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Note: I put the following column up today on Ohio for John McCain, which I'm handling until we get an Ohioan who will manage it.

Hello again Ohioans! We're still looking for someone in Buckeye State to take over this blog ( I'm in Ambridge, PA, not all that far from the Ohio border), and I'm keeping an eye on politics in your state, which is heating up for the primary vote on March 4. If you're interested, leave a comment -- or contact me at the e-mail address below

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The media: you gotta love them, because their bias is matched only by their cluelessness.Hillary Clinton used material from "Saturday Night Live" in a recent debate, asking rhetorically, "Are you comfortable Senator Obama? Would you like another pillow?"

On Sunday afternoon (about 4:30 p.m.) Jim Acosta of CNN was speaking -- very uncomfortably -- about the media's "alleged favoritism" toward Obama. Since he's one of the worst offenders, he should know a lot about the topic. He noted, again with discomfort, Hillary Clinton's appearance last night on SNL as the network showed clips -- a form of free advertising.

Candy Crowley, who follows -- and apparently reveres -- Hillary Clinton for the network, noted that Mrs. Clinton really doesn't "cackle," as SNL indicated. She added also that Hillary's staffers say "she has a great sense of humor," although Crowley apparently hasn't seen it herself. The fact is that when comes to her political career, Mrs. Clinton is serious to the point of grimness.

Reporters like Crowley and Acosta have a very high opinion of themselves. They seem unconscious of their bias in covering Democratic political figures. Plato said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." I guess that applies to Mr. Acosta and Ms. Crowley.

I switched over to MSNBC. On there, for perhaps the 20th time, they were showing the recent debate between Obama and Clinton. More free advertising for both candidates.

The moderator was Tim Russert, a lifelong liberal Democrat, brought up in Buffalo, New York, by a father who adored Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy."And so it goes." If you're one of those Ohioans -- and there are millions of you there -- vote for John McCain on Tuesday. By doing so, you can stick your finger in the media's collective eye.

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