Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama's Chickens Home to Roost

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) I'll give my thoughts on what I think Barack Obama will say in his "major speech" in Philadelphia about race in America. Short form: I expect the usual "deep baritone filibuster," loaded with self-serving rhetoric. Rev. Wright's anti-American statements are similar to many Obama heard -- and probably internalized -- in his years at Harvard (where Michelle also attended). He will talk about his "love" for America, but I fear the country he loves is one most of us wouldn't recognize.
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Damn chickens
By Steven Ein

I feared it would be about race, right from the start. White America was jubilant to be "post racial."

People were spellbound by Barack Obama, as were Rev. Wright's congregants. The candidate's audiences could hardly contain their emotions. Adults swooned, even fainted, over his most elequent words.

But then, something happened. We got to see, thanks to the huge ego of Rev. Wright, videos of what he actually said and meant, and almost as bad, we saw the ecstatic behavior of his congregants.

"God damn America." With that phrase, the Rev. Wright doomed the presidential run of a black man who could have been grand. Yes, Barack, Michelle, and Jerimiah, "the chickens have come home to roost."

Not the chickens you expected and they ain't roosting where you wanted them. But, indeed, they have come home to roost.

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