the memo box so they can track your contribution.

Thanks for your support and please pray for this effort, these young women are counting on it!

Monday, April 21, 2008

You Have 1,000 Votes

Note: I've been predicting a double-digit victory for Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's Pennsylvania Primary. Most of the polls are predicting a single-digit win, the number now favored by Gov. Ed Rendell, a Hillary supporter. I've also pointed out that Obama, post-"bitter" comments, has been dropping like a rock in national polls. Tomorrow night will be a big one for Sen. Clinton. (I know, I'm going out on a limb.)

John McCain's victory -- in your precinct, state, and country -- depends largely on people exactly like you. During the time between now and the General Election (November 4, 2008), I'll discuss ways that average Americans (and above-average Americans) can help ensure that John McCain becomes the next President of the U.S. Here are some basic steps you can take:

  • Tell your friends and family members that you're strongly backing John McCain -- something that will make them more likely to do so. You can do this face-to-face or through e-mails;
  • Keep yourself up on what's happening each day in the McCain Campaign -- by e-mailing Patrick Hynes at and asking to be on his mailing list;
  • Go to the John McCain store at: to order McCain-related apparel, buttons, stickers, signs, and accessories. If you wear a McCain hat or tee-shirt, you're functioning something like a walking billboard;
  • Visit to find out the various ways you can back McCain, including making a small donation (or a large one!) to the candidate;
  • Join interest or demographic groups for McCain, including O. P. Ditch's Col. Ditch is signing up tens of thousands of veterans who back their fellow veteran, John McCain.
  • Learn ways you can use your blog to enhance McCain's chance of winning. A great resource is Kathy Morrison's at:
  • Join Bard Marston's exciting new McCain site: It's designed to bring our combined power together in a fun and exciting form. Built on the same software platform as Facebook, allows you to start your own blog, join or start discussions on our forums, and join or start your own group. As Brad explains, "We are already getting ready to roll out Wall posts, Friends Connections and much, much more."
  • Make certain all the McCain supporters in your community are registered -- and that they vote on November 4. Explain that every vote truly counts.
  • Visit blogs that continue good information and insights about the presidential race, including this blog or its mirror blog. I also blog about Pennsylvania at: And, when my arms don't fall off, I blog at an innovative site called: Although I don't support Hillary Clinton, I hope to work closely with people who have supported her but now lean toward John McCain.

If you leverage your individual strength by helping recruit other McCain supporters, you might influence 100 votes -- or, if you have lots of time on your hands, even 1,000 votes. I'm certainly hoping to do so.

Here are some quick links you should explore: McCain Now
State Groups
Donate Today

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hillary Winning in PA, Nationwide

On Sunday, April 20, the results of the latest Gallup "Tracking Poll" were released. They showed Hillary Clinton leading nationally among Democrats by one percentage point. A week ago, Obama's lead in the Gallup Poll was about 11 points, so there's been a dramatic drop in his national support.

In Pennsylvania, the average of polls shows Mrs. Clinton's lead at about five points.

Some analysts, including this one, believe it's entirely possible that Clinton will win in the Keystone State by approximately 10 percentage points. I've guessed it will be approximately 55% to 45%, although it could conceivably be by as much as 57% to 43%. Clinton is stronger in Pennsylvania than you might have been hearing on TV. Right now, she's tied or leading in every demographic except Blacks and the wealthiest of Democrats.

If Mrs. Clinton has a double-digit win in Pennsylvania, look for to call on Super Delegates to support her. Presumably, she will point directly to the Gallup Poll as illustrating that she's the most electable candidate. She would have a powerful argument in her favor.

Clearly, Obama has been hurt by two factors: (1) his "bitter" comments about small town America; (2) his poor performance in the recent debate. The national media, many of whom obviously support Obama, have been slow to report on the dramatic changes taking place in the Democratic race.

