Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dems: 10 Buck Gas, Economic Depression

Let's see, wasn't Jimmy Carter's solution to the energy crisis of the 70s for us all to wear thick sweaters and two pairs of socks?

Gasoline at ten bucks a gallon? Just wait. Obama and Pelosi think it would be a great idea. If you can, please put this column up on your web site or blog.

Barack Obama is now running commercials in PA on his "energy plan," which is to do nothing, let gas prices rise to $10 a gallon, and generate an economic catastrophe. I'm not making this up.

The Dems -- your opponents and McCain's -- have totally sold out to the worst forms of environmental extremists. They've accepted a form of environmentalism that excludes human beings. They are as close as it gets to being downright evil.

That is Obama's plan, and it is the absurd plan of every Democrat running for Congress in Pennsylvania. They have lost their blankety-blank minds. They should ALL lose, and I believe in fact they will -- if you get the energy message across. On one of my "HillarySupporters" sites, a woman said she wouldn't vote for John McCain because he supports drilling in the OCS. The following is my reply to her.

I'll be writing on all these issues on my "national" blogs. On coastal drilling, the position of Barack Obama and, sadly, most Democrats is that we should rely on Hugo Chavez and the Sheiks of Araby for our energy security. That will not fly -- even with the sheiks of Araby. What Obama (and, alas, many other Democrats) are advocating is that we do nothing (and I'm not kidding) until gasoline goes up to, say, $10 a gallon. Then, we naughty Americans with our SUVs (note: I don't own a car) will be forced to practice "conservation."

Of course, under a President Obama, our economy would be wrecked and food prices will have doubled and there will be chaos throughout the land. Am I exaggerating? I don't think so.

John McCain clearly agrees with my dire prediction, and that's why he supports producing and refining our own oil. He also believes in nuclear energy, which basically produces no greenhouse gases. In PA yesterday, he advocated advanced technology that will result in "clean coal," a development that's necessary to protect tens of thousands of mining jobs in Appalachia. Your amiable local Democratic congressman opposes all of these steps. McCain is right -- you are right -- and the "Obama-kins" are dead wrong.

Obama's do-nothing plan would lead to an utter catastrophe. All those "good-paying jobs" Democratic candidates like to talk about in Ohio, Michigan, and PA would disappear, and we would exoerience another Great Depression. Some solution! I'd love to debate before 75,000 people at Obama's coming Invesco Field (Denver) coronation, but he wants nothing to do with people like me who have his number. .

Steve adds: Promises, promises, I know. I will be writing soon about the campaigns of Marina Kats and Craig Williams, both of whom recognize the urgent need for American to produce and refine as much of our own oil as possible. In my own district (Melissa Hart's) and in Tom Manion's and Craig William's districts, I'm asking candidates to wake up any American voters that may be asleep. What the Democrats are in fact advocating can destroy our country. I don't believe the Dems' ludicrous "talking points" cover that reality.

Please -- if can give even $10 to each of the GOP candidates highlighed, please do so. Frankly, if they get elected, you'll save a lot more than $10 on gasoline alone. Get involved before you get run over by the Dems' mindless "energy policy."

For early readers, you can get a fewl for tomorrow's column "google" the following: "Obama" + "Reinvade." You will get 1.5 million links! it refers to Obama's contingency plan to reinvade Iraq! Yep, you got that right. Commander-in-Chief Barack, Michelle, and Jesse Jackson will lead the re-invasion and the rest of us will have the option of following at a safe distance.


Anonymous said...

But it's a mental recession - it's imaginary. We're NOT in a recession.

That's what McCain's ECONOMIC ADVISOR said today.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and he also called America "a nation of whiners."

Won't that make some voters "bitter?"

Anonymous said...
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Stacy said...

Well, if the first three statements didn't prove Senator Gramm's point, I don't know what will. Yes there are issues that have driven down the economy right now, but he is correct in that a portion of it is consumer confidence, corporate confidence, and the constant belly-aching of the MSM and the Democrats.

The problem with the economy lies on the lap of both parties right now. The democrats only win when they act like republicans, and the republicans lose when they act like democrats.

Yes, things were not done as well as they should have been. Electing a tax and spend liberal will not solve these issues. We should have been cutting our expenses and waste in the government long ago. We must strengthen the dollar which in turn will have a direct impact on the problems of today. I guess I just wrote my next blog.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Hi Stacey, I've decided that I don't do anonymous comments anymore. If some guy reciting mindless Dem. talking point doesn't want to say who he is, then he goes in the trash bin. On Gramm's comments, I believe he's talking about Democrats, so I agree with him. This is a free coeity; it's not "Brave New World." Ultimately, there's nobody to take care of us other than ourselves.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, My name is Jon.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

I'm too old-school for any "Jon" alas. It has a "nancy boy" element that is a little too creepy for my tastes.

Make it "John" and you can stay. If you have a last name and a location that would make me happy enough to leave up your idiotic posts. Anonymous posts get deleted. If I say it 100 times, will you get it.

steve maloney, ph.d.

Jon said...

My name actually is Jon, formerly of Ventura California, currently living in Asheville, NC. Keep up the mindless dialogue. It's what this country is all about these days. "democrats are bad... John Mccain will save us... Barac Obama will detroy us..." Yes, we do live in the world of shallow, thoughtless discourse, unwilling to look at the real issues that face us. The cult of personallity. Who will save you? McCain? Who will detroy us? Obama? This is so incredibly simple minded. It is a level of disourse that should be reserved for those under the age of ten. Oversimplification and a complete innability to get off of idealogical positions and address real issues. That's what I expect from this country and most of the dribble found on the internet. It's sad but predictable with a completely predictable outcome. "Meanwhile everyone pointed fingers and blamed each other for the failure to navigate as the Titanic closed in on the iceburg." Remember, focus on personalities and people who will either fix or destroy the US. Don't do anything productive, whatever you do. Please don't do it. Anyway, soon you will see the outcome of this behavior. The wheels have been set in motion. If you had any clue as to the level of dislocation in our economy, you would be stunned. Obviosuly you have no idea. You are an idealogue, not an educated mind, willing to look at reality. Mark my words, you will be stunned as events already set in motion unfold. Who will you blame? Maybe it was 0bama did this to us. Or if you're a democrat, maybe it was Bush! Wake up people, it was all of us wasting our time believing politicians have any power at all and believeing the utter fantasy called cable news. When the people devour propoganda and believe all of the lies told to them, the truth becomes obscured and twisted to such a degree that an innevitable collapse occurs. Historically, this has taken place repeatedly and it is taking place right now. Anyway, I'm done with trying to discourse with simple minds. Have fun with your "national enquirer" value website and your fixation on peronalities and propoganda. I prefer to educate myself on what is actually transpiring. Over time I have learned that very few people are willing to do this, very few. PS: I think I may actually be able to get it in just under ninety times. No, make that ninety-five! Pretty smart, huh? And very rational? Simpletons won't get it though.