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Allyson Schwartz

On my Hillary Supporters for McCain site, I have a guest piece by Jean Avery about how McCain should consider Alasska Governor Sarah Palin as a running mate. Jean Avery is someone you should know -- her site is: http://moms4mccain.blogspot.com -- because I hope she's one of many national figures who will "adopt" and support Pennsylvania congressional candidates.

I'll be writing more Wedenesday evening on the Kats-Schwartz race, which could be a monumental battle. The added material will be in boldface.

The Almanac of American Politics ("The Bible of Politics") contains the following information about Rep. Allyson Schwartz's background: "Her mother fled Vienna as a teenager in 1938 after the Germans annexed Austria and traveled alone to America, where she settled at a Jewish foster home in Philadelphia."

Mrs. Schwartz's mother was fleeing mass murderers who wanted to kill her because she was a Jew. Hitler's human killing machines were not a whole lot different from the Islamic terrorists who massacred nearly 3,000 people on September 11, 2001. Like the Nazis, the modern Islamic fascists seem to kill people almost for sport.

Unlike her mother, Allyson Schwartz seems totally unable to grasp the nature of evil. That causes her real problems in grasping the problem we face in the Mideast. We face individuals who want to kill us -- and anyone else who gets in their way.

Allyson Schwartz has no understanding of why there has not been a repeat of 9/11. She either doesn't know or doesn't care that more than 5,000 members of al Qaeda have been killed in Iraq. Those 5,000 dead fanatics will not kill any Americans in New York, or Washington, DC, or Shanksville, PA -- or in Montgomery County.

I doubt seriously that Allyson Schwartz has personal knowledge of any American serviceman or servicewoman. I don't think a lot graduates from Bryn Mawr and Simmons College, her alma mater, end up in the military. In the gatherings of cardiologists and various left-wing groups, you won't find many veterans.

Some of the people of Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia may feel they can tolerate the continued presence of Allyson Schwartz in the House of Representatives. But if they care about the protection of themselves and their families, they really should re-think their views.

When Schwartz's mother came to America in 1938, there were people like her daughter Allyson in Congress, although none of them was female. Those were the people who wanted nothing to do with "Europe's War." They didn't want American soldiers fighting and dying in somebody else's conflict.

Of course, FDR -- and there are current no Democrats remotely resembling him -- understood what was at stake. Alas, Rep. Schwartz will never understand, because that not the way she "practices politics."

Marina Kats understands. Where Allyson Schwartz is feckless, Marina is downright ferocious. Allyson Schwartz's mom, a woman who looked evil right in its face, would have loved Marina. So will a lot of people in the 13th District.

I actually hope Rachel Magnuson (see below) keeps throwing verbal spit balls that boomerang back to make the Schwartz campaign seem ridiculous. Tomorrow's (Thursday's) column also will be on Kats-Schwartz. Friday and Saturday I'll be writing about Melissa Hart (R) against incumbent Jason Altmire (D). Sunday and Monday will highlight Toni Gilhooley (R) versus Tim Holden (D). If you like this site, please tell your friends, supporters, and local GOP organizations about it. Thanks.

Marina Kats, Republican candidate for Congress in PA's 13th Congressional District. Lawyer, entrepreneur, patriot, and mother.

Over the next two days, I'll discuss two very important races: Melissa Hart (R) versus Jason Altmire (D) in the 4th District (western PA outside Pittsburgh) and Marina Kats (R) versus Allyson Schwartz (D) in the 13th District (Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia). Frankly, Altmire and Schwartz exemplify everything that's wrong with the U.S. House and their actions (and inactions) are major reasons why Congress has a 22% approval rating.

Marina Kats v. Allyson Schwartz

Allyson Schwartz's spokeswoman, Rachel Magnuson, is noting mainly for spewing venon on Schwartz's behalf. When it became clear Marina would be the Republican nominee, Magnuson told The (Philadelphia) Bulletin that Schwartz "should do well against someone 'who has made her money being an immigration and criminal defense lawyer.'"

In other words, Marina is worthy of denunciation because she actually works at a real job -- as opposed to a government one -- and has created scores of well-paying jobs. Those are the kind of jobs that Democratic candidates always call for -- but never seem to create. If anyone asks Mrs. Schwartz what jobs she's actually "created," I fear she would point to her attack dog, Rachel Magnuson.

How, by the way, has Schwartz made her money? Most of it appears to have come from her marrying a mega-wealthy cardiologist, Dr. David Schwartz. He, of course, made his vast riches from a health care system that Schwartz now supposedly wants to hit with a legislative wrecking ball.

Are we to assume that a repentant Dr. Schwartz will want to return some of the vast millions he's accumulated? Oops, I forgot: leftists like Allyson Schwartz don't want to tax wealth; they want to tax income. Thus, if you're already wealthy (like Dr. and Mrs. Schwartz), you'll do okay with Schwarz-enomics. If you're a wage-stiff, well, prepare to pony up.

Somehow, Ms. Magnuson feels the voters are supposed to admire Schwartz for marrying well -- and criticize Marina for making her own money. I don't think that will play especially well in either Montgomery County or Northeast Philadelphia.

Marina Kats has made a lot of money, mainly because she's one of the best lawyers and entrepreneurs east if the Mississippi. To that we can only say, "You go, girl." The money Allyson Schwartz has made in various bureaucratic or government jobs has -- unlike Marina's -- come at taxpayers' expense. Allyson Schwartz would no more work in a private sector job than she'd dance the hula at Independence Hall.