Keep a close eye on those Gallup Tracking Polls. If Senator Clinton extends her lead, the Democratic race may become more chaotic than it already is. My own guess? That the battle will go right to the convention floor in Denver, an eventuality that will help John McCain.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Melissa Hart, John Boehner: Leaders

Melisssa Hart with John Boehner (R, Ohio, Minority Leader) in Pittsburgh area on Friday. Former Congresswoman Hart is fighting to regain her congressional seat against Jason Altmire. It's been called "the country's most important congressional race." I've written several columns about Altmire, a full-time mudslinger and an individual who systematically misled voters in the 4th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, especially on the subject of Iraq. If you'd like to learn more about how you can support Melissa Hart, please visit her site at:

I'll be writing next week about how Altmire's campaign is being financed by radical elements in American politics. If you'd like a sneak peek, go to open and type in the name "Altmire."

If you'd like to get up-to-date information from the Hart Campaign, please send an e-mail to Alicia M. Collins, campaign manager, at:

Cranberry Township, PA – Today, former Congresswoman Melissa Hart was joined by Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) for a press conference to call on Jason Altmire to end his silence and condemn the remarks made by Barack Obama one week ago.

“I find it disturbing that Jason Altmire has continued to stay silent regarding these insulting remarks. As a life long resident of Western Pennsylvania, I know the people here are proud of their values, families and faith. We certainly don’t cling to religion and sportsmen traditions out of bitterness,” said Melissa Hart.

“With each passing day, it has becomes more clear that Jason Altmire pays more attention to his national political profile than his constituents’ concerns. Governor Rendell and other top Democrats have rightly criticized Obama’s remarks,” said Hart.

Congressman Boehner added, “It’s time for Barack Obama to apologize to voters here in Pennsylvania and across the Midwest. And it’s time for his supporters in Congress to defend their constituents and denounce Obama’s patronizing rhetoric.”

Boehner continued, “Midwest voters aren’t ‘bitter;’ they’re for freedom. Freedom from higher taxes. Freedom to practice their faith. Freedom to exercise their Constitutional rights,” Boehner concluded. “That Obama and Altmire don’t understand that shows how out of touch they are.”

Altmire has been seen at many Barack Obama campaign events across Western Pennsylvania, including the event where Senator Bob Casey endorsed Barack Obama.

The only statement Altmire has made since the “bitter” remarks about Obama was in last Sunday’s Washington Post, saying "the more people get to know him, the more they like him."

Thursday, April 17, 2008



After looking at various polls and making my own determinations, I predict Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic contest by 55% to 45% over Barack Obama. I'm forceasting that she will do a little worse than the Survey USA poll, which showed her ahead by 14 points -- and somewhat better than the Franklin & Marshall Poll, which showed her roughly five-six points ahead. Obama's sneering comments about Pennsyvanians clinging to religion and guns have hurt him slightly among Democrats -- and greatly among Independents and Republicans, who can't vote in the Democratic primary. Obama has sewed up the vote among those Democrats (urban and well-to-do) who have a perpetual sneer.

I'll have more this weekend, including why I think John McCain has an excellent chance of winning PA in the general election.

Jerry Bowyer: Pennsylvania Seriously Divided

This article originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal:

Pennsylvania Divided

By Jerry Bowyer

As a Pennsylvania voter, I'm disheartened by the identity politics now playing out as both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama battle for votes among Democratic Party factions.
One in five supporters of Mrs. Clinton here say they won't vote for Mr. Obama should their candidate lose (and vice versa, according to pollster Terry Madonna of Franklin & Marshall College). Only 12% of nonwhite Pennsylvania voters support Mrs. Clinton. Only 29% of white ones support Mr. Obama. Gender and age cohorts break along similarly sharp lines, with women and older voters going for Mrs. Clinton, men and young voters trending toward Mr. Obama.

As a student of political history, I see these poll results as something deeper than a passing nomination squabble. For at least 40 years, Democrats have been playing identity politics and empowering factional blocs within their party.

Though others might pick a different starting point, I'd trace the start of that process to 1968 Chicago, where antiwar protestors rioted outside of the party's national convention and party leaders inside responded by creating the McGovern-Fraser commission. That commission went on to write presidential nomination rules establishing delegate quotas based on age, race and gender. State parties followed suit by structuring caucuses to favor organized activist groups such as unions.

