Thursday, May 22, 2008

Republicans Can Win in Pennsylvania

Note: Someone asked me why I was leaving out Craig Williams, a fine GOP candidate for Congress in the 7th District (against Joe Sestak). I've had Craig's link up, and I'll begin discussing his race soon. In the meantime, I invite you to visit Craig's site at: Like so many Republicans in PA, Craig is in a tough race. If McCain does very well in PA, Craig has a great chance to win. In 2004, the Republican candidate won the district by 62,000 votes.

Note: John McCain's choice for a running-mate could very influence many races, including those in Pennsylvania. I strongly urge him to name Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. I explain why she is the best choice on: & Sarah, a life member of the NRA, is particulary attractive to PA voters.

Later today (Thursday), I'll post additional material on this blog, mainly about the education issue (see the column below). For Republican candidates like Hart, Gilhooley, Kats, and Manion to win, they need to get across the point that they know how to solve the nation's problems -- and their opponents (all incumbent Democrats) don't. If the incumbents had a clue on how to deal effectively with issues like education, crime, and health care, presumably they would have done so. They haven't, and thus they don't deserve re-election. (In the case of Michael Livingston, his chances of winning against Democrat Chaka Fattah are from all appearances slim, largely because of the racial make-up of his Philadelphia district. However, he's effectively begun a process that will lead to his getting many more votes -- in the tens of thousands -- than any other Republican ever has in the 2d. My estimate is that Michael might have more "secret supporters" than any candidate in the nation.) All these candidates I've highlighted truly deserve your support.

This weekend I'll discuss Livingston's recent press releases, which have implications for all Republican congressional candidates in PA. "If you build a small army of dedicated volunteers, you win. If you don't, well, there's always 2010 or 2012." By October of this year, I expect Hart, Gilhooley, Manion, and Kats all will have gone above 45% (the tipping point) in polls. If they do so, there's a good chance most (or all) of them will win.


Anonymous said...

why do you tend to leave craig williams out of the picture?

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Hi: I am adding Craig next, probably by this weekend. I added Manion recently. I just didn't have enough time to figure out how to talk intelligently (semi?) about so many people. Craig is very much a worthwhile candidate. This is a very good crop of GOP candidates. Tell Craig his time is coming soon. I have his link up, but I'll do a lot more.

steve maloney