Sunday, May 18, 2008

How Underdog Candidates Can Win

On my always-fun Hillary site (click), I write often about Democratic politics. I do so in a respectful way, except perhaps when it comes to Obama, who's a total sad-sack. At times, he makes Rev. Wright look good by comparison. When I started the Hillary site, I did wonder if I'd have enough to write about, but that hasn't been a problem. Here's what I'll be writing about there over the next 7-10 days: (1) Will Hillary sit the Election Out? (2) Why are the Clinton's long-time political allies deserting her? (3) Why did John Edwards endorse Barack Obama? (Hint: can you say vice-presidency?) (4) Why have Black voters deserted the wife of the man who used to be called "The first Black President?" (5) Why might Obama's almost-total lock on the Black vote actually hurt him in the General Election? (6) Why is the date May 31 critical to Hillary's future and her attitudes about supporting Obama? (And if it's okay for almost all Blacks to vote for a Black person, why isn't it okay for most whites to vote for a Caucasian?) I guarantee your favorite cable network (even the "sainted" FOX) won't be dealing with these issues. Come visit, okay?

To new visitors, and there will be many coming in over the next six-eight weeks, thanks for coming. I'm trying to bring this blog to the attention of 500 or so Pennsylvanian movers-and-shakers, so that it might have a real influence on the campaigns. I'm also asking my friends on BlogTalkRadio -- and I have many such friends -- to invite the candidates supported here to appear on various radio shows. I want to do my part to make the candidates famous (and for more than "15 minutes"). If you visit here regularly, tell your friends and family members that I exist! I believe that Patrick Murphy (see below) is sorry that I exist, but you can't please everybody.

Be sure to visit Tom Manion's site -- and offer him your support.

This blog exists to generate support for John McCain and several outstanding congressional candidates in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Except on rare occasions, I won't be providing juicy tidbits (the pseudo "breaking news" you find on some blogs and in the media generally). Instead, the emphasis here will be on strategies and tactics needed for victory.

I'm focusing on several candidates: Tom Manion (8th district, Bucks County area), Melissa Hart (4th district, west and north of Pittsburgh), Toni Gilhooley (17th district, Harrisburg and points east), Marina Kats (13th district, Northeast Philly and Montgomery County), and Mike Livingston (Philly west of Broad St.).

All these candidates, with the possible exception of Hart, are big underdogs. Their Democrat opponent have now -- and will have -- a lot more money. As sitting members of Congress, the Democrats can hand out political "goodies" in the form of earmarks, basically handouts designed to buy votes.

My emphasis -- like the candidates' -- will be on winning. In the Bible, we read that the race doesn't always go to the "swift," but in politics the race usually goes to the hardest worker.

The way is to win is to confront as many voters as possible face-to-face. Ask enough people directly for their votes -- and, concurrently, for their money -- and you can win.

Yesterday, I received the following information from Melissa Hart's campaign:

Door Knocking with Melissa

Melissa has been out going door-to-door around the District. So far, she has been to Beaver, Plum and West Deer. The response has been great and Melissa is really enjoying hearing what is on the minds of people in the 4th District.

Let us know if you would like to join Melissa or can help get a group of volunteers together in your area.

Email or call the office 724-779-4750
If you live in the 4th district -- or nearby -- send Alicia an e-mail or give her a call.
Good for Melissa Hart, campaign manager Alicia Collins, and the many campaign supporters. If they knock on enough doors -- and I believe they will -- Melissa Hart can win against incumbent Jason Altmire. It's that simple.
Again, this site can play a significant role in the victories of some fine candidates. You can help by bring this site to the attention of friends and your local media, including the weekly papers that play such a big role in smaller communities. Thanks for your help!

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