Sunday, July 13, 2008

PA: Republican Congressional Sweep Possible

BULLETIN FROM ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS: BP to begin developing Liberty oil field BP said it will begin developing its Liberty oil field, which will involve drilling the world's longest wells to reach an offshore reservoir in the Beaufort Sea. [If Barack Obama, Jason Altmire and their fellow Democrats in Congress had any say in it, this oil development would NOT be taking place. The Beaufort Sea oil is well off the Alaska coast.]

After you enjoy the Barack-Michelle image, scroll down to the bottom to see my "medical malpractice" story.
Above is the already famous New Yorker cover of Michelle, fashionable in an Afro and (bitterly?) toting an AK-47, while Barack is decked out in a turban, as the two do their signature fist-bump. I wrote about the cover and the way images and videos are being used against Mr. and Mrs. Obama. Go to:

This image (Hillary-McCain) above on is unprecedented, and I hope it will serve as a model for Republican candidates all over the country.

No self-respecting Hillary Supporter will ever vote for candidates like Jason Altmire (whose district went two-to-one for Hillary) or Patrick Murphy (whose own Bucks County went 72,000 to 41,000 for Hillary).

They also won't vote for Pelosi favorites like Sestak Holden, and Schwartz, because Nancy played Lady MacBeth when it came to Hillary's campaign. Altmire and Murphy sold Hillary out for the modern equivalent of 30 pieces of silver -- hefty campaign contributions from Obama, a weak and cynical candidate who apparently doesn't like white people (too "bitter" for his tastes, too apt to value religion and Second Amendment rights, too unlikely to vote for a race-baiter like him).

Please feel free to repost any material here -- and tell your friends and supporters that I exist. Thanks. (On Altmire's and Murphy's contributions from Obama -- obviously in exchange for their support -- go to: If you see Jason and Patrick palling around, ask them to return the money.

For the first time, the Rasmussen Poll shows John McCain catching up to Barack Obama and running even nationally. At this point, with Barack Obama spending $100 million on commercials in 24 key states, that is very good news for John McCain. As congressional candidates know, I'm predicting a substantial victory for McCain in PA, something in the 53% to 47% range. That wuold mean victory for Melissa Hart and, probably, Tom Manion. It would mean Toni Gilhooley, Craig Williams, Lou Barletta, and Marina Kats would be competitive with their opponents.

If McCain could pull off a 57% to 43% win in PA, he could bring all those candidates along with him. How could that happen? It would do so if the Obama Campaign collapses like a two-dollar tent. We may already be seeing something like that happening. Obama's left-wing supporters, who agreed with his "principles," are finding out that in fact he doesn't have any principles.

As the Wall Street Journal recently put it, there's a reason Obama keeps talking about "a third George Bush term." As the Journal notes, Obama seems to be running for that third term. His recent embrace of capital punishment, the new FISA bill, faith-based initiatives, and Second Amendment rights has alarmed many people who thought they knew Barack.

Obama's current "energy" ad in PA is clownish and ineffective. It mainly accuses John McCain of once posing for a picture with the President of the U.S. Obama's "plan" seems to be to let gasoline go to $8 a gallon under his presidency -- at which point he would blame his predecessor.

I've been saying for many months that Republican candidates need to embrace John McCain -- in ways that congressional aspirants rarely do. What they should be embracing in fact is McCain's chance to do extremely well in the Keystone State.

For Tuesday morning's column, I'm going to write about one of the "forgotten issues": health care. The crucial issue in this campaign is the economy, particularly gas prices. But health care is still a concern and, as with energy, the Democrats are the wrong side of the issue.

One thing I'll ask everyone to do is to go to and join the group. Also, check out another web site: The organizations represented by those two sites are going to play a crucial role in John McCain's carrying PA.

See YouTube below:

Obama's economic policies don't add up

My Medical Malpractice Story
Many years ago an English professor (John Nabholz) at the University was discussing the pros and cons of teaching first-year students: He said, "I love teaching freshmen. They don't know ANYTHING." Presumably, that meant he was never at a loss for things to teach.

I'm in a one e-mail Groups full of moderate-to-liberal Democrats. They make me feel like Prof. Nabholz, because they truly don't know anything.
Recently, the question of skyrocketing costs for medical malpractice insurance came up. Several of the Demcorats believed the current system, emphasizing lots of lawsuits is just fine. One person said doctors guilty of malpractice should be put in jail.
Another person (a Republican?) suggested that maybe it was the malpractice attorneys who should be incarcerated. He also observed that, in the end, it's the patients who end up paying.
Here's how I responded: "Bingo! The person or company who hands over the money isn't the one who really "pays." Good sound Republican principles would point out the inconvenient truth that it's the patient or taxpayer who pays -- not the "evil" insurance company. This I must admit is another problem I have with the Democratic Party's approach to the issue -- i.e., allowing unlimited lawsuits by plaintiff's attorneys. In the end, that results in poorer treatment, excessive testing, and higher costs, which is not what we should be aiming for.
"Look at it this way. You go to the doctor with a headache. One thing he could do is sign you up for brain scans that might cost thousands of dollars. Or he could say, 'Go home, take two Tylenol, and get some rest. If the headache doesn't go away, call me.'" The first approach -- the brain scans -- is one we'll see more and more with malpractice. The old-fashioned approach is the Tylenol one that costs a nickel a tablet."
Professor Nabholz would be proud of me.


Mike said...

Do you and Melissa Hart think that if you repeat a lie enough times maybe someone will actually believe you? How many times are you going to recycle this lie?

Melissa Hart and probably you too still claim that the Chinese are drilling off the coast of Cuba even though it was proven wrong a long time ago.

Here are the facts according to the Federal Election Commission: Jason Altmire received contributions from Barack Obama’s Hope Fund on 11/1/06 (before he beat Melissa Hart the first time), 6/15/07 and 9/27/07. Patrick Murphy received contributions on 6/29/06, 10/20/06, 11/2/06 (before previous election), 6/15/07 and 9/27/07. Three other Pennsylvania Congressmen also received contributions with none after 9/27/07 including one that endorsed Hilary Clinton.

Do you really think that anyone will believe that 7 months before the Pennsylvania primary that Barack Obama knew that it would come down to he and Hilary Clinton and he needed to “pay off” some congressmen?

It is not like Jason Altmire needs the money anyway. His contributions just from individuals are greater than the entire total Melissa Hart has raised in her campaign, and he raised 2 1/2 times what she has overall. I guess the people and the PAC’s know not to waste their money on Melissa Hart.

dayvoe said...

Actually, Melissa tried a NEW tack with me when I interviewed her.

She said that while it's true that they WEREN'T drilling when she said they were, (now get this) THEY MIGHT BE DRILLING NOW.

As if an off-shore drilling platform could be built in 2 weeks.

The quote made it onto talkingpointsmemo:

But I have to ask the writer of this blog: Are you REALLY predicting a 6 point win for McCain in PA?

Even after he was caught lying about his POW experience (saying he recited a Pittsburgh Steeler front line that didn't exist yet to his torturers in Vietnam)?

The man who'd prostitute THAT bit of his history for votes doesn't deserve anyone's support.