The aforementioned Ms. Magnuson noted that one of Schwartz's priorities was "fighting crime." Since the Philadelphia area has one of the highest crime rates in the nation, it would appear Schwartz's crime-fighting crusade has been a flop.

Congresswoman Schwartz's fundraising benefits apparently from the fact that she seems to know a number of wealthy cardiologists (are there any other kind?) in addition to husband David. She also generates money from the "usual suspects," including "Emily's List" and Moveon.org. Generally, those are people who don't like the America we have come to know; they'd much rather we had the influence and power of, say, New Zealand or Iceland

Marina Kats has a decent chance this year of upsetting Allyson Schwartz. She can't outspend Schwartz, who has sold out to every unsavory group in America, but she can outsmart her.

Everyone who knows Marina describes her as tough and tenacious. Everyone who knows Schwartz describes her, as they would Ms. Magnuson, as a bully and a blowhard. My bet goes to the tough and tenacious.

Marina, born in Russia, is a patriot who reveres the flag, our country, and its servicemen and servicewomen. Schwartz, born in America, often acts as if she'd rather be someplace else. It's time for voters in the 13th to send her to that "someplace else." I hear Aruba is nice.

The Bulletin article is worth reading:

Novak on Jason Altmire: "There does not seem to be anything conservative about him"

Exclusive: Blue Dog Blues
by Robert Novak

Conservatives rationalized on May 13 when Republicans lost their third consecutive special Congressional election, in the supposedly safe 1st District of Mississippi. After all, they said, the victorious Democratic candidate Travis Childers, sounded more conservative during the campaign than his losing Republican candidate. He was a county official, a good old boy who the voters figured would be an independent conservative vote in the House as one of the Blue Dog Democrats.

But once in Washington, he drank the Democratic leadership's Kool Aid. In the first 13 House roll calls contested along partisan lines after Childers took his seat in Congress, he voted with the Democrats 12 times. Childers fit right in with the Blue Dogs elected in 2006 to give Democrats control of the House after a dozen years of a Republican majority. They won office by campaigning as independent conservatives.

But in the House starting in January 2007, they have voted the Democratic line -- with no exceptions -- more than 80 percent of the time.The Blue Dogs are different in kind than the old "Redneck Caucus" or the "Boll Weevils" -- genuinely conservative Democratic members of Congress from the South who constituted a virtual third party on Capitol Hill for half a century beginning in the mid -1930s.

But the South's seats in both House and Senate once held by Boll Weevils are now mostly occupied by Republicans. The Blue Dogs come from all over the country, from districts generally conservative but not traditionally or firmly Republican.

In 2006 when the political currents were running against the GOP, they could campaign as conservatives opposed to Republican corruption and hypocrisy and against knee-jerk liberalism. Their profile: hard-line on immigration and terrorism, highly critical of President Bush's war policy, pro-gun and usually pro-life, contemptuous of Republican deficit spending. They pledged they would not be beholden to Nancy Pelosi in Congress.

But as House members, the Blue Dogs from the Class of '06 have followed the Pelosi line. In HUMAN EVENTS of April 18, 2007,I tracked 10 of them who consistently voted as Speaker Pelosi wants. A survey of their performances since then shows they have not changed. Most are usually dependable votes for the majority party on issues where the leadership cracks the party whip.

Rep. Charlie Wilson (D-Ohio) a millionaire undertaker, is avowedly pro-life and pro-gun and was considered a moderate conservative as a longtime Ohio state legislator. But in 2006 he comfortably carried his southeast Ohio district, which was formerly represented in Congress by Gov. Ted Strickland and looks safely Democratic. So, Wilson voted the party line on all eight issues, including the two tax increases. Party regularity again was linked to how safe the district is.

But that surely is not the case with the only other selected Blue Dog with a perfect Democratic record on the eight issues: Rep. Jason Altimire (R-Pa.). He is a former Congressional aide and health industry lobbyist, and there does not seem to be anything conservative about him. He apparently joined the Blue Dogs because he represents a swing district where former Rep. Melissa Hart (R-Pa.), whom he defeated in 2006, is trying again in 2008.

Rep. Chris Carney (D-Pa.), who defeated the scandal-tainted Rep. Don Sherwood (R-Pa.) in a Republican district, faces a tough Republican challenge from a new candidate this year. But that has not stopped him from voting with the Democrats on all of the eight issues except for the House version of the FISA bill that did not provide immunity for telephone companies.

The Blue Dogs say remarkably little on the House floor. Representing shaky districts (except for Charlie Wilson), they don't want to offer anything that will come back to bite them. However, Rep. Nancy Boyda (D-Kan.) let her emotions get the best of her last year at a Congressional hearing on Iraq. When the respected retired Gen. Jack Keane testified that the surge is working, she walked out of the hearing and said: "There is only so much you can take."

After upsetting the world famous miler and five-term Congressman, Rep. Jim Ryun (R-Kan.), in 2006, she applied for membership with the Blue Dogs but has broken with Democrats only on FISA and energy out of the selected bills.

What is clear is that Blue Dogs are neither conservatives nor independents. They only campaign that way. They are hoping that in November they can ride through the current political ethos for at least another two years.

Mr. Novak is a syndicated columnist and editor of the Evans-Novak Political Report, a political newsletter he founded in 1967 with Rowland Evans. For the full article click here

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