Sunday, May 4, 2008

NRCC: Help Kats, Gilhooley, Livingston

On my national blog(s) today ( or, I write about the need for the national Republican Party to support "new" Republican candidates for Congress. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) generally gives financial support to candidates who are high in the Party pecking order, or who have a lot of campaign cash, or who poll well (45% or more) against opponents.

That means the NRCC ends up not giving money to many good candidates who take on Democratic incumbents. The net result is to make an increasing number of Democrat seats "safe" from any opposition. Thus, we see the Republican Party in Congress becoming older and less able to develop new leaders with strong appeal.

In my piece on the national blogs, I basically plead with the NRCC to start looking beyond the next election and taking a bold move to revitalize the Party. Specifically, I ask for them to support three terrific candidates from Pennsylvania, including:

  • Toni Gilhooley, a 25-year-state-police veteran running in the 17th congressional district (Harrisburg and surrounding communities) against incumbent Democrat Tim Holden;
  • Marina Kats, an attorney specializing in criminal and immigration law running in the 13th congressional district (Montgomery County and Northeast Philly) against incumbent Democrat Allyson Schwartz; and,
  • Michael Livingston, a Rutger (Camden) tax expert and law professor running in the 2d district (Philly, west of Broad St.) running against incumbent Democrat Chaka Fattah.

I've asked the NRCC to give relatively small amounts to three candidates -- specifically, $10,000 each to Kats and Gilhooley and $5,000 to Livingston -- mainly because the two women have an "easier" path to victory. I hope everyone who reads this will also contribute. You can do by visting Gilhooley's and Livingston's web site, as well as by sending a check directly to "Marina Kats for Congress" (her permanent web site will be up soon). Marina's address is:

Kats for Congress P.O. Box 91 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

As regular readers will know, I'm also strongly supporting Melissa Hart, who's trying to regain her seat in western Pennsylvania's 4th congressional district (where I live). Her site is at: Thanks for backing these fine individuals.

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