Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pennsylvania: McCain Leads Clinton, Obama

"A political gaffe occurs when someone inadvertently tells the truth." (John Fund)

Things are getting very ugly in Pennsylvania on the Democrat side. Meanwhile, things are looking very good for Sen. McCain in the Key Stone State.

Bulletin: I received the following today from an important McCain operative, Patrick Hynes.

Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire Blog: Poll Puts McCain Ahead Of Clinton And Obama In Pennsylvania

By Elizabeth Holmes

Could the mudslinging between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Pennsylvania help Sen. John McCain?

A new poll gives McCain,the presumptive Republican nominee, a lead over both his Democratic opponents in the Keystone State, which holds its primary on April 22. When survey respondents were asked if they would choose McCain or Clinton in the general election, 48% opted for McCain versus 42% for Clinton. A match-up between McCain and Obama was closer, with McCain receiving 47% and Obama at 44%.

Even though the poll puts McCain ahead of Obama, his campaign sent the numbers to the media with the subject: “Obama outperforms Clinton against McCain.”

But McCain isn’t resting on his laurels. The Arizona senator is headed to Pennsylvania for a fund-raiser tonight in Philadelphia and a town hall meeting Friday morning in Springfield, Pa. McCain recognizes the need to work for attention — acknowledging Wednesday that the constant media focus on Obama and Clinton keeps his name out of the headlines.

“If we have spirited campaign between Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton for a long time and I turn on the TV, I don’t see my face very often,” McCain said from the back of his Straight Talk Express bus. “That’s what news is about.”

Steve notes: On this site, I've discussed how critical it is that, in the general election, McCain wins Pennsylvania. The recent poll data suggests McCain is ahead of his two Democratic rivals, but there's a lot of work remaining to be done. John McCain needs your donataions, your vote, your volunteer activity, and -- most of all -- your prayers. Playing the race and gender cards is not helping Clinton or Obama.

Breaking News: McCain Lambastes Clinton, Obama for Their Wasteful Pork Barrel Spending!

CNN’s Political Ticker Blog: McCain: Obama And Clinton Wasted Hundreds Of Millions

By Alexander Marquardt

WASHINGTON (CNN) – John McCain left the campaign trail Thursday to return to the Senate to vote for a bill that would place a one-year moratorium on earmarks, money that is tacked onto bills by legislators for pet projects.

“I believe we must end this process, which has diverted billions in taxpayer dollars to needless projects, once and for all. If voters give me the pen, I will veto every single pork-barrel bill Congress sends me,” McCain said in a statement.

The Arizona senator blasts excess spending every step of the way on the campaign trail and though Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will join him in voting for the measure, McCain criticized their past use of earmarks.

“They have used earmarks and some of them in a manner I don’t that think taxpayers would at all approve of,” McCain told CNN. “It’s hundreds of millions of dollars, taxpayers’ dollars, that are absolutely outrageously wasted.”

McCain urged Obama and Clinton to be more transparent and reveal the earmarks they’ve asked for, saying it’s likely much of that money hasn’t been spent yet and can be recuperated.

“I call on them to say ‘hey, don’t spend that money,’ because they’re earmarks, they didn’t go through a proper process and taxpayers can’t afford it.”

All three senators running for president are back in their day jobs on Capitol Hill Thursday for the first time in about a month.

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