Monday, May 5, 2008

100 Ways to Win Elections!

This week I'll be writing about two important Pennsylvania congressional races: Melissa Hart versus Jason Altmire (incumbent Democrat) in the 4th district (western PA) and Toni Gilhooley versus Tim Holden (incumbent Democrat) in the 17th district (Harrisburg area). Other races I'm focusing on are the ones involving Mike Livingston (Philadelphia w. of Broad St.) and Marina Kats (Montgomery County & Northeast Philadelphia). I'll also be posting more pictures like the remarkable one below.

Ray "Bubba" Sorensen and the magnificent "Rock of American Ages" that he painted. More about Bubba and more pictures of the rock in future columns. Please pass them on to friends and fellow McCain supporters. My dear friend Rhodann Elliott of Corpus Christi, Texas, sent me this picture and several others. I told Rhodann, a fellow flag-waver and with a son-in-law in Iraq, that individuals like Barack and Michelle cannot understand what America and the flag mean to people like us (and especially, to John McCain). As a poet said in another context, "It means not less than everything." As you see on the rock, "All give some, some give all."


Note: If you and your supporters take many of actions listed below, you'll be singing a happy tune on Election Eve, November 4. I hope every candidate, congressional and otherwise, and all their supporters put up a similar list up on your web site/blog. You might modify and shorten it, perhaps to "25 (or 50) ways you can help me [your candidate] win in November." Remember, however, that it makes sense to ask supporters to do a few things rather than many. (I'll write more about that in coming days.)

One important additional step candidates should take is to list and recommend the blogs of supporters -- including yours truly -- on the campaign web site. Another step is to get people to visit those web sites -- and urge them to contribute.

Note: If candidates need help adapting this list to their own situations, they should contact me at:

From Moms for McCain blog: days I wish I could personally fly to every McCain appearance, gas up the Straight Talk Express, and talk to every undecided voter in America. But I can't. The good news is there are PLENTY of ways to support McCain for those of us with limited funds and time.Here are some ideas, in random order, ranging from obvious to creative, easy to challenging! Report back which ideas worked!

1. Put a McCain bumper sticker on your car.
2. Put a McCain sign on your lawn (or in your apartment/dorm window or office/cubicle.)
3. Change your email signature to promote or the Moms for McCain blog (or insert your other favorite blog).
4. Change your voicemail message (may help avoid unwanted Obama supporter calls too!).
5. Support McCain on Myspace:
6. Support McCain on Facebook
7. Join the John McCain 2008 Ning network (there is participation from campaign volunteer staff on this board too)
8. Participate in LinkedIn discussions with McCain folks.
9. Add a McCain widget to your webpage.
10. Invite 10 friends to join
11. Find the Google Group for your state for updates on local events, volunteering, etc. at
12. Leave pro-McCain comments at YouTube, official campaign videos are posted by
13. Check out the McCain video channel at
14. Write letters to the editor of national and local papers
15. Call in to radio shows: Michael Medved
16. Call in to radio shows: Laura Ingraham
17. Call in to radio shows: Rush Limbaugh
18. Call in to radio shows: Sean Hannity
19. Call in to radio shows: Dennis Prager
20. Call in to radio shows: Hugh Hewitt (side note: not always a huge fan of his, but I read his book on Blogging cover-to-cover during bath times and recommend it for novice bloggers.)
21. Call in to radio shows: Mike Gallagher
22. Call in to radio shows: Bill Bennett
23. Call into radio shows: Michelle Malkin
24. Join the John McCain Meetup group to meet other supporters online and in person!
25. Volunteer with your local Republican party - getting voters out to support McCain.
26. Share your convictions with people you trust, via e-mail, letter, or face-to-face. There's no substitute for 'straight talk!'
27. Ask your friends if they are registered to vote. If they're busy Moms, ask if they register absentee so they don't have to schlep out to vote (this is encouraged in Washington state, check with your local jurisdiction).
28. Doorbell for McCain prior to primaries and elections in your state (usually coordinated through local Republican Party).
29. Email a letter of support, including a link to to anyone/everyone in your address book.
30. Make your homepage so you're up to date on the campaign.
31. Vote for McCain in online polls. Here's one for this week.
32. Contact cable stations running false and offensive ads to complain.
33. PRAY for wisdom for McCain, his campaign staff and volunteers, and American voters.
34. Forward a blog post you like to 5 friends a day (if you feel like you're bugging people, pick different friends each day.)
35. Buy and read McCain's biography, Faith of Our Fathers.
36. Come to a McCain event.
Thank Sela Ward for her support of McCain and Hope Village for Children, her charity serving children in Mississippi.38. Sign up to volunteer for the campaign in your state.
39. Join the CafeMom John McCain for President Group!
40. Digg pro-McCain articles.41. Support pro-McCain articles and blog posts at Delicious.
42. Find pro-McCain blogs at Share sites with good news about McCain, such as Citizens Against Government Waste.44. Support future first lady Cindy McCain's entrepreneurship by drinking Budweiser Beer!45. Register for - a forum for McCain supporters.46. Wear a McCain lapel pin or button.
47. Buy a McCain coffee mug to drink in at your office. Those who don't care won't comment. May bring a few McCain supporters out of the closet (or their cubicles!)
48. Wear a McCain t-shirt to the gym.49. Carry a McCain water bottle (good for you, the environment, and the campaign!)
50. Post pro-McCain comments on CNN
51. Post pro-McCain comments on FoxNews
52. Post pro-McCain comments on MSNBC
53. Post pro-McCain comments on ABCNews
54. Post pro-McCain comments on CBSNews
55. Post pro-McCain comments on NBCNews
56. Post pro-McCain comments on Yahoo!
57. McCain key chain - every cashier, valet, carpool Mom will see it, only $5.00!
58. Wear your work badge (or, summer travelers, your ID/ticket) on a McCain lanyard.
59. Host a screening of 'Faith of My Fathers' DVD, based on McCain's biographical book about his captivity in Vietnam and the character that experience forged.
60. Wear a McCain baseball cap to kids' sports events and practices.
61. Treat baby to a McCain onesie! Who could resist an adorable, right-thinking cherub?!!?
62. Attend a local GOP meeting to network with fellow McCain supporters.
63. Shake hands with a veteran (or current soldier, sailor, airman) and tell them you're a McCain supporter who appreciates their service.
64. Tell friends about media appearances by John and Cindy McCain - lately they have each been on The View, David Letterman, Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
65. Create your own blog to support McCain. It's easy - I did it, you can too! Instructions at
66. Make a "Victory Jar" or "Freedom Fund", put in your loose change, and donate to the campaign once a month.
67. Find the McCain group for your religious affiliation - including Evangelicals for McCain, Catholics for McCain and more. See for some listings (don't find one? Start one!)
68. Make a pro-McCain avatar (online picture identifier thingie) at
69. Add a pro-McCain button to your Yahoo homepage.
70. Request McCain events at .
71. Get up-to-the-minute messages from Twitter - John McCain 2008McCain News
72. Active Rain Group
73. Provide pro-McCain comments at
74. Leave pro-McCain comments on
75. Leave pro-McCain comments at
76. Leave pro-McCain comments at
77. Put a McCain sticker up in your business.
78. Leave pro-McCain comments at
79. Respond to editors of major magazines reporting on McCain: Time
80. Respond to editors of major magazines reporting on McCain: Newsweek
81. Respond to editors of major magazines reporting on McCain: US News & World Report
82. Include John McCain quotes as your 'quote of the day' or email signature.
83. Check out McCain-friendly forums at
84. Check out McCain-friendly forums at
85. Check out McCain-friendly forums at
86. "Buzz" up Yahoo! articles on McCain
87. Post a sticker or pro-McCain flyer featuring the website at your supermarket, library, senior center, or other public bulletin board.
88. Leave pro-McCain comments on Politico
89. Leave pro-McCain comments on Little Green Footballs
90. Leave pro-McCain comments on Instapundit
91. Leave pro-McCain comments on
92. Register for updates from
93. Join a McCain group representing you:r ethnic group: Latino, African-American, etc.
94. Leave pro-McCain comments on
95. Leave pro-McCain comments on AOL.96. Leave pro-McCain comments on MSN.
97. Leave pro-McCain comments on
98. Treat your stickered car to a McCain license plate holder
99. This Mother's Day, tell Dad you want your own Mom for McCain gear!!
Oh, and yes, #100: You can donate to the campaign!!

