Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Obama: Black Messages, White Messages

NOTE: Recently, I posted Lloyd Marcus' autobiographical essay about growing-up-smart (and conservative) in -- and out of -- housing projects. Tomorrow, on all my blogs, I'm going to post powerful comments on the American economy by Black Conservatives Randy and Lorin. I suggest that economically challenged candidates like Obama and Clinton hire Randy and Lorin immediately. No, they won't do so. Be sure to visit to see what two talented Black thinkers have to say. Look for "Obama, Clinton Flunk Economics 101."

On my national blog (http://camp2008victorya.blogspot.com/) I will be posting a new column later today (Tuesday, about 5 p.m.) but for now on the national blog I want to keep featuring Lloyd Marcus' fascinating "Confessions."

My next column will begin with the following quote from novelist Martin Amis' wonderful book called Money: "My theory is -- we don't really go that far into other people, even when we think we do. We hardly ever go in and bring them out. We just stand at the jaws of the cave, and strike a match, and quickly ask if anybody's there."

What I've been trying recently is to "bring out" the real Barack Obama -- particularly to determine why says one thing in his books and something very different in his speeches and commercials. Who is Obama? And does he even know the answer to that question?

On this Pennsylvania blog today, I will talk about Obama's commercials, now playing non-stop in The Keystone State. In the ads, he features his (white) grandparents as charter members of "The Greatest Generation." However, in his books and (some) speeches, he portrays the grandparents as vaguely racist and about as heroic as Bozo the Clown. (He calls his grandmother "Rosie the Riveter" and describes his grandfather as a combat soldier who never saw combat.)

Why does he present such vastly different pictures of those key people in his life? The evidence believe Obama is presenting one message to Black people -- and a radically different one to white people. With the cooperation of the national media, he's offering us sharply contradictory messages.

Of course, the key question is as follows: Is Obama telling the truth in his commercials? For example, the Pennsylvania ads talk about how he has "stood up to the special interests" and that "they are not financing [his] campaign? Is that true? And where could you find evidence to help you find out?

Obama: "We need to reign in special interests . . ."

In Obama's Senate campaign, he raised a huge amount of money: $14.5 million. That was more than six times as much as John McCain raised for his last Senate campaign. Obama was basically running unopposed, so he certainly didn't need the money. Many of Obama's contributions -- millions of dollars worth -- came from individuals and group that obviously represent special interests.

Determine this for yourself by going to the Center for Responsive Politics site at: http://opensecrets.org/politicians/contrib.asp?CID=N00009638&cycle=2006. If you go there, you'll be amazed by what you find.

You'll notice he received a total of about $250,000 from individuals associated with the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, both with obvious interests in legislation. Also, he received a combined total of about $123,000 from George Soros, a billionaire money-trader and founder of far-left Moveon.org, and mega-financial firm Goldman Sachs. For some reason, Obama doesn't regard these special interests as . . . well . . . special interests.

Notice that most of Obama's biggest contributors, such as Kirkland & Ellis, are either law firms or financial institutions. You may have noticed that Obama has been a lot less likely to criticize financial companies than Hillary Clinton. In fact, Obama's finance committee chair is Penny Pritzker, an extremely wealthy Chicagoan who was deeply involved in politicies that led to the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Apparently, Obama regards "special interests" as any group other than the ones who provide him cash for campaigns. Thus, his commercials present a message that's untrue.

Black Conservative Randy: Right on Rev. Wright

The following are comments by Black conservative Randy on Obama's relationship with America-hating pastor Jeremiah A. Wright:

Pastor Wright's mentoring and advice to Obama can have policy effects that can damage the entire country, and possibly even damage the entire world.As for the excuse that Obama is "guilty by association", there is a simple way to fix that. Obama must disassociate, fully and completely and specifically regarding any anti-American policies or statements. No evasions, no weasel words, no equivocations, no moral equivalency.Unless, of course, Obama is only running for the Presidency of the angry blacks of America.It is an issue for many people, so it must be addressed. His choice.Randy

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