Monday, July 28, 2008

"McCain, not Hussein"

Bulletin: Right now on TV in PA, Obama is counter-attacking McCain's commercial blaming BHO for high gas prices. (McCain was using a metaphor, tying Obama to all those extremely liberal legislators who never want to produce another kilowatt or barrel of energy.) McCain was correct, and the clueless Obama doesn't even know why. I believe very much in wind and solar -- so does McCain -- but they will be big about 2035 or 2040. Between then and now, we are going to need a lot of energy, and Barack's idea of solving the problem is to let gasoline go to, oh, say, $7-$8 a gallon. Obama has no energy plan, and Emperor Barack has no clothes.

"Country before Party . . . McCain, not Hussein" Scroll down to read my "Response to an Obama Supporter." For outstanding candidates to win congressional races this year, it's essential that John McCain carry the state by a significant margin (at 2-3 percentage points).

About the "your wallet" bumper sticker, I sent the following message today (Monday) to GOP candidates and their supporters:

I hope all GOP candidates for the House and Senate will start printing and distributing these bumper stickers. Hand them out at friendly gas stations! This is a winning approach! Volunteers in PA and elsewhere need to get them and distribute. This is a low-cost, high-impact tactic, and it could get media coverage. This kind of hard-hitting approach is essential in a year when we've got all the brains and they've got all the money. "McCain, not Hussein."

Yes, some people will mindlessly vote Democratic this year -- just as a few will mindlessly vote Republican. However, there's more fluidity in the parties this year than ever before, as exemplified by the millions of Hillary Clinton Supporters who will NOT vote for Barack Hussein Obama. This is the time -- this is the election -- for Republican candidates like Melissa Hart, Toni Gilhooley, Tom Manion, Craig Williams, and Marina Kats to reach out to Democrats.

Marina Kats is a Jew running against Allyson Schwartz, also a Jew. But it will be Schwartz who is supporting a candidate, Barack Obama, who's surrounded himself with enemies of the state of Israel, including -- mostly recently -- David Bonior. Obama's military adviser, one Merrill McPeak, has blamed Jews in Miami and New York for the lack of peace in the Mideast. This is a disgrace, although I doubt Allyson Schwartz, whose mother escaped the Nazis and fled to America, is going to call it that. Whatever principles Schwartz may have inherited, she shed long ago.

Consider the following about the value of country over party:

Debbie Bartoshevich is a former Democratic delegate from Wisconsin who supported Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, and vowed to vote for Sen. John McCain. The Wisconsin Democratic Party took away her convention credentials.

Now she's speaking to the press (watch HERE.)

"I have a right to vote for anybody I want to vote for," she says. "I'm putting my country before my party...I'm finished with the party, the Democrat party."

Clearly, the DNC has forgotten what country this is. Ms. Bartoshevich is right to leave the Party, which actually left her and other normal Americans long ago.

Frankly, it's time for Pennsylvania Democrats to proclaim that they're Americans first -- and they will not vote for anyone who doesn't understand that simple fact.

I received the following note from a young friend today. He has decided to support Obama, and he says :

"Steve, Having been a good blogging friend with you for the last year, I wanted to tell you something before it goes up on my blog within the week. I've decided to support Barack Obama this election. It was not an easy decision and one I do not enjoy making. I really feel that McCain has lost what made McCain great fighting the far left and the far right in equal measure. But I still respect him and all of his supporters including you alot. I'm still calling myself a Republican but the party I joined has gotten off track and I'm hoping Obama will take this nation in a place where I know Republicans will not. I've haven't always been a conventional Republican in my politics but I will continue my political journey and hope to count you as a friend now and in the future."

Here's my response to Christopher:

Christopher, I find your support for Obama (which I've seen coming) quite mystifying. Which of his "accomplishments" impresses you most? His proposal to invade Pakistan (an ally and a nation with nuclear weapons?) or his "option" to reinvade Iraq?), or his vague suggestion to AIPAC that he might use nuclear weapons against Iran? You are young, Christopher, and you've been "rolled" by a skillful orator.

John McCain has been a leader in campaign finance reform, educational reform, and comprehensive immigration reform, which Obama has not. He has been a leader in the attempt to reduce global warming, which Obama has not. He supports producing more domestic energy, which Obama does not.

He supported the surge, which has worked, while Obama did not support it and seems clueless about its great success.

I wrote the mission statement for Mission NoBama that said Obama is inexperienced (which he is), unqualified (he hasn't even been a U.S. Senator for one term), untrustworthy (just ask his former friends on the far left), and dangerous (as in his plans to invade Pakistan, reinvade Iraq, and do "everything . . . everything" to keep Iran from developing a nuke).

The man is dangerous, Christopher. Do you deny that, and if so, on what basis?

Many people this year will support Barack Obama, mainly on the basis of his eloquent, but empty, rhetoric. They will offer such support for various reasons, but given the points I've made (not opinions) they will not be able to do so in good conscience.

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Anonymous said...

What BS. 500 Billion deficit? Why not just abolish taxes and just have the treasury mint unlimited cash. Soon it will be 1 million for a loaf of bread. But who cares, no taxes!

Sorry Steve. The GOP lost it's soul long ago.