Friday, April 18, 2008

Melissa Hart, John Boehner: Leaders

Melisssa Hart with John Boehner (R, Ohio, Minority Leader) in Pittsburgh area on Friday. Former Congresswoman Hart is fighting to regain her congressional seat against Jason Altmire. It's been called "the country's most important congressional race." I've written several columns about Altmire, a full-time mudslinger and an individual who systematically misled voters in the 4th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, especially on the subject of Iraq. If you'd like to learn more about how you can support Melissa Hart, please visit her site at:

I'll be writing next week about how Altmire's campaign is being financed by radical elements in American politics. If you'd like a sneak peek, go to open and type in the name "Altmire."

If you'd like to get up-to-date information from the Hart Campaign, please send an e-mail to Alicia M. Collins, campaign manager, at:

Cranberry Township, PA – Today, former Congresswoman Melissa Hart was joined by Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) for a press conference to call on Jason Altmire to end his silence and condemn the remarks made by Barack Obama one week ago.

“I find it disturbing that Jason Altmire has continued to stay silent regarding these insulting remarks. As a life long resident of Western Pennsylvania, I know the people here are proud of their values, families and faith. We certainly don’t cling to religion and sportsmen traditions out of bitterness,” said Melissa Hart.

“With each passing day, it has becomes more clear that Jason Altmire pays more attention to his national political profile than his constituents’ concerns. Governor Rendell and other top Democrats have rightly criticized Obama’s remarks,” said Hart.

Congressman Boehner added, “It’s time for Barack Obama to apologize to voters here in Pennsylvania and across the Midwest. And it’s time for his supporters in Congress to defend their constituents and denounce Obama’s patronizing rhetoric.”

Boehner continued, “Midwest voters aren’t ‘bitter;’ they’re for freedom. Freedom from higher taxes. Freedom to practice their faith. Freedom to exercise their Constitutional rights,” Boehner concluded. “That Obama and Altmire don’t understand that shows how out of touch they are.”

Altmire has been seen at many Barack Obama campaign events across Western Pennsylvania, including the event where Senator Bob Casey endorsed Barack Obama.

The only statement Altmire has made since the “bitter” remarks about Obama was in last Sunday’s Washington Post, saying "the more people get to know him, the more they like him."


Mike McNally said...

Can't we get someone better than Melissa Hart to represent true conservatives. Yes, she's for lower taxes. So is everyone else, including the Democrats. But it takes absolutely no courage to lower taxes without reducing the size of government, and Melissa Hart spent more and increased the size of government more than ever before. That's not conservative. And she embarrassed us by being associated with the Jack Abramoff scandal and opposing his investigation. Conservatives are supposed to have integrity. How can we point fingers at Altmire for not criticizing Obama when our own candidate lacks integrity.

Mike McNally said...

By the way, other conservatives remember what a free spender Melissa was when she was in office. B.Guzzard wrote “If former Representative Melissa Hart runs as Santorum Republican, compassionately expanding government and spending more of our money on what he thinks is best for us, and his very, very close ties to unions, she will lose again.”

From On Melissa Hart:

We want to know exactly what she is going to cut and how she is going to lower government spending. We know that lowering taxes does not raise revenues as many people think. In fact, after the 2001 tax cuts, federal revenues fell drastically, and they did not get back to the levels of 2000 until 2005
(see Congressional Budget Office data:

Melissa probably doesn't have a family - otherwise she'd have been more reluctant to pass down these huge deficits to our kids.