Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pennsylvania:Vote-Buying & Chihuahas

Go to to see why this PA Democrat would like to bite Mitt Romney.

Today (Thursday) on my main blog the title of today's column is: "Are Hillary, Barack Really Chihuahuas?" I hope you'll visit that blog -- frequently. On my DailyKostKutter blog on Friday, I'll be writing about why you should move to Ambridge, PA -- and do so as soon as possible. Obviously, that column will be light-hearted -- but not outrageous. On my PennsylvaniaforJohnMcCain column (you're here now) I'll have a column about why, if you're a stanch Democrat, you should vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary. All politics is relative, and -- relatively speaking -- Senator Clinton is the best of the two candidates. Of course, the best of all possible presidential candidates is American hero John McCain. Thanks so much for visiting; your comments are always welcome. God bless!

In recent weeks, I've had visitors not only from Wasilla, Alaska (hometown of Governor Sarah Heath Palin), but also from many locations in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, of course, but also more exotic locations like: Gwynedd Valley, Palmyra, Pottstown (hometown of novelist John O'Hara), Annville, Morton, Essington, Phoenixville, Fairbank, Southhampton, Canonsburg (near the home of my friend Diana Lynn Irey), Haverford, King of Prussia, and Shicksenny. I'm glad you came, and I hope you'll return often.

I'll be writing much more about Pennsylvania politics in the days -- and months -- ahead. In my other blog today (and tomorrow) I'll be writing about the Obama-Clinton campaign and the behavior of some of their "surrogates" (including Samantha Power, who called Hillary a "monster" and Geraldine Ferraro, who committed the "sin" of criticizing Barack Obama). You can find it at:

A big question raised today is: why does the obviously distraught Mrs. Spitzer (Sibala) stand by her man? The answer to that is not clear yet (to ordinary mortals). I firmly believe I do know why Hillary Clinton stood by her man, philanderer Bill Clinton. She did so because it was in her political interest to do so. She wanted to be President, and divorcing Bill probably would have made that impossible. Cynical? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

This morning (Wednesday), I'm watching TV, transfixed by the decline and fall of Eliot Spitzer, the lawman who obviously believed he was above the law. In regard to my home state of Pennsylvania, I will be writing later today about the central importance of the state in the Democratic Primary and, especially, in the general election. If John McCain can win this state, he probably will be the next President of the U.S. What happens in this Commonwealth will play a major role in determining the future of our country.

One thing that's almost certainly going on in PA right now is the passage of a great deal of money. I mentioned earlier that Gov. Ed Rendell dispensed $700,000 in cash money on the last election day in 2006. Those dollars, most of which went to political "fixers" in the Black communities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, is known as "street money" or "walking around money."

It's really a form of bribery -- vote-buying. I'm sure the realities of PA politics are being conveyed to Hillary Clinton (backed by Gov. Rendell) and Barack Obama. They are fully aware that, in Pennsylvania, money talks. Be aware that you won't read much about his in the national media, which will follow its usual approach of "see no evil" when it comes to Democratic politics. The cynics who give, receive, and pass around the street money are not exactly apostles of the "politics of hope."

More to come later today . . .

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