And so now Pennsylvania Democrats, like their brethren around the country, are splitting along race, age, gender and geographical lines as they are forced to choose between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama. But then, why shouldn't they? Democratic voters are just doing what they've been trained to do – thinking of themselves in group terms.

I find all of this disheartening because allowing the narrow interests of political factions to force decisions and policies onto the whole is something that James Madison warned us against. In a pro-Constitution editorial (which history has come to know as Federalist 9), he described in prescient terms precisely why political factions are dangerous.

When there is liberty, he argued, some men will create more wealth than others. Property and class factions are the result. Members of these different economic classes are tempted to pass laws which help themselves at the expense of the overall public good. Over time this excessive self-regard distorts the gift of reason and causes people to think and speak in ways that seem strange to the country at large.

If that sounds a little like the Democratic Party today, it may be because the party of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison has come to be dominated by factions. In the Keystone State, those factions include African-Americans who dominate the inner-cities, upper-class white voters in the suburbs, working-class voters in the middle regions of the state, and Latinos, seniors and college students who are dispersed in geographic pockets. And of course, ubiquitous unions.

Voters head to the polls in Pennsylvania on April 22 in a process that is supposed to lead eventually to a Democratic presidential nominee. But in watching Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama traverse the state, it's hard to see how one candidate will emerge from the many Democratic factions slugging it out.

Mr. Obama is hoping to overcome Mrs. Clinton by energizing college students. And anecdotal evidence suggests that a surge of support among college-age voters may be helping him. Recent statewide polls show the race tightening. My mother, who is volunteering to help the Northampton County Department of Elections process new voter registrants, is watching the Obama surge first hand. Among the new registrants she sees, the vast majority are Democratic college students, most of whom, we can presume, will vote for Mr. Obama.

Mrs. Clinton is trying to turn out her own supporters, who include traditional working-class Democrats, middle-class suburbanites and, of course, women and seniors.

Last month, it appeared that Mr. Obama's campaign was to be split apart on the edge of growing fears among white Democrats over incendiary and, at times racially charged, comments his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, delivered from the pulpit over a 20-year period that Mr. Obama attended his church in Chicago. All the while, Mr. Obama hadn't raised an objection to Rev. Wright's sermons.

To save his campaign he showed up in Philadelphia – the city where Madison and the rest drew up the Constitution in 1787 – and gave what some called "The Speech" on race in America. In doing so, Mr. Obama likely saved his presidential campaign. And he did it, in part, drawing a line all the way back to "that group of men [who had] gathered" across the street in Constitutional Hall in 1787 to write one of the founding documents of the nation. In other words, by reaching beyond the factional politics of the Democratic Party.

Democrats might have once hoped that Pennsylvania would settle their nomination fight. Instead, it has shown how dangerous it is to put voters into factional blocs that can then be exploited along racial lines. To the extent that Democrats suffer this year for not learning that lesson earlier, well, to quote Mr. Obama's pastor (who himself was quoting Malcolm X): "the chickens have come home to roost."
Mr. Bowyer is chief economist of BenchMark Financial Network and a CNBC contributor.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Eric Dondero, an important writer and radio talk show host, asked me to write a piece for his blog ( on why libertarians -- believers in economic, social, and political liberty -- should support John McCain. He printed it yesterday.
Why Libertarians Should Support John McCain

It appears likely the next President of the U.S. will be either John Sidney McCain or Barack Hussein Obama. As good a man as Bob Barr is, he will not become President in 2009 – or any other year.

When it comes down to actually voting, the vast majority of Libertarians will reject the more liberal candidate (Obama) – and vote for the more conservative one (McCain). That’s because Libertarians reject the liberal narrative and generally accept the conservative one.

George Will recently described the liberal narrative as portraying “most Americans [as] victims of this or that sinister elite or impersonal force – and are not content to cope with life’s complexities without government supervision.”

That nanny-state-narrative is completely at variance with the libertarian view of life.

