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Bombshell: Dems Lied About Iraq

At the bottom of this column I talk about a number of people (and there are more I will mention soon) who will play a role -- ranging from marginal to critical -- in the Pennsylvania campaigns. They are "online friends" but much more than "imaginary friends," although I admit they all energize the imagination. The individuals mentioned are all very, very good at politics, especially the "low-cost, high impact" campaigning that I celebrate regularly. I hope you'll visit all of them. Some of these people (especially Rajan) know how Republican candidates can raise more money ("the mother's milk of politics," as Tip O'Neill called it). As with anything in life, you get money by asking for it -- although it sure helps to do it in the right way. A candidate's web site - used wisely -- can be a money tree.

Scroll down to see some very-important-people that few people have heard of . . .

The material below from PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason is a spectacular bombshell regarding the Democrats in 2006 knowingly lying about the Iraq War. It has major implications not just in PA's 11th district (where Rep. Paul Kanjorski is running against Republican Lou Barletta) but nationwide. Cong.Kanjorski (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area) admitted -- he's a moron, by the way -- that Democrats lied about the Iraq War in order to win the 2006 election. Of course, that means they also endangered our fighting men and women for political gain. I will be writing about this all weekend, initially at: (you're here now). I sincerely hope Senator McCain discusses Kanjorski's statement and its implications. Please disseminate this as widely as possible. This is the gaffe to end all gaffes, and it is a game-changer. Rob Gleason's statements follow:

Congressman Paul Kanjorski Admits Democrats Lied To The Public On
The War In Iraq To Win Control Of Congress In 2006,
Knowingly Endangered Our Troops

HARRISBURG - Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Robert A. Gleason, Jr. released the following statement on recent comments made by Congressman Paul Kanjorski admitting that Democrats lied to the public regarding ending the Iraq War in order to win back control of Congress:

"In light of his admission that he and other members of the Democrat Party lied, I believe that Congressman Paul Kanjorski should do the honorable thing and resign immediately. He violated the trust of the people of his district and betrayed them through his purposefully deceitful remarks. I demand that other members of the Democrat delegation come clean as well and let the public know if they were part of this conspiracy.

"Paul Kanjorski said that the Democrats ‘stretched the facts' for political reasons during the 2006 election cycle. As a veteran, I find Congressman Kanjorski's admission to lying about the facts of the War startling. The fact that Paul Kanjorski and the Democrats put their own political interests and thirst for power above the lives of the brave men and women fighting to protect our country sickens me. By misleading the nation and the world about the progress being made in Iraq, Kanjorski and the Democrats put the lives of our troops in danger, and they should be deeply ashamed of themselves. This is a sad day in American political history."

At a recent event, Congressman Kanjorski told a crowd the following about the Democrats 2006 election strategy:"I'll tell you my impression. We really in this last election, when I say we...the Democrats, I think pushed it as far as we can to the end of the fleet, didn't say it, but we implied it. That if we won the Congressional elections, we could stop the war. Now anybody was a good student of Government would know that wasn't true. But you know, the temptation to want to win back the Congress, we sort of stretched the facts...and people ate it up."

Click here to watch the Congressman admitting that the Democrats political strategy in 2006 was to knowingly mislead the public on the War in Iraq.

My comments: The Democrats in Pennsylvania who lied about the Iraq War for political gain include: Chaka Fattah (2d District), Jason Altmire (4th district), Joe Sestak (7th district), Patrick Murphy (8th district), Paul Kanjorski (11th district), John Murtha (12th district), Allyson Schwartz (13th district), and Tim Holden (17th district).

Gee, how many of them deserve to return to Congress so they can continue lying to us? Zero seems like a good number. All these Democrats are career politicians, perpetually feeding off the public trough. They can conceive of no other "job," nor can anyone imagine them holding one. Please, my fellow Pennsylvanians, put them in the unemployment lines. To Pennsylvania Democrats and Independents, you do have other choices than to vote for this pack of liars. Stand up for Pennsylvania, America, and the truth by voting them out of office.

In 2006, Cong. John Murtha knowingly lied when he called American Marines "cold-blooded killers." He did so in an effort to win the position of Majority Leader. Cong. Murtha's despicable behavior demonstrates that Paul Kanjorski is not the only member of Congress who should resign. Of course, Murtha is so self-absorbed that there is no way he intends to leave his role as "The Prince of Pork" other than to exit feet-first. Twelth district voters should help him on his sorry way.

More about Jason Altmire, Murtha's "piglet," this afternoon . . .

Republican candidates:
Michael Livingston (against Fattah)
Melissa Hart (against Altmire)
Craig Williams (against Sestak)
Tom Manion (against Patrick Murphy)
Lou Barletta (against Kanjorski)
William Russell (against Murtha)
Marina Kats (against Schwartz)
Toni Gihooley (against Holden)

Please support these outsanding candidates. You can do so by clicking on their names and going to their web sites. Their opponents are gathering money from hate-America groups like and the Please give as generously as you can to the GOP candidates.

"Since most Democratic congresspeople in PA are dumb as doorknobs when it comes to Iraq, they invariably follow John Murtha's lead." ON PAUL KANJORSKI BELOW.

Kanjorski is the second ranking Dem on Finacial Services. He's chairman of the Capital Markets, Insurance, and Goverrnment Sponsored Enterprises Comm. He's the 4th ranking Dem. on the Oversight and Goverment Reform (!!!!!) Committee. He voted FOR the Iraq Timetable. He is a major misuser of earmarks and in that works very closely with "The Prince of Pork," John Murtha. He was involved in the "Cornerstone" scandal, getting huge earmarks for a company that was supposed to turn coal to oil. Instead, it turned itself into bankruptcy. Former employees of Cornerstone said Kanjorski "often took an active role in its operations." A Penn State University described the Cornerstone fiasco as "The Three Stooges meet anthracite." His seat is described as "safe," but it is a lot less safe today than it was last Saturday. The median income in Kanjorski's district is well below the national average. The poverty rate is above the Pennsylvania average (See Michael Barone, Almanac of American Politics, 2008, pp. 1410-1412) His opponenet this year is Republican Lou Barletta, mayor of Hazleton.

The great friends that I've never met in person:

Jim Fryar writes on American politics (very, very well) from Australia (at http://jimmunro.blogspot.comRajan Vaish writes on American politics from India and is a computer expert wroking for the McCain Campaign and for several campaigns in Pennsylvania. He has never set foot in America (and I've never been to India).

Jean Avery (Tigrefan) has an extremely important blog: She writes with a beautiful style about the McCain effort.

Kathy Morrison is an expert in online politics and blogs at:

Brad Marston ( and elsewhere) played a major role in getting John McCain the nomination)

Sharon Caliendo of Norman, OK, is the world's leading expert in "low-cost, high impact" politics (especially "football game politics"). I am in awe of her (

Adam Brickley ( graduated from college last Friday. He ran the national "Draft Sarah Palin for VP" and is the best young political activist in the country

SJ Reidhead (Cindy) is perhaps the best political writer in the U.S.on The Pink Flamingo at Blogharbor.comThere's a book (or two) in here somewhere.

More names will be coming in the near future . . .

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