Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Winners: Melissa Hart, Marina Kats

Marina Kats, an attorney, is the Republican candidate for Congress in the 13th District. You can support her by going to her preliminary web site at: http://www.katsforcongress.com/default.aspx. When you get there, put in your e-mail address and click on "Submit."

In its long history, Pennsylvania has elected only two women to Congress. One of them is Melissa Hart, whom I strongly urge Pennsylvanians -- and others -- to support. She is seeking to regain her congressional seat (in the 4th CD), and you can find out more about her at: http://peoplewithhart.com/.

Marina Kats is running against Rep. Allyson Schwartz, the second Pennsylvania woman elected to Congress. Schwartz is a left-wing Democrat who reflects everything that's bad about the House of Represenatives.

Thus, the third woman elected to Congress from Pennsylvania just might be . . . Marina Kats. She has a long road ahead of her, but don't be surprised if she's smiling broadly on Election Eve.

There are some very exciting races going on this year in the Keystone State.

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