What is the conservative narrative? Here’s how “Lexington,” a super writer for The Economist (and a libertarian) describes it: “American conservatives tend to believe that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can succeed. This makes them more optimistic than liberals, more likely to feel in control of their lives and, therefore, happier.”

Conservative is not exactly the same thing as libertarian, but the two are compatible, as William F. Buckley, Jr. found 50-plus years ago when he staffed the National Review with a combination of economic libertarians and social conservatives. In contrast, liberalism, the friend of Big Government, generally is the polar opposite of libertarianism.

If you listen to Barack Obama (and Hillary Clinton) on the campaign trail, you hear some scary things. They portray “too many Americans’ as one step away from economic and social disaster. They see as people badly in need of major assistance – their assistance.

John McCain, imperfect as he may be, sees a very different America. It’s the same country whose liberties he was willing to give his life for in Viet Nam. We may not agree with him on every issue, but we can’t disagree that a love for liberty is at the central core of this man’s being.

Even Bill Clinton has said of McCain: “He’s given everything he has to his country – except his life.” President Clinton has never spoken truer words.

In contrast to McCain, Obama essentially portrays America as something resembling Matthew Arnold’s “Dover Beach,” where “ignorant armies clash by night.” As “Lexington describes Obama’s world-view, America is “a coalition of groups that define themselves as victims of social and economic forces, and . . . [where] its leaders encourage people to feel helpless and aggrieved . . .”

If Obama becomes President, we would become a society of “victims,” all of us clamoring for the government to bail us out of our misery. That would be a disaster not only for libertarians, but for all Americans.

I hope all libertarians do the right thing: voting for John McCain. Also, ask your friends and family members to do the same thing. The future of liberty in this society depends on free people standing up and supporting a man who has devoted his entire life to defending American values and liberties. John McCain is the right man for our cause.

Steve Maloney is a writer and political activist living in a small town near Pittsburgh, PA. He’d like to inform Senator Obama that he is not now – and never has been – “bitter.” He blogs at:
Note: If you'd like to reprint this piece on your own blog or publication, please be my guess.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Melissa Hart: Demolishing Jason Altmire

In regard to Obama's condemnation of gun owners: according to The (London) Economist, 46% of Pennsylvania adults own guns.

"America in 2008 is a mean place." (Michelle Obama, who apparently wants to become First Lady of that "mean place")

As you'll notice, my views about a Melissa Hart victory over Jason Altmire are not all that different from what McCain has to do to win over Obama in Pennsylvania. Jason Altmire, who's one of Nancy Pelosi's and John Murtha's "pets" in Washington, will try to portray himself -- falsely -- as a centrist.

Also, as the campaign goes on, he and his surrogates and financial backers will try the same approach they relied on in 2006: to use their slime buckets in an attempt to heap mud on Melissa. Since Altmire will say anything and do anything to win, it's important that voters know exactly why so many observers describe him as a political guttersnipe.

Bloggers and other onliners should "link" (technically, emotionally, and politically) to Melissa's site -- and to keep going there. I also ask them to make small contributions (I mention $20 to $50) on the theory that if they make one, they'll make more. The 4th congressional district is not a household term in, say, Texas or Oregon, but if it gets portrayed accurately as the most important congressional race in the country (and one that's critical to McCain's future), then it should get people's attention nationwide.

In the last campaign, Altmire called John Murtha his "campaign manager." In fact, outside the 12th congressional district Murtha is as unpopular as it gets. I also link Altmire's name with that of Pelosi, on the basis that Altmire voted for her as Speaker and regularly votes with her on critical issues. On insignificant issues, Pelosi occasionally allows him to vote in accord with the wishes of voters in the 4th.

Additionally, on the Obama comments: he portrayed Pennsylvanians as a bunch of Bible-thumping, gun-toting rubes who take out their economic frustrations on immigrants and people who are "different" from Obama's supporters. Altmire apparently agrees on that point.

Finally, there's the issue of Altmire's radical donors, as revealed on (go there an types in Altmire's name). Apparently, he believes he can accept huge amounts of money from radical left-wingers -- and somehow continue to portray himself as a centrist.

