Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Massive Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania

On the subject of [community organization] ACORN, there has been massive voter fraud in Philadelphia in the 21st century. Looking at The Almanac of American Politics, I see the following: [Democrat Governor] Rendell spent $740,000 on Election Day activities, including $450,000 cash to be handed out in the city's [Philadelphia's] 66 wards." That is "walking around money" or 'street money' distributed for various unsavory activities, including outright vote buying. A relative of mine, a young lawyer, found 38 homeless people registered in one building, which was vacant. Interesting enough, two doors away was the local ACORN headquarters. I believe that right now massive voter fraud is taking place in Philadelphia. The voter registration numbers keep going up in a city that is hemorrhaging population.

A few years ago in Allegheny County (mainly Pittsburgh) registration officials "culled" 160,000 voters who shouldn't have been on the rolls (either because they'd moved or died or been led off in leg irons). If you read the story on the front page of today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, you'll find that many of the 160,000 have magically reappeared (many of them returning from the graveyard). How many voters are legally and honestly registered in Allegheny County? I assure you that nobody knows.

My impression is that Barack Obama is distributing a lot more walking-around money than Hillary Clinton -- mainly because he has a lot more cash on hand.

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