Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who Exactly Is Barack Obama?

Inquiring Pennsylvanians want to know . . . as do other Americans, but apparently we're out of luck.

The emerging narrative about Barack Obama is that there is no coherenet narrative that defines the man. I'm very uncertain what his religious views are, other than that he's suggesting he's a Christian -- one probably more like "spiritual advisor" Rev. Wright than unlike him. Obama has said that he's "been praising Jesus for 20 years." What exactly does that mean? Does he adhere to John 3:16 or not? (I believe he'd find that famous Biblical verse too exclusionary.) The national media put almost no pressure on Obama, so it depends on people like us to ask the hard questions -- even though we're certain Obama will never answer them. Right now, he's on a bus tour in Pennsylvania, one that's mostly a lovefest designed to let the candidate avoid any difficult moments. It's shameful, but it's the media world we inhabit.

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