In fact, Altmire is getting his "donations" from the same people who cheered Obama's sneering comments about Pennsylvanians and other average Americans. The contributors are people who believe in economic protectionism and in waging the War on Terror with rhetoric and platitudes rather than resolve. The America-haters of play as big a role in financing Altmire's campaign as they do in Obama's. (I'm going to write extensively in coming days about Altmire's money-men.) I'm also going to call for a national boycott of the radical groups behind his campaign.

It's eminently fair to use Altmire's radical donors against him. What's more, he needs to explain why he's taking money from union dues paid under duress exerted by union bosses. A big chunk of the union contributions come from members who support Melissa Hart but are powerless to direct their contributions to her.

Because of his actions, Altmire should always be on the defenstive -- right through November 4.

Overall, it's critical for people in the 4th who vote for John McCain to vote for Melissa Hart. She will support McCain's practical, yet visionary, policies. Altmire would not.

In the 4th, the numbers look good. McCain will win the district by tens of thousands of votes (perhaps as many as 40,000 -- Bush having won in 2004 by 30,000). Thus, McCain should be putting wind in Melessa's sails.

Despite the vast amounts of money the far-Left is pouring into Altmire's campaign, Melissa Hart is looking more and more like a winner.

Note: Any bloggers or other onliners who want to reprint my material, including this column, are cordially invited to do so. Please let your friends and family know about the importance of Melissa Hart's campaign.

On April 15, Tax Day, the Hart Campaign released the following information about Jason Altmire:

April 15, 2008 CONTACT: Alicia Collins
724-779-4750 office
724-612-9490 cell
We Can’t Afford Altmire Much Longer

Cranberry Township, PA – Today Jason Altmire voted along with 220 other Democrats to prevent the Tax Increase Prevention Act (H.R. 2734) from being considered. This bill would have stopped the $683 billion tax increase passed last month with the support of Altmire and the House Democrats as part of their FY2009 budget proposal.

“As taxpayers across America file their income taxes today, Jason Altmire is in Washington voting along with the other tax and spend liberals to ensure our tax bills our higher,” said former Congresswoman Melissa Hart.

“With the economy slowing, Congress should be looking for ways to help hard working families keep more of their money so they can pay their increasing fuel and food costs. Instead, the Democrats continue to vote to keep their enormous tax increase on track, which will cost the average taxpayer in Western Pennsylvania more than $2,267
[1] every year.”

“I am committed to fight for the tax payers, just as I always have. The tax relief enacted while I was in Congress needs to be made permanent to help working middle class families and small businesses thrive.”

“This Congress has made it clear they have no intention of cutting taxes or spending. If Jason Altmire and the rest of the Pelosi Democrats continue on this reckless path, the taxpayers are going to need a second job just to pay the tax-man.”



Alicia Collins
Campaign Manager
People With Hart
P: (724) 779-4750
F: (724) 779-4714


Monday, April 14, 2008

Melissa Hart Blasts Altmire, Obama

"America in 2008 is a mean place." (Michelle Obama, who reportedly wants to be First Lady)

April 14, 2008 CONTACT: Alicia Collins
724-779-4750 office
724-612-9490 cell


Cranberry Township, PA – Former Congresswoman Melissa Hart questions why Jason Altmire refuses to condemn Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s comments disparaging Pennsylvanians.

For weeks, Congressman Jason Altmire has basked in the attention from media and other politicians as an a “uncommitted” delegate, fawning over Barack Obama and regularly appearing at Obama's side while stopping just enough short of using the word “endorse” to allow him to continue to play both sides.

“Altmire's fellow liberal Obama displayed his true feelings about the communities of the Fourth Congressional District this week with a sneering reference to small towns in Pennsylvania,” said former Congresswoman Melissa Hart.

While speaking to a group of San Francisco donors Barack Obama said, "You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them... And it’s not surprising they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

“Our country faces many challenges in the years ahead,” said Melissa Hart, “but among them are not the facts that many people in this part of the country attend church or temple services, cherish their hunting and sportsmen traditions, and are concerned about illegal immigration and the impact of free trade on the local economy. If Altmire were really the centrist Democrat he claims to be, he would have called on Obama to apologize immediately.”

