Thursday, May 22, 2008

Toni Gihooley, Mike Livingston: Heroes

See Toni Gilhooley's important press release at the bottom of today's colum . . . Also, please visit my national blog ( for a piece on why John McCain should choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his V-P running mate.

This weekend I'll start writing about Michael Livingston's fascinating race in Pennsylvania's 2d congressional district (Philadelphia west of Broad St.). Mike is running a smart campaign that's an essential step in beginning to change the political realities in his district. Every two years in that district the voters turn out en masse for Democrat Chaka Fattah and every two years absolutely nothing changes in the district. The educational system remains in a shambles, the crime rate is at totally unacceptable levels, and the poverty level (nearly 30%) continues at an alarming rate. Mike Livingston's campaign is a public service. He reminds me of the radio program many years ago featuring Father Keller of The Christophers group. He said, "It is better to light one little candle than to curse the darkness." In this year's race, Mike will light many candles, and he will bring hope to a district riddled with hopelessness.

The following bio will appear, perhaps with some minor edits, on, the world's most-used encyclopedia. Any Republican congressional candidates who would like help appearing on Wikipedia should contact me:

Antoinette “Toni” Gilhooley is running as a Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress seat in Pennsylvania’s 17th District. Her opponent in 2008 is Democratic Representative Tim Holden. Her web site is:

Toni was born in Steelton, Pennsylvania. She was raised in what she calls “a working class family that valued hard work, courage, and perseverance.”

Married to William M. Gilhooley, a retired Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant, Toni and her husband are the grandparents of twin girls. She and William reside in Lower Paxton Township.

During her 25-year career as an officer with the Pennsylvania State Police, Toni was honored by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence for her work with victims of abuse. She also served as a Peer Support Officer, assisting her fellow officers with various personal issues.

In retirement, she continues to work as a Peer Support Officer. In that role, she assists municipal police departments throughout central Pennsylvania and around the state.

She also has served a Victim Advocate and is a member of Dauphin County’s Domestic Violence Task Force.

Following Toni’s retirement from the State Police, Governor Mark Schweiker appointed her to serve as a Commissioner and Assistant Secretary on Pennsylvania’s Human Relations Commission.

Serving as a nationally certified Employee Assistance Professional, Toni has provided support and counseling to people in both the public and private sectors.

She has been involved in numerous business organizations, including: Central PA Association of Female Executives, the Business and Professional Women of Pennsylvania (where she served as State Legislation Chair), PA Association of Retired Employees, and the Dauphin County Council of Republican Women (where she served as President)

Toni is a member of PA State Troopers Retirees Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the National Rifle Association.

Regarding her run for the 17th district Congressional seat, she says: “I’ve spent my entire adult life in service to the people of the Commonwealth, and this effort is a continuation of my earlier efforts.” She adds, “I will campaign very hard, and with the support of my fellow Pennsylvanians and Americans, I expect to win.”

My thoughts: The 17th district, or any district in the U.S., would be lucky to have someone like Toni representing it in the U.S. Congress. (See Toni's press release below . . .)


In an article dated May 23, 2008, by Ben Wolfgang of the Pottsville Republican & Herald, Tim Holden admits that he did not read the Farm Bill and that he does not read any other bill that crosses his desk.

Article quote:“When asked if representatives had read the 800-page bill, Holden said ‘No. Not any bill.’” Read full article >>

Toni Gilhooley, Tim Holden’s November opponent for the 17th Congressional District seat, said, “Tim Holden is apparently part of the problem in Washington. He admits that he hasn’t read legislation that is being passed. If we’re not paying Tim Holden to know what’s in congressional legislation and to vote responsibly, what are taxpayers paying him to do? If members of Congress aren’t even reading bills, why are they passing them? District 17 taxpayers deserve better.”

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