Thursday, April 10, 2008

Melissa Hart: Woman of Integrity

Today, I sent the following message to many fellow bloggers. If you blog, I hope you'll take the message "to Hart" (pun intended) and establish a link to Melissa's web site, which you can find at:

Dear Friends: My main activity between now and November 4, 2008 will be to participate in online activities designed to ensure the election of John McCain, something I believe will happen.My other activities will emphasize generating contributions and national support for Melissa Hart, who is fighting to regain her congressional seat in Pennsylvania's 4th District. Her opponent, Jason Altmire, is one of the smarmiest characters in the House of Representatives. He's a Pelosi-Murtha-type liberal who specializes in negative campaigning and overall malice.Most of the people receiving this note are not residents of the 4th District. However, Melissa is a friend who is precisely the kind of person we need in Congress. She's a woman of great integrity who, frankly, might make a great vice-president or president someday. To the degree she can "nationalize" her campaign, involving people across the 50 states, she improve her chances for victory.I hope you'll put up a link -- on your blog if you have one -- to her web site, which is: I also hope you'll visit and offer whatever support you can. Please direct your blog visitors to "PeoplewithHart."How are Melissa's chances? They're very good. In a bad year for Republicans -- 2006 -- she lost by 52% to 48%. With John McCain at the head of the ticket, Melissa has an excellent chance of regaining her seat. Her opponent will outspend Melissa, but he won't outwork her.

Thanks very much for linking your site to hers.

Stephen R. Maloney
4th Congressional District, Pennsylvania

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