“With each passing day, it becomes more clear that Jason Altmire pays more attention to his national political profile than his constituents concerns. Governor Rendell and other top Democrats have rightly criticized Obama’s remarks; I wonder why Jason Altmire remains silent on these demeaning comments.”

Yesterday, in the Washington Post the only thing Altmire had to say about Obama is "I have been really happy with the way that this has played out for western Pennsylvania," and "the more people get to know him, the more they like him."

“The reality is that the radical groups bankrolling Altmire share Obama's contempt for the people of this region and their values. Every day, it is becoming more apparent that these special interest groups are who Altmire really represents, not the people of New Castle, Beaver Falls, Cheswick or the other communities of western Pennsylvania,” said Hart.

Note to Those Outside Pennsylvania: Hillary Clinton is blanketing the state with commercials criticizing Obama's sneering comments about Pennsylvanians. In this instance, Mrs. Clinton is correct. If you'd like to learn more about my friend Melissa Hart, please visit her web site at: She's a woman of real integrity and a true Pennsylvanian.

Support McCain by Electing Hart

In the 4th congressional district of Pennsylvania (north and west of Pittsburgh), perhaps the most important race in the country (aside from the presidential battle) is shaping up. It pits former congresswoman Melissa Hart against Rep. Jason Altmire.

Altmire seeks to portray himself as a "conservative" Democrat. However, he voted for the Iraq War timetable (after telling voters he would not do so). He also voted for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research (after telling voters he was pro-life). And he opposes the Medicare Prescription Drug benefit (after telling seniors they had his undying love).

Recently, one of Altmire's minions challenged me on my statement that Altmire supports the largest tax increase in American history. The situation is this: the congressman backs Nancy Pelosi's and Charlie Rangel's effort to let the Bush tax cuts die in 2010. If that happens, it will re-impose the marriage penalty, reduce deductions for children, and bring back the "death tax," which means you'll still be paying taxes after your demise.

Of great significance, an end to the Bush tax cuts will raise the lowest tax category from 10% to 15%. In other words, it will hit hardest those least able to pay, essentially raising their tax bill by 50%.Obviously, there are many reasons to oppose Jason Altmire. However, perhaps the most important consideration is the need John McCain will have for a supportive Congress.

Recently, Democratic presidential front-runner Barack Obama made comments denigrating the religious beliefs and "hunting culture" of Pennsylvanians. Essentially, Obama called the people of Pennsylvania a bunch of gun-toting, Bible-thumping rubes and bigots. We are not.

So far, Jason Altmire has made no statement criticizing Obama's statements. Senator McCain and Melissa Hart strongly disagree with Obama's offensive comments. Are we to take Altmire's silence as a sign that he agrees with Illinois Senator?

Jason, in some cases "silence is golden," but in this case it's a sign of political cowardice. If you're voting for McCain, it makes no sense to vote for Altmire.

Why elect McCain and at the same time tie his hands behind his back? Why make it impossible for him to carry out the mandate he will get from American voters?

In other words, anyone who wants to support John McCain should avoid sending Altmire back to Congress. One of the best ways to stand with McCain is to cast a ballot for Melissa Hart. Please go to her web site to see how you can help.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Obama Spews Venom on Pennsylvanians

For those of you who have been vacationing in a distant land (or, alternatively, don't have access to FOX News), here are the comments Barack Obama made to a group of "wealthy donors" in Nancy Pelosi's hometown of San Francisco:

"You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Since I am a Pennsylvanian and live in a small town (Ambridge, 15 miles west of Pittsburgh), I will have plenty to say about Obama's comments.

Since I am a Pennsylvanian and live in a small town (Ambridge, 15 miles west of Pittsburgh), I will have plenty to say about Obama's comments. In fact, Obama's San Francisco statements provide no insight in the lives -- and beliefs -- of people in Pennsylvania. There are surveys of beliefs and attitudes that are completely at variance with Obama's views -- the standard ones we hear regularly from liberal journalists and politicians.

