Sunday, April 27, 2008

McCain: Ill-Served by Advisers?

“We’ve discovered that Barack Obama was not born in a manger.” (Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader)

"This week in the New Republic we have an article comparing him [Obama) to George McGovern.” (Mike Allen,

John McCain speaking about the anti-Obama ad he asked the NC GOP to withdraw: McCain said the ad was described to him: "I didn't see it, and I hope that I don't see it."

The following is an excerpt from my Sunday column on my national blog (

I’m looking forward to writing this week about “The Battle for McCain’s Soul.” I’ve become increasingly convinced that John McCain is not being well-served by some of his advisers. Frankly, they are covered by a veil of illusion about the character of their main opponent, Barack Obama, and the nature of the campaign that will be waged against them.

(I believe Hillary Clinton's Pennsylvania campaign against the much better-financed Obama effort is a model for how to compete with the Illinois Senator.)

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