Republican Congressional candidates whose web sites you will like:

Melissa Hart --
Toni Gilhooley --
Marina Kats -- (preliminary site)
Michael Livingston --


Larry Perrault said...

Where do I get a McCain widget or even just a banner to put on my web site. I found nothing on the McCain site and see that your sites have none.

Larry Perrault

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Larry, widgets & gadgets tend to mystify me, the incarnation of low tech. I've asked two people deeply involved in McCain's online campaign to get in touch with you. If they don't, go to (Kathy's site), and you should find what you want. Note: Mike Huckabee may come to the Pittsburgh/Beaver County area to speak on behalf of my former (and future) congresswoman, Melissa Hart, who is absolutely wonderful. Who were the people running things for Mike in PA?

steve maloney

Larry said...


I don't know what Huckabee had on the ground in PA. It came a long time after Huckabee's campaign was over.

I haven't heard anything, yet. But, I bookmarked Kathy's page for tomorrow.

I'm going to the Texas Republican Convention next month. I hope Huckabee appears there to speak for McCain. But frankly, I'd like top speak to those hardcore Texas conservatives as a conservative who brought a stack of flyers critical of McCain to the '98 Republican convention, left the party in 2000 for 4 years and never voted for George W. Bush (I do appreciate his resolve in Iraq in the face of strong political headwinds for a few years), but now thinks it is essential that McCain wins in November:

1) We are about to hit an entitlement flood and restraining spending is no longer just a good idea. It's a matter of economic survival. And few have been more assertive than McCain about wasteful spending.

2) With the balance in the judiciary generally and the Supreme Court specifically, we can't afford to have Barack o Hillary appointing judges to dominate the next 25 years. I actually think that may be a matter of the survival of civil American society.

3) I want radical Islamists to have to stare into McCain's face for the next few years. Talk about resolve.

4) And lastly, McCain is just 10 times the human being that Barack or Hillary is. Did you read the Karl Rove article, "Getting To Know John McCain," or the Ernest Brace Wall Street Journal article that is posted at the McCain web site?

There will be conservatives in Texas who scorn John McCain (I know them) and will talk and think about third parties or staying home. I want to tell them that that would be a BIG mistake.

Larry Perrault

Brad Marston said...


We create most of our own McCain Widgets. What exactly are you looking for?

Banner links are easy and we have a number of "techies" who can produce just about anything you want.

Email me at bmars90 (at) comcast (dot) net.