I've been writing recently about Rep. Jason Altmire, congressman from PA's 4th congressional district (west and north of Pittsburgh). I'm very curious what Altmire has to say about Obama's negative comments about small-town Pennsylvanians. Actually, I assume Altmire, like most PA Democrats, hopes the whole thing blows over.

The national media is based most of its comments on Obama's statement on the word "bitter." In other words, they're saying that bitterness is the core of the San Francisco remarks.Actually, Obama is saying that Pennsylvanian's Christian faith and their belief in the Second Amendment is reflective of social and economic disorder. He's also saying that many Keystone Staters don't like people who are know like them (us, since I'm one).

In fact, Obama's views reflect his tendency to make broad, racially focused statements about large categories of people. For example, Obama refers to his very untypical grandmother as "a typical white person." Of Kansas farm boys during his grandfather's childhood, Obama says "they stank like pigs." Since he never smelled a single such farm boy, one wonders how he knows.

Frankly, one also wonders: what's wrong with this man? If he is a post-racial candidate, as he has claimed, then why does he see everything through the prism of race (or class)? This graduate of Columbia and Harvard reflects the elitism and vague anti-Americanism of those institutions. He's not someone who deserves to be a serious presidential candidate.(More to come.)

Notice to Jason Altmire Staffers

Any members of Jason Altmire's campaign staff or legislative staff who write comments on my blogs will not have them printed here unless they identify their position and their annual compensation totals. If they do, their comments will be printed and responded to. Otherwise, they will end up in the delete basket.

I am paid nothing by anyone associated with Hart, and I am completely independent in what I say and do.

Jason Altmire voted to make Nancy Pelosi, a San Francisco-leftist-elitist, Speaker of the House. That gave her and the segment of the Democratic Party tremendous power. Now that election time is up again, Jason is claiming to be a "conservative." On important issues, he votes with the Pelosi-Murtha wing of the Democrats, thus following an agenda totally at variance with the views of people in Western Pennsylvania. In supporting Obama (which he will do), Altmire will be backing a man who slandered everyone in Pennsylvania who doesn't live in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh.

If Jason really wants to be a "conservative," I suggest he change his registration to Republican.

John McCain Needs Melissa Hart

Starting this weekend, I'm be writing more about congressional candidate Melissa Hart and her opponent, a loathsome creature named Jason Altmire. He won the seat in 2006 mainly by spewing falsehoods about Melissa --she called them "a pack of lies" -- and by making false promises to the voters of the 4th congressional district (where I live).

For example, he told the voters he opposed a "timetable" for withdrawal from Iraq. However, when he got to Congress and Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha showed him the Democratic "trick," he fell all over himself to vote for the timetable. He claimed to be pro-life, but in Washington he voted for federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research. He claimed -- and claims -- to be a conservative Democrat, but he voted for the largest tax increase in history. His motto seems to be: "Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no truths." He's a piece of work, and he must be defeated.

Please visit Melissa's web site ( and offer your support. If you can make a donation, I assure you it will be much appreciated.

The Hart-Altmire will be one of the nation's most important. The national Democrat Party is pouring money into the race in order to prop up a weak and feckless candidate, Altmire. (Please check out Altmire's campaign funding on As you'll note, he is selling out to every interest group that comes bearing a bag-full of cash.

How does Melissa Hart's campaign relate to that of John McCain? Frankly, everyone in the 4th Congressional District -- and the country as a whole -- that wants to support McCain need to back candidates like Melissa. It will do little good if we send John McCain to the White House -- and confront him with a Congress full of Altmire types.

How can you support Melissa Hart? You can do so by linking your blog, if you have one, to Melissa's. Also, visit her site regularly. And if you can do so, please consider contributing to her campaign so you can counter the national Democrats' effort to buy the seat for Altmire.

Finally, if you know people who lives in the 4th congressional district -- mainly north and west of Pittsburgh -- please ask them to support Melissa. The best way to ensure John McCain has a successful presidency is to send people like Melissa to Congress. Thanks for your help!