Friday, May 23, 2008

Free Money for Congressional Candidates

A congressional candidate without money is one who can't get his or her message out.

I spent a good portion of my life as a speechwriter for big corporations that paid me more than I may have deserved. Bad news? I spent the money. Good news: I enjoyed doing so. I'm offering to write appeals (200 words or so) for candidate videos, mainly for congressional candidates. They would include direct requests for money, and they'd appear as videos on the candidates' web sites.

I will do this only for Republican candidates for federal office -- otherwise, my arms would fall off. If anybody needs assistance, or knows a candidate that does, they can contact me at:

The goal would be to get as much as a 1.5% response from web vistors. That would mean 1,500 contributions out of 100,000 visitors. One candidate I know had more than 1 million visitors. One-and-a-half percent is a big number but it is doable. The candidates should see results within a few days.

The $$$$$ deal with political web sites is to figure out ways to get lots of people to visit. Then, hit them with an appeal -- an offer they can't refuse. Actually, most will not donate, but many will.

You need to get a horde of people to visit your web site. To do that, you have to give them a reason to go there -- and return. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, half of life is just getting people to show up. There are ways to make that happen.

I'm only making this offer to congressional candidates, because otherwise my arms might fall off from excessive "keying."

(Scroll down for the material on 17th district candidate Toni Gilhooley.)

If you're interested, write to me at: I'm not restricting this offer to Pennsylvania candidates.

Pennsylvania candidates I'm endorsing: (Craig Williams, 7th CD) (Melissa Hart, 4th CD) (Michael Livingston, 2d CD) (Toni Gilhooley, 17th CD) (Marina Kats, 13th CD)

I'm also strong supporting Heather Wilson, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in New Mexico --

Any revenues generated from Google AdSense (to your right) will go to these candidates.

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