Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ferocious Debate on Iraq War

I was on BlogTalkRadio Thursday evening with Eric Dondero (host) and Murray Sabrin (Republican primary candidate for NJ U.S. Senate). The broadcast is avaiable (on podcast) at

I urge you to listen (only partly because I'm on it and you get to hear my Rochester, NY accent) but mainly because Eric and I launched something you haven't heard recently: a ferocious defense of the Iraq War (and John McCain's position on it). Would love to hear your thoughts at
or on the blog comments.

I'll write some on Friday after what Eric and I said. I remember saying that the primary goal of Islamic extremists in the MidEast "was to kill Jews -- all of them if possible" (and the secondary goal was "to kill Americans"). Eric noted -- and I agreed -- that one great reason to be fighting in the MidEast was "revenge for 9/11." He added that most soldiers are willing, if necessary, "to die for their country."

We didn't exactly hold back. Dr. Sabin said 75% of New Jerseyites wanted U.S. withdrawal. I said that "Then 75% of New Jerseyites are just plain dead wrong." i added that if we fled the MidEast, al Qaeda would take over, oil would go $250 a barrel, and our economy would collapse.

On the show, I read a statement by Republican congressional candidate Marina Kats. She said, "I am supporting the withdrawal of American troops as soon as possible, but only when it is safe to do it for us and our national security interests."

In a story in The Philadelphia Bulletin, Marina suggested what America means to her, an emigre from Russia: "Ms. Kats differs with Mrs. Schwartz [her left-wing Democrat opponent] strongly on whether Washington should act presently to phase out the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq. Speaking to The Bulletin from her law office in Feasterville, she described looking upon an American flag that was flown for a year and a half over the base of her colleague Christopher Hudock when he was called to active duty in Iraq. Upon returning, he gave Ms. Kats the flag to hang in her office. She describes it as a reminder of the imperative that America prevail."

Marina, meet Tom Manion, a former Marine colonel and also a Republican congressional candidate in PA. Sadly, his son Travis was killed in action in Iraq. Say a prayer for Tom and his son.

Here are the links to Marina's site, Tom's site, and those of other outstanding Republican candidates.


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